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Release date first hint(s) Twitter image hint(s) Facebook/Forum image hint(s) Update Article(s)
16 September 2011 Loytaltyshoptwitterhint.jpg Newloyaltyrewardsbrazilfacebookhint.jpg



Members' Loyalty Programme – The New Batch
(Released: 21 September 2011)
Loyalty Programme Shop
(New auras, costumes, emotes)
11 September 2011 19 11 11 skaldrun images1.jpg

19 11 11 skaldrun images2.jpg

19 11 11 skaldrun images3.jpg

19 11 11 skaldrun images4.jpg

Week47 2011 01.jpg

Week47 2011 02.jpg

RuneScape site media 8.jpg
The Flash Powder Factory
(Released: 13 December 2011)
9 September 2011 ROTMTwitterhint.jpg ROTMFacebookhint.jpg

Rotm falknight.jpg

Ritual of the Mahjarrat
(Released: 14 September 2011)
The Ritual of the Mahjarrat
(Grandmaster quest)
26 August 2011 BODTwitterHint.jpg BODFacebookhint.jpg

The Branches of Darkmeyer
(Released: 31 August 2011)
Branches of Darkmeyer
(Master quest)
19 August 2011 Twitter hint Tzrek Jad.jpg

Facebook hint 19 8 11.png New Rewards for Minigames
(Released: 23 August 2011)
New rewards for Minigames
(New items)
12 August 2011 Twitpic update hint 12 august 2011.jpg Dutch facebook hint august 12 2011.jpg

Facebook hint 14-08-11 giant slugs.png
Temple Trekking: Revamped
(Released: 17 August 2011)
Temple Trekking rework
(minigame improvements)
5 August 2011 Twitpic hint 5.7.11.jpg Fbwarriorsguild2.jpg

Image hint ge fb.jpg
Graphical and Audio Updates
(Released: 9 August 2011)
Graphical updates
(area improvements)
20 July 2011 Clan citadel twitpic hint.jpg Clancitadelfbimage6.jpg


Clan citadel hint dutch facebook.jpg





Clan Citadels are Here!
(Released: 26 July 2011)
Clan Citadels
(Clan updates)
16 July 2011 Clan and clue.jpg

Avalani Teaser.jpg
Cryptic Clue Fest 3
(Released: 18 July 2011)
Cryptic Clue Fest III
9 July 2011 Runescape update hint 10.7.11 - Twitpic.jpg Runescape update hint 10.7.11 - Facebook.jpg

Runescape update hint 9.7.11 - Facebook - Deutsch's.jpg
Jadinko Lair
(Released: 12 July 2011)
Jadinko Lair
(Firemaking, Fletching, Slayer & Woodcutting improvements)
1 July 2011

Salt in the Wound
(Released: 5 July 2011)
Salt in the Wound
(intermediate quest)
24 June 2011 Twitter hint 23-7-11.jpg Facebook hint aura slot.png

Facebook hint loyalty programme levitate.png
Members' Loyalty Program
(Released: 28 June 2011)
Members Loyalty Programme
(New items, emotes and equipment slot)
11 June 2011 Twit hint 11.06.11.jpg

Twit hint 12.06.11.jpg

Facebook 11 june 2011 hint.jpg
Troll Invasion
(Released: 14 June 2011)
Troll Invasion
(New Distraction and Diversion)
4 June 2011 Update hint.jpg

Deadliest Catch teaser.jpg
Update hint 6 June 2011.jpg

Facebook image 1 new big fish quest.jpg
Deadliest Catch
(Released: 7 June 2011)
Deadliest Catch
(Master quest)
27 May 2011 Dung quest hint may 2011.jpg

Dung quest hint 3 may 2011.jpg
27-05-11 FB hint.jpg

28-05-11 FB hint.jpg

Dung quest hint 29 may 2011.jpg

29-05-11 FB hint.jpg
Fremennik Sagas
(Released: 1 June 2011)
Fremennik Sagas
(Repeatable Miniquests )
21 May 2011 Draynor bank update hint.jpg Draynor update hint.jpg

Death hats fb hint.jpg
Death Hats, Draynor and Upgrades
(Released: 25 May 2011)
Death hats
(New headwear)
14 May 2011 Twitter hint - Dwarf Lava Mines.jpg Facebook hint - Dwarf Lava Mines.png Lava Flow Mine

