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9 October 2013 N/A Missing, Presumed Death teaser 1.jpg BTS 74: Missing, Presumed Death

Missing, Presumed Death (Released: 15 October 2013

Missing, Presumed Death
(Novice quest)
27 September 2013 N/A Birthright of the Dwarves teaser 1.jpg

Birthright of the Dwarves teaser 2.jpg
BTS 71: Birthright of the Dwarves Birthright of the Dwarves
(Released: 2 October 2013)
Birthright of the Dwarves
(Grandmaster quest)
4 September 2013 N/A Vorago's Little Surprise hint.png N/A N/A Vorago Hard Mode
30 August 2013 N/A Mod Chris L twitter hint.png

Barrows Brothers Deluxe teaser.png

Barrows Brothers Deluxe teaser2.png
BTS 78: Rise of The Six Barrows - Rise of the Six
(Released: 13 November 2013)
Barrows - Rise of the Six
16 August 2013
Divination teaser 1.png

Divination teaser 2.jpg
BTS 66: Divination Part 2 Divination Skill - Now Live
(Released: 20 August 2013)
(New skill)
9 August 2013
The Death of Chivalry teaser 1.jpg

The Death of Chivalry teaser 2.jpg
BTS 65: The Death of Chivalry The Death of Chivalry
(Released: 13 August 2013)
The Death of Chivalry
(Novice quest)
19 July 2013 Battle of Lumbridge teaser 1.jpg Battle of Lumbridge teaser 2.png

Battle of Lumbridge teaser 3.png
BTS 62: Get Ready for RuneScape 3 RuneScape 3 Now Live
(Released: 22 July 2013)
The Battle of Lumbridge
(Holiday event)
5 July 2013 BHtB fansite email teaser 1.jpg

BHtB fansite email teaser 2.jpg

BHtB fansite email teaser 3.jpg
Bringing Home the Bacon teaser 1.png

Bringing Home the Bacon teaser 2.png
BTS 60: Bringing Home the Bacon! Bringing Home the Bacon
(Released: 9 July 2013)
Bringing Home the Bacon
(Novice quest)
29 June 2013 Vorago teaser 3.jpg

Vorago teaser 4.jpg

Vorago teaser 5.jpg

Vorago teaser 6.jpg

Vorago teaser 7.jpg

Vorago teaser 8.jpg

Vorago teaser 9.jpg
Vorago teaser 1.jpg

Vorago teaser 2.jpg
BTS 59: Rock Solid Vorago: High-Level Boss Fight

(Released: 3 July 2013)

(New boss)
21 June 2013
Lodestone update teaser 1.jpg

Lodestone update teaser 2.jpg
BTS 58: More Lodestones! Far and Wide: Transport Update
(Released: 24 June 2013)
(New teleports)
14 June 2013
BTS 57: Toolbelts! Your Feedback Implemented!
(Released: 17 June 2013)
(Mechanics update)
31 May 2013
Order of Ascension teaser 1.jpg

Order of Ascension teaser 2.jpg
BTS 55: Order of Ascension Order of Ascension
(Released: 4 June 2013)
Monastery of Ascension
(New slayer dungeon)
25 May 2013
God Emissaries teaser 1.png

God Emissaries teaser 2.png
BTS 54: God Emissaries God Emissaries
(Released: 29 May 2013)
God Emissaries
(New activity)
17 May 2013
Farmed and Dangerous teaser 1.png

Farmed and Dangerous teaser 2.png
BTS 53: Farmed and Dangerous Harvest Heaven: High-Level Farming
(Released: 20 May 2013)
(New items)
9 May 2013
The Nexus teaser 1.png

The Nexus teaser 2.png
BTS 52: The Nexus The Nexus
(Released: 13 May 2013)
The Nexus
(New prayer training area)
26 April 2013
Private God Wars teaser 1.png

Private God Wars teaser 2.png

Private God Wars teaser 3.png

Private God Wars teaser 4.png
BTS 50: Hit Chance and God Wars Updates Instanced God Wars & EoC Updates
(Released: 30 April 2013)
God Wars Dungeon
(Mechanics update)
20 April 2013
Hunter Charms teaser 1.jpg

