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Well well well! This is my gallery! I update it and add pictures...daily!

Since Im such a newb, still didnt graduat from the UOL or LU, I need more pics will be messy! I added a new comments section, leave your comments there!

By the way, I suck so much, I use paint to do my pics, but Im quite an expert...I handmade the anti-aliasing in some of my pics :D:D:D

The sentence below is written in Leetian Language, please ignore if you do not know Leetian.

101z 1m 50 4w350m3 7h47 1m 50000 1337!!!

the above^ is leet, if you do not know the Leetian Language please ignore the sentence.

SO here, I saw at someones userpage the WikiNinja, I loved the chathead, found the guys name, made took teh pic and customised it...

I hand-made the anti-aliasing!

That btw is a custom chathead...

Well...I actually made 3 versions!

Heres the first (no anti-aliasing)


Heres the 2nd

Even nicer??

Heres the 3rd (with anti-aliasing)...HANDMADE ANTI-ALIASING

  • ahem* DRUMROLL! *dum drum dum drum*


Now me ingame at level 16 with a tattoo!

Me in Dungeoneering...Longbow ftw! Oh and Im using QuickChat for the next days...Until Christmas comes!

Omg...I totally love these there a glitch or way of taking them out of dungeoneering?? Cause I totally want it!!!!!!!

What happened when I didnt get the Freaky Forester event...

Well on September 13, I made a neat lil upgrade...!

I feel rich wearing that bow! 0.0

Beautiful day fishing...

Yeah :)

A beautiful day at level 33 fishing! :)

Fishing at Musa Point :D

Well, the random idea of 3 harpooners...

Me as a green frog!


Lederhosen hat, FINALLY~!

More coming soon...

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