(Released: 16 May 2011)

Lava-flow mine
(Mining improvements)
30 April 2011 Veterans Cape Twitter teaser.jpg New capes and chicken hint.jpg Capes of Distinction

(Released: 3 May 2011)

Capes of Distinction
(New capes)
16 April 2011 Easter 2011 hint 1.jpg

Easter 2011 hint 2.jpg
April-16-2011hint.png Holly and Hawthorn (Easter 2011)

(Released: 19 April 2011)

2011 Easter event
(Holiday event)
9 April 2011 Clan camp twitter hint.jpg Clan wars facebook hint.jpg

Clan cloak.jpg
Clan Camp, Support and Web Pages

(Released: 12 April 2011)

Clan Camp
(Clan updates)
2 April 2011 Hint 02.04 Twitter.jpg Hint 02.04 Facebook.jpg

Livid Farm

(Released: 4 April 2011)

Livid Farm
(Magic improvements)
25 March 2011 Twitter hint 26-03-2011.jpg

Facebook hint 25-03-2011.jpg
A Clockwork Syringe

(Released: 28 March 2011)

A Clockwork Syringe
(Master quest)
13 March 2011 Pirate hint march 2011.jpg
Troll-Update.jpg Ring of Wealth, Shanties, Trolls and Dungeoneering

(Released: 15 March 2011)

Bard Roberts and the Stanky Penguins
Graphical updates to Trolls
6 March 2011 Artisan's Workshop update hint.jpg FB Hint 6 Mar 2011.jpg Artisans Workshop

(Released: 8 March 2011)

Artisans Workshop
(Smithing improvements)
27 February 2011 Em4hint.jpg EW4 FaceBook Hint.jpg Elemental Workshop IV

(Released: 1 March 2011)

Elemental Workshop IV
(Intermediate quest)
18 February 2011 Twitter hint 18Feb2011.jpg Facebook hint 18 Feb 2011.jpg Attack of the WildyWyrms!

(Released: 21 February 2011)

12 February 2011 Update Teaser Shortcut Improvement.jpg Pottery hint fb.jpg Skill Bonanza: Urns, Ashes and Shortcuts
(Released: 15 February 2011)
Demonic ashes
(Prayer, Crafting & Agility improvements)
4 February 2011 The Prisoner of Glouphrie Twitter hint.jpg The Prisoner of Glouphrie Facebook hint.jpg


Prisoner of Glouphrie and Gnome Graphical Rework
(Released: 9 February 2011)
The Prisoner of Glouphrie
(Master quest)
28 January 2011 Wilderness twitter hint.jpg

Twitter wild hint 3.jpg
Wilderness fb hint.jpg

The Wilderness and Free Trade Return!
(Released: 1 February 2011)
Trade limit
14 January 2011 Hati wolf twitter hint.jpg Hatiwolfhintfb.jpg

Hati – The Winter Wolf
(Released: 17 January 2011)
7 January 2011 Nex hint 1.jpg Nex hint 2.jpg

Nex hint 3.jpg

Nex hint 4.jpg

Nex hint 5.jpg

Nex hint 6.jpg
God Wars Dungeon - The Ancient Prison
(Released: 10 January 2011)
Ancient Prison
31 December 2010 31 dec twit hint.jpg Facebook update hint jan 2.jpg

31 dec fc hint.jpg
King of the Dwarves
(Released: 4 January 2011)
King of the Dwarves
(Master quest)
17 December 2010 Twiiter xmas event 2010 1.jpg 2010 Christmas event fbhint1.jpg O' Little Town of Daemonheim (Christmas 2010)
(Released: 20 December 2010)
2010 Christmas event
10 December 2010 Hitsplat hint update image.jpg Hitsplat hint update image fb.jpg

Hitsplat hint update image fb2.jpg
Damage Soaking and New Hitsplats
(Released: 14 December 2010)
Damage soaking
3 December 2010 D def twitter.jpg D def facebook.jpg

Week49 1.jpg


Week49 2.jpg

D def facebook2.jpg
Warriors' Guild and Dragon Defender
(Released: 7 December 2010)
Dragon defender
(Warriors' Guild rework)
26 November 2010 Do No Evil hint1.jpg Do No Evil hint2.jpg

