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I wonder when they are going to quit fucking around and un-update this bullshit about burthorpe troll invasion zone, new member tutorial area cock sucker fag-lore. Just put the god damn stile back on the fence behind what USED to be TENZING'S house and let me climb over it to go get the fucking ice diamond from the troll child and feed his fat baby ass some cake so I can finish desert treasure quest once and for all and be able to use ancient magicks and freeze the fuck out of people and do other awesome stuff liek smoke barrage or whatever. All im saying is, apparently your little update for new money members is fucking up the content of the game for pre-existing old-money players who still have things to do which may include some of the older, out-dated quests such as Desert Treasure, Because some of us stay true to our magician inside and want to get some power from magic instead of wasting millions on a big ass fairy sword that has a ballerina dance spec despite how much damage it can do, its irrelevent compared to the fact that im going to freeze whoever holds it up against me. Now someone, whoever reads this, if you matter at all, if you have any control over game content or messaging to corporate people or anything, it would be greatly appreciated if you would quit being a fuck off, and get this shit fixed and back in order some how as soon as possible so I can finally complete this quest, please.l Thank you sincerely, your loyal, old-money member, SERAPHADYN.