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Welcome to my page. :D

I'm an aspiring RuneScape player, occasionally I am active on the forums giving feedback on content. I'm an advocate for fixing and making the game better, providing any feedback I can. As a RuneScape near-veteran my current goal ingame is getting all my stats to 99 and eventually get the completionist cape. I find the best way to do that is to set sub goals that allow me to get to a point where I am satisfied for the time being (helps me progress).

Current Goals in-game:

All Skills 80+

All Skills 90+

All Skills 99+

Eventually get the completionist cape.

200M Dungeoneering exp

Finish All Achivements:

Morytania (2left)

Desert (2 left)

Completionist Cape Requirements:

Complete all Quests.

Complete all Tasks.

Unlock spell: Bones to peaches

Unlock spell: Remote Farming

Unlock spell: Spritualize Food

Unlock spell: Make Leather

Unlock spell: Disruption Shield

Unlock spell: Vengeance Group

Unlock spell: Teleport Trollheim

Unlock spell: Teleport Group Trollheim

Unlock spell:Borrowed Power

Find 8 pieces of music.

Hunt Thalasssus 10 times

Defeat every boss once

Complete a Ports storyline

Earn title: 'of the Iorwerth'

Earn the title "The Famous"