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This here is my wishlist of items!

I want this...:

Lederhosen hat (f2p) and Robin hood hat (p2p)

Ranging Cape (p2p)

Adam helm (t) (f2p)

Maple longbow (sighted) (f2p)

green d'hide body (t) (f2p)

green d'hide chaps (t) (f2p)

and no boots!

If I would stay p2p forever...:

Robin hood hat or karil coif

Ranging cape

Blue d'hide (t) or 3rd age d'hide body

blue d'hide chaps (t) or 3rd age chaps or karil skirt

ava's ATTRACTOR (cause its blue!)

guthix bow

blue spiky vambs or 3rd age vambs or mercenary gloves

and finally ranger boots!