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2ManyWelcomes[edit | edit source]


So, hi, I'm 2manywelcomes. That's not my RS name, but I'm not telling you my RS name either, so just call me 2manywelcomes, or if that's too big a mouthful for you, just 2many will suffice. I am a real noob in RuneScape, and I use full black armour and a mithril scimitar. I hate maging and ranging and actually used to be a strength and attack pure, until I accidentally got a defence level sometime in October while fighting on controlled. I don't know how it got on controlled, but I was a little ticked.

I'm F2P and like it. Paying money for a computer game -----> FAIL.                  

People I know on this wiki... Just Elakuen, and IRL friend of mine. She made me join the wiki because of some bet or another that was going on in the Clan Chat, and I'm told that that's also why I have two welcoming messages and why I'm registered under this ridiculous name.

One day I'll get her back for that.  

Stuff[edit | edit source]

I don't play RuneScape much, because I'm busy IRL with stuff like soccer and school. I probably won't edit the wiki much either, because this account was created purely for the sake of a bet. But who knows... I'm unpredictable.

I might post a pic of my stats if I get around to it, but right now, I think I'll just settle for being lazy and not doing so.

Thanks to Elakuen for the picture and the know-how to create this page.

So, yeah. Power to the newbies.