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My Creations[edit | edit source]

A Detailed Skills Box[edit | edit source]

name here|Your Name's skills
Attack.png1 Constitution.png10 Mining.png1
Strength.png1 Agility.png1 Smithing.png1
Defence.png1 Herblore.png1 Fishing.png1
Ranged.png1 Thieving.png1 Cooking.png1
Prayer.png1 Crafting.png1 Firemaking.png1
Magic.png1 Fletching.png1 Woodcutting.png1
Runecrafting.png1 Slayer.png1 Farming.png1
Construction.png1 Hunter.png1 Summoning.png1
Multicombat.png3 Quest Icon Crest.png0 Music note.png0

Smileys![edit | edit source]

{|class="wikitable" !My smileys and their coding |- |{{squint face}} {{squint face}} |- |{{=9}} {{=9}} |- |left glance {{left glance}} |- |right glance {{right glance}} |- |{{-.-}} {{-.-}} |- |{{v.v}} {{v.v}} |- |{{XD}} {{XD}} |- |rolling eyes {{rolling eyes}} |- |{{^_^}} {{^_^}} |- |{{O_o}} {{O_o}} |}

A userbox for proud South Africans =D[edit | edit source]

southAfricanFlag.gif This user resides in South Africa


Helpful Things[edit | edit source]

Font List[edit | edit source]

This list is ALWAYS under construction!=D

<div style="font-family:insert desired font here">insert text here</div><--remove this tag if you want you whole page to be fonted

  • Arial
  • AlMothnna
  • Arab
  • FreeMono
  • Kochi Gothic
  • Garuda
  • Nimbus Mono L
  • Times New Roman
  • Ouhod
  • Purisa
  • Waree
  • Bitstream Vera Sans Mono
  • Sawasdee
  • AnjaliOldLipi
  • Electron
  • Rachana_w01
  • Norasi