Patch Notes (4 April 2011)

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These official Patch Notes are copied verbatim from this forum thread of the RuneScape forums. It is copyrighted by Jagex.
These Patch Notes were announced on 4 April 2011.

The following small fixes and adjustments have now been made to the game. If you spot any further bugs in-game, please use the Bug Report feature ('Submit a Bug Report' under the 'Help' drop-down menu of the website).


  • Prissy Scilla is once again female!
  • Some missing ground in Trollheim has been replaced.


  • Ilfeen will no longer leave sound effects behind when she teleports away.

Quests and Tasks

  • The Ardougne Tasks rewards will no longer be dropped on the floor if the player doesn't have enough inventory space to take them.
  • The Spiritual Beast fight in Summer's End has been altered to stop the beast from occasionally disappearing.
  • Pets no longer wander off during a certain part of Prisoner of Glouphrie.
  • Familiars no longer walk on water during the Haunted Mine quest.
  • A Clockwork Syringe no longer appears as started in all Adventurer’s Logs.
  • The Christmas and Halloween events no longer appear in Adventurer’s Logs.
  • Braindeath no longer rearranges banks when taking a fishbowl helmet and backpack from players’ banks.

Activities and Distractions

  • It is no longer possible to withdraw items from a Stealing Creation familiar when hiding in fog.


  • Players will no longer be restricted when picking up big bones after trading.
  • Rantz no longer tells players that they have no inventory space after successfully giving the player a bow.
  • A grammatical error has been fixed when speaking to Elof in the Artisans Workshop.
  • It is no longer possible to get Agility XP on a free world when climbing a ladder in the Wilderness.
  • Players can no longer attempt to escort the wounded man to Xenia if Xenia is in the Lumbridge Catacombs.
  • The ring of wealth teleport now works in up to level 30 Wilderness.
  • The tribal weapon seller in the Ranging Guild no longer walks over the side of the tents.
  • Cyclopes no longer spawn in the walls in the Warriors’ Guild.
  • Banked prayer urns no longer prevent ashes from dropping.
  • The sunbed strewn leprechaun at Trollheim can no longer be walked through.
  • The RuneFest flagstaff can no longer be placed through buildings or walls.
  • The Runecrafting skillcape has been moved from Aubury onto a new character at the Runecrafting Guild in the Wizards’ Tower.
  • The brackish blade’s wield requirement is now compared to your base Attack stat, not current (so you can’t boost just to wield it).
  • The brackish blade's special attack now works correctly when lent.