Patch Notes (4 January 2012)

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These official Patch Notes are copied verbatim from this forum thread of the RuneScape forums. It is copyrighted by Jagex.
These Patch Notes were announced on 4 January 2012.

The following small fixes and adjustments have now been made to the game. If you spot any further bugs in-game, please use the Bug Report feature.


  • The Mime and Drill Demon random events are now using the updated chat interface.
  • Rubbing a Dominion Tower medallion now uses the updated chat interface.
  • Un-noting ore at the Blast Furnace now uses the updated chat interface.
  • A bizarre patch of blue water along the border of Trollheim and the Wilderness has been removed.
  • The yak hair rope on the make-x interface no longer displays as the image for a magic string.
  • The Thanksgiving event holiday icon has been removed.
  • Several places where bloom caused the screen to go white have been fixed.
  • The male studded chaps (g) is now trimmed around the left pocket, in line with the female variant.
  • Part of a missing rocky outcrop has been replaced in Meiyerditch.
  • Waterfalls in the Living Rock Caverns now animate correctly.
  • Some hidden nature runes are now visible in the Wilderness.
  • Players no longer clip through their cape when performing the Runecraft skillcape emote.
  • The citharede robe bottoms no longer stretch when performing skillcape emotes.
  • Two chairs in the Varrock castle throne room no longer clip with the wall.
  • A tile which caused players to sink in the Wilderness has now been blocked.
  • Light creature animations have been updated in the Tears of Guthix cave.
  • The trapdoor in Edgeville has been updated to closer match the model of the ladder in the dungeon.
  • Caroline's skirt from Sea Slug no longer stretches.
  • Black spiked vambraces no longer look brown.
  • The text on the main clan citadel interface is no longer beige on a beige background.
  • Some balance beams are no longer invisible in DirectX mode.

'Quests & Tasks:'

  • The cursed magic tree in the Spirit Realm has been returned.
  • The "Engage" Varrock task no longer displays as unlocked without the required Firemaking level.
  • Speaking to Captain Bleemadge no longer instantly transports the player on a glider.
  • The toolbelt now works correctly when slashing a portrait or tapestry in Darkness of Hallowvale.
  • A typo has been fixed for Amascut in the Icthlarin's Little Helper quest.
  • A trapdoor in Spirit of Summer no longer has just a "Close" option, which makes players descend the trapdoor.
  • Some additional information has been added to the quest journal for Witch's House at certain stages of the quest.
  • Rune shards from Garden of Tranquillity can now be crushed with a pestle and mortar in a toolbelt.
  • A hammer in a toolbelt now functions correctly when trying to remove planks in the In Aid of the Myreque quest.
  • A saw in a toolbelt will now fix the machine in The Eyes of Glouphrie.
  • A typo in Spirits of the Elid has been fixed.
  • Bob the Cat can no longer talk to the player in certain circumstances during the Ritual of the Mahjarrat quest.
  • The brazier from Lunar Diplomacy can now be lit using a tinderbox in a toolbelt.

Skills & Minigames:

  • Nomad no longer faces the wrong way in the "No more Nomad... No more!" fight introduction in Dominion Tower.
  • A typo has been fixed when unlocking the colossal bomb reward from Dominion Tower.
  • The Flash Powder Factory outfit's set effect for increasing doses when crafting potions now works for super restore potions.
  • Making unfinished juju potions now gives experience when wearing the Flash Powder Factory outfit.


  • A "bank-all from pouch" button has been added to the bank and deposit interfaces.
  • Mahogany and teak logs now have a "Craft" option.
  • The shop stock of mycelium items has been increased.
  • The Raptor no longer teleports into the middle of the large sword in the middle of the Wilderness.
  • The "Slice" option on pineapples is now below the "Use" option.
  • Armadyl shards can once again be ground correctly.
  • Some ancient portals in the Wilderness now have multicombat added.
  • The Saintly and Corruption aura descriptions have been updated to clarify how Prayer point recovery works.
  • The Gravedigger random event's spinning icons are no longer quite as jittery.
  • The Task System button no longer looks highlighted.
  • Implings can no longer pass through a corner of Mubariz’s house.
  • The camera no longer moves through rocks during magic carpet journeys from Shantay Pass.
  • The player no longer teleports slightly when approaching the magic carpet in Shantay Pass while running.
  • Several pop up messages have been added when trying to dig without a spade on certain locations.
  • The Clan noticeboard no longer states that anyone can attend when set to admin+.
  • Buying battlestaves from Naff now only prints the "x coins have been removed from your money pouch" message once.
  • Fishing nets on the toolbelt can now be used to fish in the Mort Myre swamp.
  • Player titles now update correctly when switching gender.
  • The chatbox no longer displays some chat at the top of the window when it's at minimal height.
  • A skull object in the Wilderness has been returned.
  • The multiway combat icon's tooltip is now visible when the money pouch is open.
  • Music unlock hints will now always display when "Unlock hint" is selected.
  • A tile on Lunar Isle no longer forces the player to walk off of it.
  • Right-click reporting players no longer requires line of sight.
  • The money pouch now functions correctly when trying to buy anything after logging in first time without a bank pin set.
  • Looting Zogre coffins now puts the coins gained into the money pouch.
  • It is no longer possible to grind fishing bait or ashes on a free world.
  • Silver crossbow bolts now have a "Members:" prefix on the Skill Advance Guide.
  • The sound when holding backspace on the chat window has been removed.
  • The text on radimus notes, plaster fragment, and dusty scroll now wraps correctly.
  • The "Search" bank function no longer places the caret in the wrong place.
  • Coins are now added to the money pouch from random event reward boxes.
  • Some quick chat options have been modified to relate to Friends' Chat channels.