Patch Notes (2 November 2015)

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These official Patch Notes are copied verbatim from this forum thread of the RuneScape forums. It is copyrighted by Jagex.
These Patch Notes were announced on 2 November 2015.

The following fixes and tweaks have now been implemented. If you believe a change has not been documented, either in the patch notes or the news posts for this week’s update, please detail the change so that it may be added.

As always, be sure to submit a bug report should you encounter a gameplay bug or graphical glitch in-game.


  • The Legendary Jack of Trades aura now has a blue cosmetic effect instead of yellow.
  • The stolen statue will no longer change graphically after stealing it, when pushing the Saradomin statue from Falador to Varrock.
  • The dominion sword is now held correctly in both hands when in a combat stance.
  • Mining with a dwarven hand cannon equipped will no longer show both items in your hands.
  • Players no longer see Gauss's chathead differently from his main model during a cutscene in Forgettable Tale...
  • The Tzhaar hero encountered in the Lava Flow Mine now uses an updated model.
  • The look of the spiritual battlers in the player's vision during Ritual of the Mahjarrat have been brought graphically up to date with their brethren in the God Wars Dungeon.
  • The Torag's hammer inventory icon has been repositioned to prevent it breaking the borders.
  • An issue with the chat head for male characters wearing the Crest of Seren head override has been fixed.
  • A render issue with the noxious longbow and assassin's cape has been fixed.
  • A stretching issue with the unhappy ghost in Dungeoneering has been fixed.
  • A clipping issue with dragon rider chaps has been fixed.
  • A stretching issue with Dr Nabanik's old trilby has been fixed.
  • The walls in Varrock Castle now correctly appear during the ending cutscene of the Garden of Tranquility quest.
  • A stretching issue with the Third Age druidic robe has been fixed.
  • Achey logs are now held correctly when fletching.
  • A stretching issue with the Santa top has been fixed.
  • A graphical issue with a wall surrounding Falador has been fixed.
  • An unnecessary texture has been removed from a ladder in the White Knights' castle.
  • One of the 'Wanted' posters in has been moved Falador so that it no longer floats detached from the wall.
  • The irate gardener in Pirate's Treasure has been graphically updated.
  • A duplicate gardener has been removed from Falador Park.
  • Players can no longer walk inside a wall in Falador.

Skills, D&Ds & Minigames

  • The imp, lesser demon and hobgoblin champions now deal damage correctly.
  • Rebuilding failed box traps will no longer delete them if the player is in combat.
  • Player-Owned Ports captains' voice overs will now play correctly.
  • Beast of burden familiars now work correctly in the Dominion Tower.
  • Completing the growth cycle of a calquat with an ultra-growth potion now correctly moves it to the 'check health' state, instead of skipping to 'checked' with max fruit.
  • Fletching achey tree logs and wolf bones now always produces four items instead of a random two to six items.
  • Players can no longer drop items when crossing obstacles in the Agility Arena.
  • The Superheat Ore spell can no longer be used while balancing on a serenity post.
  • Player-owned house dartboards once again function correctly.

Quests, Challenges and Achievements

  • The area shown during a While Guthix Sleeps cutscene in Falador has been extended.
  • The clue in the Pirate's Treasure quest has been updated to reflect the pose of the updated statue of Saradomin in Falador Park.
  • The 'Set Active' button has been enabled for the Call of the Ancestors quest in the Quest Journal.
  • Desert bandits in Diamond in the Rough can now hit for more than 1 damage.
  • Players resetting their Defence level will no longer have the Blood Pact quest reset.
  • Agoroth's damage during A Shadow over Ashdale has been reduced if the player is currently using the Path System.
  • Agoroth will no longer occasionally deal damage after the fight.


