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commonly used pages of mine:[edit | edit source]

My goals, My sandbox, My template sandbox

Meg, Calculators, Skill training guides, Calculator:Farming/Herbs, Food, Calculator:Herblore/Unfinished potions, Money making guide,

Herblore exp: Unfinished potions

Summoning pouch exp: [[File:Gold_charm.png|link=Calculator:Summoning/Pouches/Gold|Gold pouches]] [[File:Green_charm.png|link=Calculator:Summoning/Pouches/Green|Green pouches]] [[File:Crimson_charm.png|link=Calculator:Summoning/Pouches/Crimson|Crimson pouches]] [[File:Blue_charm.png|link=Calculator:Summoning/Pouches/Blue|Blue pouches]]

Make Leather MMGs[edit | edit source]

Unlike the wiki's official MMG's for tanning leather, this assumes a more accurate 4300 leathers per hour (as opposed to 5000). Reason being is that it takes about 21 seconds to do one inventory, not 18.

[[File:Blue_dragon_leather.png|link=Money making guide/Tanning blue dragonhide with Make Leather|Blue dragon leather guide]] Blue dragon leather: 141,040, Profit margin: 1.8%

[[File:Green_dragon_leather.png|link=Money making guide/Tanning green dragonhide with Make Leather|Green dragon leather guide]] Green dragon leather: −168,560, Profit margin: -3.5%

[[File:Red_dragon_leather.png|link=Money making guide/Tanning red dragonhide with Make Leather|Red dragon leather guide]] Red dragon leather: 553,840, Profit margin: 7.2%

[[File:Black_dragon_leather.png|link=Money making guide/Tanning black dragonhide with Make Leather|Black dragon leather guide]] Black dragon leather: 184,040, Profit margin: 2.5%

Royal dragon leather guide Royal dragon leather: −69,660, Profit margin: -0.7%

Make Leather Calulator[edit | edit source]

Hide Leather
Blue Blue dragonhide.png 1,485 Blue dragon leather.png 1,851
Green Green dragonhide.png 796 Green dragon leather.png 1,090
Red Red dragonhide.png 1,445 Red dragon leather.png 1,907
Black Black dragonhide.png 1,401 Black dragon leather.png 1,777
Royal Royal dragonhide.png 1,969 Royal dragon leather.png 2,286

Astral rune.png Astral rune = 813, Body rune.png Body rune = 20

 template  = User:1PerfectLove/template1
 form      = geCalcForm
 result    = geCalcResult
 suggestns = 112
 param     = Color|Hide color|Blue|select|Blue,Green,Red,Black,Royal
 param     = Hide|Hide price||int|1-
 param     = Leather|Leather price||int|1-
This Make Leather calculator was not able to load.
This calculator assumes astral and body runes are bought at GE prices

Scrap[edit | edit source]

Battlestaff.pngBattlestaff: 3,448

Orb Battlestaff Gross loss Exp Gp/Exp
Water orb.png Water 3,975 7,220 −203 100 −2.03
Earth orb.png Earth 698 7,196 3,050 112.5 27.11
Fire orb.png Fire 720 7,154 2,986 125 23.89
Air orb.png Air 658 7,272 3,166 137.5 23.03

money making guides[edit | edit source]

Firemaking can be a modest source of money for lower levels or F2p. Ashes are commonly used by members training Herblore to make Serum 207's and so are worth more than logs that are in a large supply, namely willow and maple. At Fog bank on a nonFog world (any world that isn't the official w81) one can easily make two lines of fires and then pick up the ashes to bank. To do this, open your bank at Fog and retrieve 28 logs. Start at Fiara and make your way west by right clicking the logs one at a time and selecting Light. Once you have made one row of 28 fires, quickly withdraw 28 more logs and create a second row the same way, right next to the first one. Then with an empty invy walk to where you started the rows near Fiara and wait for them to go out. They may not go out in the same order as you lit them, but due to the bonfire update they are close enough that you should be able to pick them up one at a time without having to run back and forth. Once you have picked up 28 ashes quickly bank them and pick up the next row. This process takes 5 minutes 45 seconds.

Making maple fires this way yields −55,000 coins, and 78,900 Firemaking exp per hour.

Making willow fires this way yields −369,000 coins, and 52,600 Firemaking exp per hour.