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Artwork of Fell Arnessen facing an Ur-Glacor on Leng.

The Ur-Glacor is the largest known variety of glacor, ice creatures that inhabit Leng. They are said to be of a titanic size, and stand as tall as mountains, dwarfing even the Arch-Glacors. They are presumably far stronger than Arch-Glacors.

An Ur-Glacor was encountered by Fell Arnessen, a Fremennik who became trapped on Leng. Accepting that he would not survive, he decided to battle the massive glacor seeking honour in battle and death.[1]

Players can create an Ur-Glacor's Adornment from the glacor remnants and dark nilas obtained from the Glacor Front.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ The Journal of Fell Arnessen, written by Fell Arnessen, RuneScape. "What appeared on the horizon was a glacor of truly titanic size. [...] As I write this account, I can see the massive glacor moving in the distance. It looms, as tall as a mountain. Storms cling to its side, and a wicked and unholy light shines from within its core. I can see no hope, no survival in this place, but I can still find honour in battle and death. To be the first to slay such a beast. Is it even possible? If this account lies unfinished, you will know that I failed."