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Ugh, Barbarian Outpost is weird for first timers, nevertheless I am determined to get the fighter torso!

Oh my days, Construction is ADDICTIVE i only needed 34 for Cold War but i spent so much more than i had too!!! - August 7th 2007

To-do list by end of summer holidays Current Attack 73 - End of summer holidays - 73 Current Strength 73 - End of summer holidays - 77 Current Defence 75 - End of summer holidays - 75 Current Quest Points 109 - End of summer holidays - 256 (I plan on getting the quest cape)

Joined RuneScape Wikia and made first edit - August 6th 2007

Finally, all my hard work meant something. I just payed Oziach 1.25million gp and am now running around World 18 with a Dragonfire shield and full Veracs, Fury Amulet etc giving free stuff out. I am a happy dude... - August 3rd 2007

Sweet, I proved history, I killed 23 Steel Dragons (and a few irons) and got a Draconic Visage drop! Proof you DO NOT need to speak to Oziach with an Anti-Dragon Shield - August 3rd 2007

75 Defence! After 5 Days of hardcore training with Monkey Guards in Ape Atoll - July 31st 2007