Patch Notes (2 March 2020)

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These official Patch Notes are copied verbatim from this forum thread of the RuneScape forums. It is copyrighted by Jagex.
These Patch Notes were announced on 2 March 2020.

Happy Monday everyone!

What makes this Monday a good one you might ask? Well for starters, we've got shedloads of great changes and fixes to everything from tutorial pop-ups to Christmas puddings. Beyond that, we're just excited because the release date for Archaeology has been announced! Oh, and be sure to keep an eye out for the Ninja Team, who are back in action and ready to strike!

Missed the release date teaser? Catch up here!

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Patch notes life refresh header icon.png Player Tutorials

Remember Tutorial Island? That nostalgic little islet is the first thing most players see when they first step foot in Gielinor, and we want to make sure the things you learn there (and elsewhere) are as helpful as possible. With that in mind, we've made the following changes.

  • A tutorial pop-up to teach default interaction now appears after character creation if the player doesn't move from the starting coordinate for a while after arrival on the mainland.
  • A two-step tutorial pop-up to teach camera zoom and rotation controls now appears after the default interaction popup, or after the player's first conversation with Turael during the First Time User Experience - as long as these controls haven't previously been taught or have otherwise been cancelled.
  • The Click/Tap to Continue button now flashes in the player's first mainland conversation, instead of just the first conversation with the RuneScape Guide on Tutorial Island.
  • The Loot All button is now highlighted the first time the player picks up multiple items with area loot.
  • A brief tutorial for the Loot window and the Backpack now appears when first picking up an item, if guidance system hints are enabled.
  • Levelling up is now introduced the first time a new player gains a level in any skill, if guidance system hints are enabled.
  • Moving via the Minimap is now introduced when the player starts being directed away from the Burthorpe lodestone, if this wasn't taught on Tutorial Island.
  • New players on the Burthorpe First Time User Experience that leave the Burthorpe & Taverley area are now informed of the lodestone network, so they know how to return to a safe hub.
  • The tutorial pop-up that previously only occurred when starting the Blood Pact quest now occurs when starting your first quest.
  • A "Tell me about the skills menu" dialogue option has been added to all skill tutors.
  • A list of repeatable tutorials is now available from Turael, Major Mary Rancour and the Lumbridge Sage. This includes several topics salvaged from Tutorial Island, such as the Financial Advisor's introduction to the economy, and the Quest Guide's introduction to the quest list.

Patch notes huge parcel header icon.png Diango

Diango and his store have undergone some further work this week.

  • 'Skill Sets' are now displayed while hovering over the skill tab in the Diango interface.
  • Brain Plushies can now be retrieved from Diango.
  • The player is no longer able to retrieve infinite copies of the Warlock Outfit from Diango's store.
  • Items in the last column of Diango's interface are no longer sliced when resizing the Bank interface.
  • When you drag the Witch's Plushie item out from the bank, it now confirms it can be reclaimed from Diango.
  • Fixed an issue that was blocking users from reclaiming Rare Item Tokens from Diango if they had existing tokens in other inventories (Backpack/Bank/Currency Pouch)
  • Fixed an issue where some outfits could not be retrieved from the Diango storage.

Patch notes achievements header icon.png Other

  • Dialogue has been added to the Mini Morn pet.
  • Made a change to the Fight Kiln boss fight to make it less frustrating for high level players.
  • The Sing for the Lady Achievement now lists the full requirements.
  • Empty text space has been removed when examining "clue scrolls" or "clue caskets" held within "Charos' Clue Carrier"
  • Magic notepaper now works on a polypore stick.
  • Magic notepaper can now be used on clean irit.
  • Imps in the God Wars Dungeon will now count towards demon Slayer tasks.
  • Getting damaged by the Gorak now lowers your Invention level.
  • Player is now informed that mummies can only be harmed by fire when attacking them at the end of Desert Treasure.
  • Unlocking expertise will no longer pop-up when buying new sigil abilities.
  • Removed Harlan's dialogue relating to the combat academy.
  • Christmas Pudding Amulet has had its 'Destroy' option altered to be more consistent.
  • Hetty will now only take one burnt meat during the Witch's Potion miniquest.
  • Sacred clay hatchets are now correctly marked as level 50 in the skill guide.

