Patch Notes (9 August 2011)

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These official Patch Notes are copied verbatim from (QFC missing) of the RuneScape forums. It is copyrighted by Jagex.
These Patch Notes were announced on 9 August 2011.

The following small fixes and adjustments have now been made to the game. If you spot any further bugs in-game, please use the Bug Report feature ('Submit a Bug Report' under the 'Help' drop-down menu of the website).


  • Corporeal beast ‘dark cores’ now render on top of the player.
  • The herald cape icon on a cape rack is now the correct way up.
  • Sarah from the Making History quest no longer stretches when standing.
  • The running animation when wielding the fixed device has been tweaked.
  • Megan the Barmaid now has the correct hair colour during Court Summons.
  • Weapon auras are now removed once a lent item is returned.
  • A ground resource is no longer facing a wall in a Something's Missing Dungeoneering challenge room.
  • Lava eel fishing spots are no longer floating in the Taverley dungeon.
  • Starlight now has environment mapped armour.
  • A Zamorak bodyguard during Legacy of Seergaze no longer stretches when defeated.
  • Baba Yaga's house no longer has random terrain visible in the distance.
  • The terrorbird's base in the Varrock Museum no longer moves when the terrorbird is animated.
  • Bronze to rune defenders have been altered to show the completed white outline when selected in the inventory.
  • Player's feet no longer disappear into a rug in Miscellania.
  • A copy of an NPC during Quiet Before the Swarm no longer appears.
  • Some random floor tiles are no longer visible during a cutscene in King's Ransom.
  • Metal claw defend anims no longer bend a player's hands backwards.
  • Some foliage around a fairy ring near Tai Bwo Wannai has been removed to allow easier access.
  • Ruby harvest butterflies are once again red.
  • Pyramid Plunder loot placed on the stairs near the chest no longer clips into the floor.
  • A market guard in Draynor now uses the correct attack animation.
  • Duel Arena is no longer visible from Rogue’s Den.
  • Ivy north of Falador is now attached to the wall.
  • Some blocking in a hut in Tai Bwo Wannai has been removed.
  • The dragon pickaxe's stab and crush animations are no longer in the wrong order.
  • It is no longer possible to break the veteran cape's emote by eating or drinking.
  • Bound gorgonite longswords now have the same model to the unbound version when wielded by a female character.
  • Rocks in Witchhaven no longer look split in half.
  • The remove roof setting now functions correctly on the Witchhaven church.


  • The spirit beast during Summer's End should now be functioning correctly.
  • Ezekial has returned for players who have previously completed Salt in the Wound.
  • Using tab to message a player during Catapult Construction no longer breaks the construction interface.
  • The Dwarven Army Axe now works correctly during Mountain Daughter and In Aid of the Myreque quests.
  • Peer the Seer during the Fremennik Trials quest will now bank worn auras.


  • Players can no longer spam-click to cook items faster than the make-x system allows.
  • ’Teleport lag’ should now be fixed. This was being caused by the friends chat / clan chat interfaces adding too many components over time.
  • Sophanem city gate's default option now quick-enters the gate, removing the need for a specific ‘quick enter’ option.
  • Gaining Slayer XP when killing TzTok Jad now works more consistently.
  • Number interfaces no longer accept ‘k’ or ‘m’ without entering a number in previously.
  • ’Remove’ is no longer the top option on a wielded aura, to prevent accidental deactivation.
  • The Jadinko Lair fruits are no longer changed to common fruits when leaving. They will still have no effect outside of the lair, however. It is possible to speak to Papa Mambo to switch any special fruits to common fruits.
  • A beaver follower can now fletch hardened roots.
  • It is now possible to perform the ‘sleuth’ emote after completing Cryptic Clue Fest 3.
  • Players can now remove the magnifying glass from their POH toy box.
  • Avalani's robe bottoms no longer weigh 10kg.
  • It is now possible to interact with a chameleon after it switches its style.
  • Musicians no longer talk about the run button being on the options interface.
  • The wardrobe in Draynor no longer refers to Aggie's house in the examine info.
  • The Avalani objects now have a full stop placed after their examine infos.
  • The Friends, Friends chat and Clan chat interfaces now report players in RS Classic correctly.
  • It is no longer possible to take a Photo booth picture while turned into any NPC, such as penguins, frogs, and so on.
  • The makeover mage no longer states a makeover costs 3000gp in his/her chat.
  • A bakery salesman and his stall are now in the correct states before and after the Contact! quest.


  • Fewer players need to visit a citadel for the upkeep. The same number of players must visit it while upgrading, however.
  • The Clan camp portal no longer has a black spot on it.
  • The Clan noticeboard now shows the correct time.
  • A tooltip has been added when hovering over the ‘guest’ access setting when outside of a Citadel.
  • The Clan Citadel music tracks have been reordered into numerical order.
  • Citadel guards now have a sound effect when raising their halberds.
  • Any ranked member now has the option to be able to edit Battlefields.
  • Battlefield Prayer settings no longer interferes with PVP reward settings.
  • A tooltip has been added to the Stronghold interfaces layouts.
  • Avalani's Citadel handbooks are now stored in a POH's bookcase.
  • Selecting a flag on the settings interface now returns to the main interface.
  • Clan signpost text is now centered correctly.
  • Teleport options on the Stronghold interface now have tooltips to state where they lead to.
  • The Storehouse resources on the main Citadel interface now has a tooltip when greyed out.
  • Permission tooltips have been updated to give more info about why an option cannot be changed.
  • Feedback is now given to the player when attempting to gain bonus XP from the clan ring inside the Citadel.
  • The clan button on the main interface changes when in the Citadel.
  • The join between a tree's roots and the tree has been softened.
  • The tooltip on the main interface for precious ores now fits correctly on the main interface.
  • Players banned from a clan's chat are now also banned from entering that Citadel.
  • Background sounds have been added for the Battlefield portal and item spawn points.
  • More variation has been added to several aspects of the Battlefield's audio.
  • The breaking root sound now plays correctly when chopping roots.
  • Building icons are now shown on the main Stronghold interface's buttons.