  • Beastmaster Durzag will now give players a short warning before he begins trampling them.
  • The maximum hit of lesser, greater, black and abyssal demons (including their elite versions) has been increased.
  • Grifolaroos and grifolapines now deal damage correctly with their ranged and magic attacks.
  • Several typos in the Halloween 2015 event have been fixed.
  • The Lost Sword of Raddallin now has a higher item value to ensure it protects over less valuable items.
  • Balthazar & co. have finished closing down the RuneScape Raffle for this year and have returned to the circus full-time.
  • Players can no longer walk through the fence near the Prifddinas waterfall bank.
  • Players are no longer able to walk through a tent in Otot.
  • A typo in the message displayed when the Crystal Mask spell prevents the player being hit has been fixed.
  • The scaling of the Unholy Cursebearer boss in Daemonheim has been tweaked.
  • Tuska Warpriest armour is now listed in the Defence Skill Guide.
  • Players can no longer attack elite training dummies with the wrong attack style.
  • The following characters may now be used in player examine messages: ö ä ü Ö Ä Ü ß Á é í ó ú à ç ã õ ê ô â è û É Ê È œ Ç Ô å Å
  • Rangers on Mazcab will now escort players to and from Kanatah.
  • Nemi poison can now be banked.
  • All goebie suppliers now have a right-click option to view their store.
  • A typo on the goebie reputation interface has been fixed.
  • he right-click option on Quercy has been updated so it reads 'give supplies' rather than 'give rewards'.
  • Players who own all Liberation of Mazcab abilities and use a codex will now be refunded with teci.
  • It is no longer possible to set a player's Araxxor partner to someone already in an existing fight.
  • Wearing Dharok's armour will no longer cause all AoE damage to hit one target.
  • Voice-overs will now start more quickly and smoothly. This includes:
    • All voiced quests
    • Player-Owned Ports' tutorial, random events, captains, Meg and the Black Marketeer
    • Ashdale tutorial
    • Path System
  • A space has been added to the prompt received when combining charm slices with mystical charm slices.
  • Sir Amik's dialogue that refers to the Battle of Lumbridge being recent news has been removed.
  • Summoning a pet via the Summoning medallion will now consistently set the pet into the same movement mode as the player.
  • The Security Book now provides information about the RuneScape Authenticator instead of security questions.
  • Trying to open already-opened doors in Yanille will no longer delete the doors.
  • An issue where entering the Wilderness displayed pet options with the hide familiar options enabled has been fixed.
  • Players will no longer be skulled by a familiar retaliating against a player who just respawned after death.
  • A PvP fight with familiars will no longer produce erroneous "You are already fighting something else." messages.
  • The unlock message for the title 'of Guthix' will no longer appear if the title is already unlocked.
  • The ferocious ring and legendary pet's Life Saver ability will no longer be used at the same time if the players health drops below 10%.
  • The pulse core buff timer will now attempt to re-sync itself to prevent an incorrect time being shown.
  • Players now move to the front of the staircase in Sir Vyvin's quarters when approaching from the sides.
  • The dancing Party Room White Knights have updated their song, as they no longer have plumes in their helmets.
  • A tool tip typo in the max challenge toggle interface has been fixed.

Ninja Fixes

  • Players are now able to prestige their Boss and Slayer Creature kills via the 'Beasts' tab after reaching 60,000 kills, resetting the kill counter and increasing the prestige by 1.
  • Buckets and plant pots may now be automatically discarded when farming with new skilling options in Esc -> Gameplay -> Misc Settings.
  • Icthlarin's Little Helper bosses now have increased life points and maximum hits.
  • Treasure Trail sliding puzzles have been reworked:
    • They now move slightly quicker.
    • Arrow keys can move the pieces around the board.
    • More than one piece can be moved at a time.
  • The Elemental Workshop III puzzle has received various improvements to gameplay, speeding up the player's manipulation of the machine:
    • A layout of the machine now appears in the minigame window, with buttons mimicking functionality of the machine's various levers and showing remaining moves.
    • Machine tiles now all move together in bulk, rather than one at a time.
    • The machine can be viewed top-down or from the player's usual perspective via a toggle on the interface.