Patch notes achievements header icon.png Bugfixes

No one likes to encounter bugs when they play, so each week we do our best to squash as many as we can!

Fixes labelled Hotfix were addressed between weekly releases.

  • Hotfix: Unblocked the path between Burthorpe's military training camp and the nearby All Fired Up beacon.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Superior Ancient Warrior equipment to stack in the bank when they shouldn't.
  • Fixed an issue with Korasi's sword animation not playing correctly during The Void Stares Back.
  • Nomad now does damage in the first Nomad's Requiem cutscene in legacy combat mode
  • You are now able to attack spiritual warriors in your own Player Owned Dungeon.
  • Huge and large lamps no longer display as being useable in F2P worlds.
  • Fixed a minor exploit when fighting the Hardcore Giant Mole.
  • The Furnace perk will no longer trigger once the player’s charges have run out.
  • The next music track will now play once 'Runewaste' has finished.
  • Fixed an edge-case that allowed the Twin Furies to be killed very quickly.
  • You can no longer use telekinetic grab on bloodwood logs.
  • The correct amount of Combat XP is now given when defeating Kal'ger the Warmonger in Daemonheim.
  • Fixed an issue where players logging in for the first time wouldn't have a scroll bar in the game chat window on mobile.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the 'clean up' filter within the Bank to not correctly clean up Rare Item Tokens.
  • Removed unnecessary forced movement on two squares in Rimmington village.
  • Teleport charges added to the Mysterious Medallion now correctly transfer when you upgrade it to Drakan's Medallion.
  • The frozen debuff bar no longer disappears upon re-entering the living wyvern area.
  • Augmented equipment will now correctly show as saved on death within the Wilderness on the "Items Kept on Death" UI.
  • God wines now become fermented when logging out and back in to the game.
  • Player can no longer equip the item Turnscrew via the Bank.
  • Ultimate Slayer title is now correctly removed if new items have been added to slayer logs and not yet obtained.
  • Using kelp or seaweed on raw great white shark to make gunkan or maki will now correctly open the sushi section in the Cooking interface.
  • Trample/Stomp abilities no longer appear in boss info entries for bosses that they have been removed from.
  • Transitions between the "What is your experience with RuneScape?" prompt, Tutorial Island, and Burthorpe arrival have been improved to better mask the toplevel interface.
  • The Burthorpe area logo has been added to the Burthorpe arrival cutscene to better illustrate the meaning of the "Burthorpe" overlay text.
  • Achievement and path popups/messaging/fireworks for completing Tutorial Island no longer occur when transitioning to Burthorpe for the first time.
  • An issue where Quest Points were not calculated during the first login session, and therefore failed to count the Quest Point awarded for the Learning the Ropes tutorial until the next login has been fixed.
  • Drilling soldiers in the Burthorpe imperial guard camp are now dormant when there are no players nearby for better processing efficiency.
  • Cooking crayfish during the Burthorpe First Time User Experience now describes the act with a similar level of mechanical detail as cooking shrimp on Tutorial Island.
  • Updated the Minimap image that accompanies the bluebox highlighting tutorial, as it predated the 2014 map icon rework.
  • The World Map and lodestone network can no longer be opened when most UI tutorials are active, to prevent conflicts.
  • White Wolf Mountain is no longer classified as part of Burthorpe, so that a new player can be appropriately warned they are leaving the starting zone before encountering dangerous wolves.

Patch notes achievements header icon.png Known Issues

We do our best, but sometimes things slip through the net. These are the bugs we're currently aware of.

  • The ring that denotes how close you are to being caught during Big Game Hunter does not currently change colour like it should.

Another great selection of improvements and fixes from the team this week, which we hope you'll love as much as we do!

Wondering where our Ninjas are this week? Well frankly, so are we! Those sneaky devs have alluded us this week, but we have it on good authority that it won't be long until they strike again! Be sure to check back next week in case they make a dash from the shadows.

Until next time!

~ Mod Kari and The RuneScape Team