Do No Evil hint3.jpg

Do No Evil hint4.jpg

Do No Evil hint5.jpg

Do No Evil hint7.jpg

Do No Evil hint6.jpg
Do No Evil
(Released: 1 December 2010)
Do No Evil
(Master quest)
12 November 2010 Twitpic Herblore Habitat.jpg

Herblore habbit hint 2 twitter.jpg
Herblore habitat.jpg

Herblore habitat hint1.jpg

Herblore habitat hint2.jpg

Herblore habitat hint3.jpg

Herblore habitat hint4.jpg
Herblore Habitat
(Released: 24 November 2010)
Herblore Habitat
(Herblore, Farming & Hunter improvements)
30 October 2010
Warped 1.jpg

Warped 2.jpg

Warped 3.jpg

Dreadnaut and mage.jpg

Fighting Dreadnaut.jpg

Warped 6.jpg

Warped 7.jpg

Warped 8.jpg

Group fighting Dreadnaut.jpg

Warped 10.jpg

Warped 11.jpg
Dungeoneering – The Warped Floors
(Released: 2 November 2010)
(New floors; batch 3)
16 October 2010 RS Halloween 2010 twitter.jpg


RS halloween 2010 facebook.jpg


Partying is Such Sweet Sorrow (Halloween 2010)
(Released: 18 October 2010)
2010 Hallowe'en event
11 October 2010 RS twitter charmsprites.jpg RS facebook hint charmsprites.jpg Charm Sprite Hunting
(Released: 12 October 2010)
Charm sprites (Hunter improvements)
1 October 2010 The Void Stares Back - Twitter Hint.jpg The Void Stares Back Facebook hint.jpg

The Void Stares Back - Facebook Hint.jpg

Void 3 quest hint.jpg
The Void Stares Back
(Released: 6 October 2010)
The Void Stares Back (Grandmaster quest)
26 September 2010 Oktoberfest twitter hint.jpg Oktoberfest twitter hint.jpg Behind the Scenes - October (2010)
(Released: 1 October 2010)
Oktoberfest (Event)
19 September 2010 Tweet hint 19 09 2010.jpg Fb hint 19 09 2010.jpg

Fb hint 19 09 2010 2.jpg
Gunnar's Ground
(Released: 21 September 2010)
Gunnar's Ground (Novice quest)
6 September 2010 RS Elite Achievement diary Twitter hint.jpg RS Elite Achievement diary FB hint.jpg Elite Achievement Diaries
(Released: 7 September 2010)
(Elite tasks; hard for Lumbridge and Draynor Tasks)
31 August 2010 RS court cases 2 twitter hint.jpg RS court cases 2 facebook.jpg Court Cases: Back in Session
(Released: 1 September 2010)
Court Cases (New cases; batch 2)
22 August 2010 Rs conquest twitter hint.jpg RS conquest facebook hint.jpg Conquest
(Released: 25 August 2010)
(New minigame)
15 August 2010 RS twitter hint dungeoneering batch 1.75.jpg

RS BR twitter hint dungeoneering batch 1.75.jpg
RS facebook Dungeonnering update 1,75.jpg

Facebook hint 2.jpg
Dungeoneering - The Occult Floors
(Released 19 August 2010)
(New floors; batch 2)
8 August 2010 RS a VOID dance twitter hint.jpg RS a VOID dance facebook hint.jpg A Void Dance
(Released: 10 August 2010)
A Void Dance
(Experienced quest)
25 July 2010 RS TT UPDATE.jpg RS facebook TT.jpg Elite Treasure Trails and New Rewards
(Released: 4 August 2010)
Elite clue scrolls
(New clues and rewards)
11 July 2010 Dungeoneering Twitter hint.jpg RS Facebook dung.jpg Dungeoneering Update
(Released: 19 July 2010)
Resource dungeons
Ring of Kinship
(batch 1.5)
4 July 2010 Love stories.jpg Love Story Facebook.jpg Love Story
(Released: 5 July 2010)
Love Story
(Master quest)
21 June 2010 Twitter hint void quest.jpg
Quiet Before the Swarm
(Released: 24 June 2010)
Quiet Before the Swarm
(Novice quest)
14 June 2010 Ancient Effigies.jpg
Ancient Effigies
(Released: 15 June 2010)
Ancient effigies
(New Distraction and Diversion)
6 June 2010 Court cases twitter.jpg
Court Cases
(Released: 9 June 2010)
Court Cases
(New Distraction and Diversion)