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Hint Update
Hi RuneScape! Don't forget that you got next week's game update early in order to enjoy over the extended weekend! ~Ems(RSDev)
(Released: 29 May 2010)
Castle Wars Improvements
(Released: 27 May 2010)
Next week in RuneScape: Work your body body! ~Ems(RSDev)
(Released: 23 May 2010)
Elemental Workshop III
(Released: 25 May 2010)
Next week in RuneScape: An update to sink your teeth into...~Ems(RSDev)
(Released: 9 May 2010)
A Fairy Tale Part III – Battle at Orks Rift
(Released: 13 May 2010)
Next week in RuneScape: Ruby Dragon! ~Ems(RSDev)
(Released: 25 April 2010)
Buyers and Cellars (and Thieves’ Guild)
(Released: 28 April 2010)
Are you up for some special challenges? ~Ems(RSDev)
(Released: 18 April 2010)
Slayer Challenges
(Released: 21 April 2010)
Next week in RuneScape: Daemonheim awaits... ~Ems(RSDev)
(Released: 11 April 2010)
Dungeoneering Skill!
(Released: 12 April 2010)
Next week in RuneScape: EBJ requires a middle manager, are you up for it? ~Ems(RSDev)
(Released: 28 March 2010)
Egg-streme Management (Easter 2010)
(Released: 29 March 2010)
Going to go out on a line and apologies about the weight for this weeks RuneScape update hint. We couldn’t think of hook to bait you with
(Released: 22 March 2010)
Fish Flingers
(Released: 23 March 2010)
Next week in RuneScape: Xenia, a veteran adventurer, needs your help… ~Ems(RSDev)
(Released: 14 March 2010)
The Blood Pact and Lumbridge Catacombs
(Released: 15 March 2010)
Next week in RuneScape: There will not be a game update this week. Maybe use this time to prepare yourself for bonus XP! :) -Ems(RSDev)
(Released: 5 March 2010)
Bonus XP Weekend!
(12–15 March 2010)
Next week in RuneScape: A smorgasbord of updates for you & your friends to chat about. Mod Em's (RSDEV)
(Released: 28 February 2010)
Changes to the Hitpoints Skill, Shattered Heart, Improving Success when Smelting Iron (Free and Members) and RuneScape Lobby + Login Changes
(Released: 3 March 2010)
Next week in RuneScape: There will be a bit of hubbub in Puro-Puro... ~Ems(RSDev)
(Released: 21 February 2010)

Impetuous Impulses Improvements
(Released: 22 February 2010)

Next week in RuneScape: Get into the spirit of things and familiarise yourself with this charming update... ~Ems(RSDev)
(Released: 14 February 2010)
(Released: 16 February 2010)
Next week in RuneScape: Three Strykes and they’re out! -Ems(RSDev)
(Released: 7 February 2010)
Strykewyrms, Music Playlist and Standard Detail and Safe Mode
(Released 8 February 2010)
Next week in RuneScape: Get a better insight on friendships and learn how the magic works. -Ems(RSDev)
(Released: 31 January 2010)
Rune Mechanics, Chance of Double Law, Death and Blood Runes, Trading With Friends and Machinima Tool – The Orb of Oculus
(Released 1 February 2010)
Next week in RuneScape: Variety is the essence of life! -Ems(RSDev)
(Released: 24 January 2010)
Next week in RuneScape: Give us a wave (or an extra fish)! ^_^ ~Ems(RSDev)
(Released: 17 January 2010)
Barbarian Assault Improvements and Agility Benefits for Fishing, Hunter and Thieving
(Released 19 January 2010)
Next week in RuneScape: Why did Nomad get updated last week?! ~Ems(RSDev)
(Released: 10 January 2010)
Nomad's Requiem
(Released: 11 January 2010)
Apologies for the lack of update hintage, I got snowed in on Friday! I think that you can guess what is coming... -Ems(RSDev)
(Released 21 December 2009)
A Christmas Warble (Christmas 2009)
(Released 21 December 2009)
Next week in RuneScape:This is a time of year for bringing families together and seeing old friends. Perhaps a walk, by the sea. Em(RSDev)
(Released: 13 December 2009)
Blood Runs Deep
(Released: 15 December 2009)
Next week in RuneScape: Will she find her final destination? ~Ems(RSDev)
(Released: 6 December 2009)
Kuradal's Dungeon
(Released: 8 December 2009)
Next week in RuneScape: Curses! I can't think of a hint! ~ Ems(RSDev)
(Released: 29 November 2009)
The Temple at Senntisten
(Released: 3 December 2009)
Next week in RuneScape: plenty to eat for all the family, if we can find a large enough oven... Ajd
(Released: 22 November 2009)
Thanksgiving Turkeys and Community Event
(Released: 26 November 2009)
Coming Soon To RuneScape: Can you spell update? ;) ~ Ems(RSDev)
(Released: 15 November 2009)
Potions, Spells and Runes
(Released: 17 November 2009)
Coming Soon To RuneScape: new challenges! new worlds!! new items!!! new news!!!! More exclamation marks!!!!! Ajd
(Released: 6 November 2009)
Champions' Challenge Update and Hairstyles
(Released: 9 November 2009)
