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XxRossjaxX[edit | edit source]

XxRossjaxX Is a Normal Runescape player.

  • He has been playing since late 2006.
  • Currently has Two 99's, Which is Fletching, and (Cooking)
  • He Is currently in the top 500,000 On the runescape highscores.
  • GOALS:
  • 99/99 Fletching.
  • 99/99 Cooking.
  • 86/99 Firemaking.

12rossjaprovinghis99fletching.jpg 99cooking-1.jpg

RIP 12rossja: Late 2006- August 2010 Ban wave.

To everyone, I was not banned correctly. over summer august 2010 i went on vacation to california. And when i came back i was banned for major macroing.