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Aberrant Spectre Champion's scroll.png This user is in the Champions' Guild.
Chef's hat.png This user is in the Cooks' Guild.
Brown apron.png This user is in the Crafting Guild.
Holy symbol.png This user is in the Monastery.
Yew shortbow.png This user is in the Ranging Guild.
Dragon defender.png This user is in the Warriors' Guild.
Master thief's armband.png This user is a member of the Black Arm Gang.
Curse icon.png This user trains Magic by casting Curse.
Saradomin symbol.png This user follows Saradomin.
Strength through wisdom.
Attack This user's highest skill is Attack, with a level of level.
Farming This user's lowest skill is Farming, with a level of level.
Strength This user wishes they had a Strength level of 99.
Defence This user wishes they had a Defence level of 99.
Skills This user wishes they had a Hitpoints level of 99.
Construction This user wishes they had a Construction level of 99.
Prayer This user wishes they had a Prayer level of 99.
Construction This user's favourite skill is Construction.
Strength This user trains Strength when bored.
Book of knowledge.png This user doesn't care about pure skilling or PKing, and plays RuneScape without limits.
Cape of Validation detail.png
This user plays RuneScape
as 24saw.
P2P icon.png This user is a member.
Security book.png This user follows all the RuneScape rules.
year 2004 This user has been playing RuneScape since year 2004.
Multicombat.png This user has a combat level of 85.


We hate people who call lower level players 'noobs'.
This user is a noob protector.
Minigame map icon.png
This user's favourite activity is stealing creation.
Gilded throne icon.png This user has a player-owned house with details here.
Memorial plaque.png This user will bless (or repair) every Gravestone that needs it.
Coins 10000.png
This user calls coins "GP" and loves it.
Safe zone icon.png This user doesn't PK.
Beggars This user hates beggars.
Macroers This user hates macroers and hunts them for fun.
Scammers This user hates scammers, and will report such criminals on sight.
A Blue skirt, the sign of pro-Jagex players. This user supports Jagex.
Private chat button.png This user has private chat on! Talk with me anytime.
Assist icon.png This user is willing to assist other players in the game.
This user will lend items without charging, and expects the same in return from others when borrowing.
User lends for free friends This user will lend items to friends without charging, and expects the same in return from friends when borrowing.
Wild pie.png This user sees that you have a pie. This user would kill for a pie right now. In fact...
Strawberry.png This user loves strawberries!
Magnifying glass.png This user examines everything!
The rarer, the better.
Censorship is for cabbage. This user wants censored words to be replaced with "Cabbage" again.
Mg stealingcreation.jpg This user's favourite minigame is Stealing Creation.
This user gladly accepts
new friends.
Revenant imp.png
This user hates Revenants, no matter what kind they are!
Burnt meat.png This user hates burning food, and wishes it wouldn't do so.
Challenge scroll This user has completed 1 (2 if including leprechaun challenging me) Champion's Challenges.
Rune platebody.png This user owns full Rune armour.
Falador Teleport icon.png This RuneScape player respawns in Falador.
Air Guitar emote icon.png This user is male.
Blue dye.png This user's favourite colour is blue, the colour of peace.

Black mushroom ink.png This user's favourite colour is black, the colour of mystery.

Stone basic.png This user Pwns.
Owner clan rank.png This user is the owner of the clan rs legacy.
Cook's Assistant icon.png This user has completed the Cook's assistant quest.
Shears detail.png This user has completed the Sheep Shearer miniquest.
Rune Mysteries icon.png This user gained access to the Rune Essence mine after solving the Rune Mysteries.
Garlic.png This user is a real Vampire Slayer, and killed Count Draynor.
Imp Catcher icon.png This user is an Imp Catcher, and retrieved all four beads to Wizard Mizgog.
Doric's Quest icon.png This user has completed Doric's Quest.
Dragon Slayer icon.png This user has slayed Elvarg and completed Dragon Slayer.
King Roald.png This user's favourite region is Misthalin.
Rune armour set (sk).png
This user owns full
Rune armour.

File:Rune armour set (sk).png

Adamant pickaxe.png
This user uses a
Adamant pickaxe.
Fancy boots.png
This user owns
Fancy boots.
en This user speaks English.
es Este usuario habla español.
US serv.svg This user resides in the United States.
Dragon scimitar.png This user kills NPCs when bored.
Objective Icon.png When bored, this user sets a random objective and does it.
Friends.png This user's RS Wiki username is the same as on RuneScape.
A WikiDragon. This user is a WikiDragon.
Macros fishing.gif This user wishes all Happy Noobsgiving.
Pie.png GIMMIE PIE!!

File:Pie.png GIMMIE PIE!!

E7MvWlG.png This user is crazy about userboxes (see below). If you can be bothered to go all the way down the page, then well done!
Blue partyhat.png This user has a partyhat... in his dreams.
Pat of butter detail.png This user can or can't believe it's not butter.
Coins 1000 detail.png This user is RICH.
he has -457 gp!
Bucket of milk detail.png This player Got Milk.

CombatSwords.png This player's Noobing level is 9,786,987,546,567,876,432.
This user can summon up to Spirit wolf.

_____ | |This player made a box because he felt like it. | |