Patch Notes (7 December 2015)

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These official Patch Notes are copied verbatim from this forum thread of the RuneScape forums. It is copyrighted by Jagex.
These Patch Notes were announced on 7 December 2015.

The following fixes and tweaks have now been implemented. If you believe a change has not been documented, either in the patch notes or the news posts for this week’s update, please detail the change so that it may be added.

As always, be sure to submit a bug report should you encounter a gameplay bug or graphical glitch in-game.


  • Updated the undead chickens in Morytania.
  • Fixed stretching on the Ogress Banker's idle animation.
  • Spotty and Spottier capes are once again varied in colour for male characters.
  • Female characters now use the newer shape of Spotty and Spottier capes.
  • Fixed an issue with Revenant walk animation causing Superhero lightning to stretch.

Skills, D&Ds & Minigames

  • Increased the Slayer XP of living wyverns, ripper demons, camel warriors and acheron mammoths by between 50-200%.


  • Nex and the Kalphite King now have boss health bars, similar to Yakamaru and Araxxi.
  • The highest damage-dealing player will now receive non-lootshare drops in a lootshare group more reliably.
  • Corrected a typo in the Christmas 2015 interface.
  • Korasi's sword now correctly works as a stab weapon.
  • Fixed a typo when examining hand holds near the Prifddinas waterfall.
  • Fixed a grammatical error with Runespheres.
  • Fixed a typo when receiving the maniacal aura.
  • Islwyn and Eluned now correctly reference the crystal shield instead of buckler when attuning seeds.
  • Fixed info on the dark crystal to correctly reference Araxxi instead of Araxxor.
  • Shieldbows now reliably activate basic defensive abilities while using revolution.

Ninja Fixes

  • Recoloured and repositioned the Santa hat with beard on the player's head.
  • The player's buff list now holds 18 entries, increased from 12.
  • Reworked the first trade window and added a new button, "Offer all", to place all carried tradeable items into the trade in one action. Exceptions include Bonds and 1-for-1 trade items.