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Ingame Acomplishments[edit | edit source]

007qwerty has been playing the game for about 4 years, and has very high skill levels. With the few friends that he does have, he works with them to do the TzHaar Fight Pit. 007qwerty, Poithku, and Swalord are in a clan called "projectsauce". Projectsauce is an acronym. From studying the highscores, it has been concluded that 007qwerty is speicalizing in melee combat, Poithku is specializing in magic, and Swalord is specializing in range. 007qwerty is a very lucky man. He has recieved a Dragon chainbody from dust devils. He has gotten multiple drops of Dragon platelegs and Dragon plateskirts from metal dragons. He goes with unknown players to kill King Black Dragon, but it is unknown if he has gotten a Draconic visage from it yet. One player has reported 007qwerty going to king black dragon with his fellow clanmate, Swalord.

Total level: 1590
Attack 85Constitution 1Mining 68
Strength 86Agility 66Smithing 69
Defence 85Herblore 65Fishing 77
Ranged 75Thieving 70Cooking 85
Prayer 67Crafting 66Firemaking 60
Magic 82Fletching 81Woodcutting 73
Runecrafting 62Slayer 70Farming 59
Construction 54Hunter 50Summoning 30
Dungeoneering 1Divination 1Invention 1
Archaeology 1Combat 89.075Quests 262
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Goals[edit | edit source]

  • Full Veracs
  • Full Guthans
  • Full Dharoks
  • Whip
  • Dragonfire Shield
  • Full Bandos
  • Fire cape
  • Godsword
  • 99 Stregnth
  • 10 friends
  • 20 friends

Projectsauce[edit | edit source]

As of August, 007qwerty has started a clan called projectsauce. This clan is only for the elite crew to 007qwerty. The current known members are Poithku and Swalord. They are currently working to get level 99's to pwn random objects in the fight pits.


Combat level
Defence 85 Constitution 10
Prayer 67 Summoning 1
Attack 85 87.5 87
Strength 86
Ranged 75 80.75 80
Magic 82 85.25 85


Combat level
Defence 80 Constitution 10
Prayer 62 Summoning 1
Attack 80 82.75 82
Strength 82
Ranged 82 83.5 83
Magic 73 77.5 77


Combat level
Defence 82 Constitution 10
Prayer 70 Summoning 1
Attack 82 85 85
Strength 82
Ranged 80 83.75 83
Magic 86 87.5 87