Patch Notes (4 December 2012)

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These official Patch Notes are copied verbatim from this forum thread of the RuneScape forums. It is copyrighted by Jagex.
These Patch Notes were announced on 4 December 2012.


  • Dean Vellio now wears the current version of the Bandos armour.
  • Removed the rogue fishing spot from Death Plateau.
  • The effect on pactbreaker longsword off-hand is no longer misaligned.
  • The noble hat override now sits correctly on female players heads.
  • An issue has been fixed with the inventory icons for the dragon crossbows.
  • Performing alchemy with a sheathed staff no longer uses the "staff" alchemy animation.
  • An NPC in the Desert Treasure quest has been altered so he is no longer wielding an old dragon dagger p++.
  • Uraeus (apep's axe) no longer floats behind the player rather than sheathing properly.
  • The Dominion Tower rune pickaxe now uses the updated model.
  • A stretching issue with the frog mask has been fixed.
  • The diamond sceptre and golden hammer will no longer allow their animations to be performed while sheathed.
  • Salamanders can now be sheathed.

Quests, Challenges & Achievements:

  • Creating an elemental shield no longer incorrectly checks for the un-slashed variant of the Elemental Workshop book.
  • Fixed several typos in the Rune Mysteries and Rune Memories quests.
  • Wizard Mizgog will no longer mention Wizard Grayzag if Grayzag is not in the tower.
  • The Holy Grail quest information reflects the correct stats to wield Excalibur.

Skills & Minigames:

  • A hard clue scroll riddle has been updated to reflect the correct location to dig in the Wilderness.
  • After throwing a ranged weapon at Balthazar Beauregard's Big Top Bonanza, you will immediately come out of the combat stance so you can perform an emote.
  • Duel arena now states "No Abilities" rather than "No special attacks".
  • Troll Invasion no longer stops players progress if they stand on certain squares in the minigame.


  • Ranged and magic dragonfire shields now protect against skeletal wyverns.
  • The lightning staff is now correctly a two-handed weapon like all other staves.
  • Players who reach combat level 151 through leveling their defence level will no longer get the message you have reached the highest possible combat level of 200.
  • The Tzhaar-ket-om is now classed as a crush weapon.
  • Clicking on the chat box (instead of hitting enter) will no longer cause abilities to be used while typing.
  • Snipe no longer causes Rapid Fire to only fire one shot.
  • The Zamorak fighters in the Ourania altar are now aggressive again.
  • Elemental wizards now award XP correctly.
  • Bandits now appear as a target when attacked.
  • Icefiends have been updated.
  • Lent versions of the Godswords are now correctly triggering their passive effects.


  • Slayer Masters now give out useful information about a players current Slayer targets weakness.
  • An issue with the blue dragonhide from Treasure Trails being for members has been fixed.
  • Karamjan rum is now drinkable.
  • The desert effect now works in all new areas of the desert.
  • The chat pane resize arrow no longer disappears when you resize the game window.
  • Fire giants dying in the Chaos Tunnels will no longer drop their loot on an unreachable tile next to the lava pit.
  • Using a single karambwan on a fire no longer only lets you cook poison karambwan.
  • Cleaning grimy spirit weeds no longer opens the interface for cleaning fellstalk.
  • Praying mantis pouch materials have been corrected.
  • Players will no longer be notified that they don't have enough ingredients to make a pizza when successfully making a chocolate cake.
  • We've adjusted the skill guide and in-game notification on Bronze minotaur requirements.
  • Grimy herbs will now be correctly named in the feedback message seen when cleaning them.
  • The progress bar for skilling will no longer remain on screen after a full screen interface is opened, interrupting the skilling.
  • Poison is no longer carried through Dungeoneering floors.
  • Group Gatestone teleport now has the correct magic level listed.
  • We've updated the tooltip on five battlestaves so they now state 40 magic instead of 30.
  • Gravite weapons no longer show up as members only in the skill advance guide.
  • The "Rigour" Dungeoneering reward has been removed from the skill advance guide.
  • The crystal bow has ammo type thrown rather than ranged on the GE.
  • Ganodermic armor now has correct requirements listed on skill guide.
  • The Stealing Creation reward pickaxes have been given the correct wield requirements.
  • The Dungeoneering interface has been updated to have the correct values for the arcane necklaces.
  • Players now must stand next to an elemental altar to cast the Enchant Orb spells.
  • A Bunyip's Swallow Whole now gives the correct amount of life points.
  • Several off-hand items have had their names changed from "Offhand" to "Off-hand" for consistency.
  • The Wilderness Manual and Items Kept on Death interface no longer state that you keep 3 items unless skulled.
  • The Penance set now restores the correct amount of prayer points per minute.
  • Twisted bird skull and demon horn necklace now restores the correct amount of prayer points.
  • The pharoah's sceptre now behaves correctly on the action bar.
  • The Magic Skill Advance Guide now lists the Grifolic wand, shield, and orb as members items.
  • The Zamorak coif now displays the correct level requirements on the Grand Exchange.
  • Blue dragonhide coifs are now correctly providing magic defence.
  • The Mage of Zamorak no longer mentions being skulled.
  • When you gain a level in Prayer your prayer points are now increased correctly.
  • Penance armour has been updated on the skill guide to show the correct requirements.
  • The coal bag no longer has a null option on the actionbar.