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My name is Grant, I am fourteen and I am from Surrey, England. I have been playing RuneScape for just over six months now, and I would just like to say how much I am enjoying it!!

It rules!!

I used to play Tibia a lot, but that bored me really quickly. Although sometime in the spring, I am going to get a new pc that will allow me to play it again, I wont be leaving Runescape. The amount of things to do on Runescape is really good and it makes for fun gameplay. Sure the graphics may not be all that, but its the gameplay and community that counts. And this game has a good one.

Every game has their annoying little noobs, this one is no different. Many a time I have been asked for 'free items' or 'can I have your armor?'

But I get over it and play on!

So here I am, on this site to help people out! And I think I will be able to do that quite well.

Thanks for looking in on here, drop me a line anytime, ill help you out with anything you are having troubles with.