Patch Notes (28 October 2019)

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These official Patch Notes are copied verbatim from this forum thread of the RuneScape forums. It is copyrighted by Jagex.
These Patch Notes were announced on 28 October 2019.

Due to the team being hard at work making sure we can release RuneScape Mobile Early Access for Android members on the 29th October the patch notes are relatively light this week!

  • Do you need something to spice up your life? Are you feeling less spooky? Well do not fear... or do... but The Farmers of Gielinor have been hard at work growing lots of pumpkins ready for this Halloween season, adding decorations to the trees across the world in an effort to make your adventures extra spooky!
  • When interacting with Jack Oval, The Player will always move in front of them.
  • Switch buttons tooltip and functionality have been corrected on additional action bars in legacy mode
  • Fixed an issue causing the Frenzied achievement to be claimed several times.
  • Required items for the quest Curse of Arrav has been updated correctly.
  • Islwyn no longer says "It is time we left" when he is travelling alone, instead the message now reads "It is time to leave."
  • Updated Solo PvM achievements to mention when they require that you are in a solo instance.
  • When being prompted about out of date graphics drivers - the "dont show again for 90 days" checkbox will no longer be offset.
  • The quest information for the Making History Quest has been updated to have the correct Age.
  • After finishing the Tourist Trap Quest, you can now go back and pass through the Mine cave entrance to access the ore on the other side.
  • Clan vexillums can now be placed without the vex being equipped.
  • Proper music now plays during the boss fight in the quest "smoking kills"
  • Fixed Dondakan the Dwarf mentioning he's holding a rune pickaxe, when he in fact holds an adamant one.
  • Now during the Light Within quest, when you keepsake override exoskeleton pieces, you can ask Arianwyn to reclaim another one for the quest objective.
  • Updated the mobile currencies pouch to include drop shadow on text.
  • The clan members list has been visually increased in size on mobile, this includes the buttons on the pop-out menu to prevent accidental taps.
  • Fixed an issue with the spell and ability book filters that was causing the filters to not be toggled on desktop if they were toggled off on mobile.
  • Fixed magic book filtering always defaulted to abilities.
  • Improvements have been made to the Currency Pouch on both clients. These include
    • Premium currencies are now available in the detailed currency pouch view in their own section.
    • The small view currency pouch has been removed from the backpack on mobile only as it was too small to be reliably used.
    • The currency pouch button that was on the backpack has been added to the worn equipment panel on mobile only.
  • We've added the ability for your phone to receive a notification when your Ports ship returns, to get these notifications send your ships out on your phone!