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My main goal at the moment is what I call "Ultimate mage." Essentially what this includes is to get 99 magic, the best in-slot items for a mage, and all spells unlocked. Here is a breakdown of what I require for my goal:

Supreme runic accuracy aura.png Supreme runic accuracy

tectonic gear

Superior seasinger's hood.png Superior seasinger's hood

Superior seasinger's robe top.png Superior seasinger's body

Superior seasinger's robe bottom.png Superior seasinger's robe bottom

celestial robes

spiritbloom robes

Seers' ring (i).png Seers' ring (i)

Arcane stream necklace.png Arcane stream necklace

Static gloves.png Static gloves

Ragefire boots.png Ragefire boots

Superior scrimshaw of magic.png Superior Scrimshaw of Magic

scrim of elements

Seismic wand.png Seismic wand

Seismic singularity.png Seismic singularity

Chaotic staff.png Chaotic Staff

armadyl bstaff

celestial catalytic staff

celestial catalytic wand, orb

5 binds in dung

4 binds in dung

Arcane spirit shield.png Arcane Spirit Shield

Completionist cape.png Completionist cape


flasks: extreme mage, extreme defence, super antifire, prayer renewal, super prayer

bloodfire barrage, blitz

air surge

water, earth, fire surge

torment, soulsplit

deflect curses


protect prayers

dominion marker 4

all spells