Patch Notes (4 January 2011)

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These official Patch Notes are copied verbatim from this forum thread of the RuneScape forums. It is copyrighted by Jagex.
These Patch Notes were announced on 4 January 2011.

The following small fixes and adjustments have now been made to the game. If you spot any further bugs in-game, please use the Bug Report feature ('Submit a Bug Report' under the 'Help' drop-down menu of the website).


  • Incorrect invisible blocking in the Agility course on Ape Atoll and near the south-west corner of Daemonheim.
  • Various barbarian women had their spears offset from their hands.
  • Brimhaven Dungeon had black patches on the floor.
  • The golden hammer was been seen in animations even if you were using Stealing Creation hammers for their bonuses.
  • Graphical conflicts between the Cape of Legends and Runecrafting Guild clothes.
  • Capes in Castle Wars were changing colour to match your base kit.
  • Decorative platelegs stretched during certain animations and clipped with skillcapes.
  • Players floated above some steps near Castle Wars.
  • Overhauled the cutscene showing you enter the Chasm of Tears.
  • Brimstail’s crystal bowl clipped with the floor.
  • Dagon’Hai robes clipped with skillcapes.
  • Cross on Defence skillcape was unclear in your inventory.
  • Dragonhide chaps clipped with desert kit.
  • Rellekka docks looked wrong on the minimap.
  • The entrance to the Stronghold of Player Safety had problems with its shadow.
  • Female gardeners were holding watering cans incorrectly.
  • A farmer had inappropriate combat animations.
  • Flared trousers on women could clip with boots.
  • The timer bar did not appear in Fist of Guthix in DirectX mode.
  • Fixed a floating bit of roof in the Barbarian Village.
  • Bandos tassets no longer stretch while fishing.
  • There was a stretching polygon on a floating barrel in Witchaven.
  • Some Hunter animations have been updated to work better with capes.
  • Incorrect floor colour and roof height in Zanaris.
  • Health bars were at inappropriate heights on tormented demons and the Phoenix.
  • Reworked a minimap dot for a dairy cow in Rellekka.
  • Revenant goblin animations have been fixed.
  • Some generic boulders were clipping with the ground.
  • Large crashed stars had z-bias issues.
  • A rift in Stealing Creation clipped with the floor.
  • Improved animation for opening Betty’s chest in Swept Away.
  • Cyclopean helmet stretching fixed.
  • A trapdoor by White Wolf Mountain was clipping with the ground.
  • Barrows kit and monk robes clipped with the fire cape.
  • The banker at the Wilderness Volcano had a stretchy head.
  • Clipping issues with gravestones near Fenkenstrain’s castle.


  • Additional roaring noises added to certain dragon animations.

Quests and Tasks

  • The description of Kayle in the Blood Pact quest was out of date.
  • Polished a cutscene in Dream Mentor.
  • The Task system thought you couldn’t do the “Graceful Barbarian” task if you’d already completed Scorpion Catcher.
  • A task specified that you should speak to a banker in Lumbridge, whereas any banker would suffice.

Activities and Distractions

  • An unnecessary warning message on the Clan Wars setup menu has been removed.


  • When gravite weapons degraded, the message referred to them as chaotic weapons.
  • Fixed a typo in “Marmaros” in the in-game skill guide for Attack.
  • In-game skill guide for Summoning now lists Fremennik helms more clearly.
  • The scroll of cleansing was preserving the wrong item when various potions were mixed.
  • Trimmed studded chaps had no damage absorption properties.
  • Aluft’s free delivery token could stop working if the gnome couldn’t reach you.
  • Cave lizards in the Ourania Altar area didn’t give combat XP.
  • Circus equipment was sometimes missing.
  • Sir Tiffy’s chat for retrieving a lost CommOrb was illogical.
  • Wrong colour hitsplats from a Dungeoneering challenge.
  • The zombie farmer didn’t stop protecting trees if you dug them up.
  • Some of Faruq’s tools had inappropriate options in the bank screen.
  • Grubfoot should no longer appear in Goblin Village after he’s moved to Dorgesh-Kaan.
  • Fixed the capitalisation on some messages about Summoning headgear.
  • Fixed some issues with POH servants returning to your house after their bedroom had been deleted.
  • Herbicide now works on herbs from grenwalls.
  • Updated some code in The Feud, Creature of Fenkenstrain and Nature Spirit to improve the use of variables.
  • Adjusted the way beasts of burden hold onto items after you switch to a different familiar.
  • Wrong skill listed in requirements for entering the Warriors’ Guild.
  • Golden hammers can now be used to repair godswords and upgrade spirit shields while the hammer is equipped.