Hunter Charms teaser 2.jpg

Hunter Charms teaser 3.jpg

Hunter Charms teaser 4.jpg
Charm Sprites: Catch Them If You Can!
(Released: 24 April 2013)
Charm sprites
(Mechanics update)
11 April 2013 Duel Arena teaser 1.jpg

Duel Arena teaser 2.jpg

Duel Arena teaser 3.jpg

Duel Arena teaser 4.jpg
Duel Arena teaser 5.jpg

Duel Arena teaser 6.jpg
BTS48: RS3 Benefits & The Duel Arena Duel Arena: Go Forth and Duel
(Released:16 April 2013)
Duel Arena
(Graphical updates)
6 April 2013
Castle Wars teaser 1.png BTS47: Castle Wars and More RS3! Castle Wars: Revamped
(Released:9 April 2013)
Castle Wars
(Graphical updates)
28 March 2013 Dungeoneering dual-wield teaser 1.jpg

Dungeoneering dual-wield teaser 2.jpg

Dungeoneering dual-wield teaser 3.jpg
Dungeoneering dual-wield teaser 4.png

Dungeoneering dual-wield teaser 5.png

BTS46 - Beta News and Dungeoneering Dungeoneering Dual Wielding and Charming Imp
(Released: 2 April 2013)
(New items)
22 March 2013
Wilderness Warbands teaser1.png

Wilderness Warbands teaser2.png
BTS45: Wilderness Warbands Wilderness Warbands
(Released: 25 March 2013)
Wilderness Warbands
(New D&D)
9 March 2013
Easter 2013 teaser1.png

Easter 2013 teaser2.png
N/A Tribute to Guthix and New Combat Abilities
(Released: 12 March 2013)
Tribute to Guthix
(Holiday event)
19 February 2013 The World Wakes teaser 1.jpg

The World Wakes teaser 2.jpg

The World Wakes teaser 3.jpg

The World Wakes teaser 4.jpg

The World Wakes teaser 5.jpg
TWW Ring puzzle.png BTS42: The World Wakes! The World Wakes
(Released: 4 March 2013)
The World Wakes
(Grandmaster quest)
7 February 2013 Slayer Tower teaser 1.jpg

Slayer Tower teaser 2.jpg

Slayer Tower teaser 3.jpg

Slayer Tower teaser 4.jpg

Slayer Tower teaser 5.jpg

Slayer Tower teaser 6.jpg

Slayer Tower teaser 7.jpg
Slayer Tower teaser 8.jpg BTS #39 - Demon Contracts Slayer Tower: Revamped
(Released: 12 February 2013)
Slayer Tower
(Graphical updates)
31 January 2013 Sinkholes teaser 1.jpg

Sinkholes teaser 2.jpg

Sinkholes teaser 3.jpg

Sinkholes teaser 4.jpg
BTS#38: RuneScape Dungeoneering D&D Sinkholes
(Released: 5 February 2013)
(New D&D)
26 January 2013
Demon Flash Mobs teaser.png BTS#37: Demon Flash Mobs! Demon Flash Mobs
(Released: 28 January 2013)
Demon Flash Mob and Demon Slayer
(Novice quest rework and new D&D)
19 January 2013
Desert Tasks teaser 1.png BTS#36: RuneScape QA and the Desert Diaries Desert Tasks
(Released: 21 January 2013)
Desert Tasks
(New achievement diary)
4 January 2013 Kalphite King teaser 1.jpg

Kalphite King teaser 2.jpg

Kalphite King teaser 3.jpg

Kalphite King teaser 4.jpg

Kalphite King teaser 5.jpg

Kalphite King teaser 6.jpg

Kalphite King teaser 7.jpg

Kalphite King teaser 8.jpg

Kalphite King teaser 9.jpg

Kalphite King teaser 10.jpg

Kalphite King teaser 11.jpg

Kalphite King teaser 12.jpg
Kalphite King teaser 13.png

Kalphite King teaser 14.png

Kalphite King teaser 15.png
RuneScape BTS#34: The Kalphite King: The Hardest Boss? The Kalphite King
(Released: 14 January 2013)
Kalphite King
(New boss and graphical updates)