Are you ready for some Spooktacular Stories from The House of Death? RuneScape will not be a place for the timid this week... Ajd
(Released: 26 October 2009)
Web of Shadows (Halloween 2009) and Anti-'76k'ing Measures
(Released: 26 October 2009)
Next week in RuneScape: more things to do around the marketplace & a few "under the hood" fixes to some old but much loved content. Ajd
(Released: 18 October 2009)
Ardougne Achievement Diary and Duel Tournaments Rework
(Released: 20 October 2009)
It'll soon be time in RuneScape to head west and meet up with some old friends. Ajd
(Released: 11 October 2009)
Within the Light
(Released: 13 October 2009)
Almost ready to go with the new EXTREME!! combo flavours for RuneScape whilst the Imps finish off their "colloquium" project... Ajd
(Released: 5 October 2009)
High-level Herblore Potions and Photo Booth and Forum Avatars
(Released: 7 October 2009)
It'll soon be time to spruce things up around Gielinor and have some more of what the Goodfellow's pine for in RuneScape... Ajd
(Released: 21 September 2009)
Woodcutting Rebalance
(Released: 23 September 2009)
Apologies for the delay, we trust the next RuneScape update will rock your world and help start things on a better foot Ajd
(Released: 15 September 2009)
Living Rock Caverns and Advisors and Objectives
(Released: 17 September 2009)
The wheels of RuneScape commerce must be kept in motion, though its upkeep may not be for the faint of heart or the slow of hand... Ajd
(Released: 5 September 2009)
Forgiveness of a Chaos Dwarf
(Released: 9 September 2009)
It's the little things in RuneScape that will make all the difference, be you a journey-man or one more interested in the coin. Ajd
(Released: 1 September 2009)
RuneTek 5 Game Engine, Changes to Autocasting Spells, and Personalised Shops
(Released: 2 September 2009)
A menagerie of renovations are being marshaled for your RuneScape pleasure and shall be issued from the stores soon... Ajd
(Released: 14 August 2009)
Menagerie, Familiar Controls and Butlers and Mobilising Armies Polish
(Released: 18 August 2009)
Soon be time for more 'Help the Aged' in RuneScape... Enough to do for adventures old & new. Now to sort out that strange mumbling...
(Released: 7 August 2009)
Fur 'n' Seek
(Released: 10 August 2009)
Some smooth moves are almost ready for RuneScape. Just in time as well, looks like those Fremennik are gonna need all them... Ajd
(Released: 24 July 2009)
Poison Arrow Pub and Aquanite and Animation Pack 1
(Released: 28 July 2009)
Almost time to travel north and start potholing in Runescape for fun & adventure... Ajd
(Released: 20 July 2009)
The Curse of Arrav
(Released: 21 July 2009)
A selection of "curiosities" have been reported for sale in the desert lands of RuneScape: choice makers, route markers, and more... Ajd
(Released: 13 July 2009)
Faruq's Tools for Games and PvP World Changes
(Released: 15 July 2009)
Runescape sneak peak: a nice low key update is planned for this week. Nothing to get too excited about. You'll hardly even notice it ;-)Ajd
(Released: 5 July 2009)
Mobilising Armies
(Released: 8 July 2009)
RS: new tunes, new clothes, and new gym equipment all packed and ready to go [sorry, not MA ;)] Mod Ajd
(Released: 21 June 2009)
Extended Agility courses
(Released: 22 June 2009)
RS: We finally find a home for those abandoned monsters & a load of gravestones turn up everywhere! Still the new conveyances should help...
(Released: 12 June 2009)
Changes to PvP and Bounty Worlds, and gravestones
(Released: 16 June 2009)
RS - Zoo staff having a holiday, that's not going to end well...
(Released: 29 May 2009)
The Hunt for Red Raktuber
(Released: 2 June 2009)
Where am I going? It's dark in here. Maybe in the future things will be much easier? Or perhaps I should find myself a new lucky charm...
(Released: 26 May 2009)
Dungeon maps and spam filter
(Released: 27 May 2009)
RS - So has everyone got their flip-flops with them? Suntan Cream? Sense of Adventure? Excellent!! Now where's my Mummy?...
(Released: 19 May 2009)
Missing My Mummy
(Released: 19 May 2009)
RS - more specialist worlds coming soon to a server near you :-) Ajd
(Released: 1 May 2009)
Bounty Hunter Wilderness-only PvP
(Released: 6 May 2009)
RS - one package for Party Pete, one for the Questers, one for Bogrog, and one the gardener. Should have them out in no time... (Mod Ajd)
(Released: 24 April 2009)
Summoning Upgrade and Hairstyles
(Released: 28 April 2009)
RS - Well that's the factory fixed, I wonder what the kids up north have been up to whilst we've been busy splitting heirs?..
(Released: 20 April 2009)
Tale of the Muspah
(Released: 21 April 2009)