Patch Notes (28 March 2011)

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These official Patch Notes are copied verbatim from this forum thread of the RuneScape forums. It is copyrighted by Jagex.
These Patch Notes were announced on 28 March 2011.

The following small fixes and adjustments have now been made to the game. If you spot any further bugs in-game, please use the Bug Report feature ('Submit a Bug Report' under the 'Help' drop-down menu of the website).


  • Will in the Lumber Yard has had his animations updated.
  • Stomp dying no longer causes the wall behind him to be raised up.
  • It is no longer possible to play the bullroarer and dragon kite animations together.
  • Some pirate animations have been updated.
  • The Thieving skillcape animation no longer causes the cape to clip through the player.
  • Some ground has been levelled out in Feldip Hills to stop toads from disappearing.
  • Some flickering in a dream sequence in Dream Mentor has been fixed.
  • Players will no longer slide while transforming into a bone pile using a bone brooch.
  • A gap in some railings near the Varrock dark wizards has been fixed.
  • Some vines in the Ape Atoll temple can now be seen in all graphical modes.
  • Silif in Falador has had his animations updated.
  • Some flickering issues in the goblin temple during Land of the Goblins has been fixed.
  • Some mysterious floating planks in the Port Sarim fishing shop have been removed.
  • Miscellania's bridge supports no longer conflict with the water.
  • Radimus Erkle's animations have been updated.
  • The Falador barber shop sign no longer starts and stops randomly.
  • Using holy water while wearing an Ardougne cloak no longer causes a spike to appear.
  • Some floating grass in Ape Atoll has been removed.
  • Primal platelegs no longer stretch when worn by a male character.
  • Flickering issues around the exit to the ice eagle cave have been fixed.
  • Flickering issues with a carpet in the Vinesweeper area has been fixed.
  • Fletching a magic log now consistently looks like a magic log.
  • A new animation has been added when dropping explosive liquid.
  • A fence near the Fishing Guild no longer causes things to disappear behind it.
  • A rug in Miscellania's palace has had shadow clipping issues fixed.
  • The ancient ceremonial robes animation now hides weapons when played.
  • Toban's kick animation in the Watchtower quest has been fixed.
  • A spear wall in Tyras Camp has been updated.
  • Sailors’ feet no longer clip with a gangplank in Port Sarim.
  • The floor now renders correctly through the roof in Barbarian Village.
  • A white tile in the desert has been fixed.
  • Players’ feet no longer sink into the surrounding decor in the temple area of Temple at Senntisten.


  • The "Right on Track" music track no longer unlocks during a part of Recipe for Disaster.
  • The sound effects for the level-up fireworks have been improved.
  • The "Undercurrent" music track unlock hint no longer refers to Fist of Guthix.
  • A few more gnomes have had their sound effects updated to the new gnome sounds.
  • Some new sound effects have been added to the Daemonheim’s icefiend boss.

Quests & Tasks

  • Players can now only gain one weapon store key during Shield of Arrav.
  • A book in Making History has been updated to reflect some more recent quests.
  • A typo in the wizard's chat in Lost City has been fixed.


  • The right-click "Travel" option on magic carpet salesmen has been optimised.
  • Zahur in Nardah will now decant juju potions.
  • It is now possible to uncharge all broodoo shields, similar to black masks.
  • It is now possible to Grind-X when grinding mud runes.
  • The right-click options on the tool leprechaun in the Herblore Habitat area have been updated to give two separate exchange options.
  • Charm drop rates for hellhounds and rock lobsters have been reverted.
  • Hungry pet warnings will now appear in red in the chat window.
  • The wording for ‘Show on map’ on the quest interface has been fixed.
  • The Smithing skillguide now has a ‘Milestones’ tab once again.
  • A typo on a warrior statue in the Artisan’s workshop has been fixed.
  • Barbarian Assault turrets no longer stall the player.
  • The Varrock Tasks reward for battlestaves no longer refers to Zaff.
  • Trollheim shortcuts now state the correct Agility level needed to pass.
  • A typo when inspecting an evil tree has been fixed.
  • Mr Pinsworth now has a ‘Collect’ option like all other bankers.
  • The Skeletal Horror's combat level now decreases when it should.
  • The Summoning status globe’s ‘Interact’ option now works correctly for cats.
  • A grammar error in a fisherman's chat in Fish Flingers has been fixed.
  • A Farming patch on Miscellania now resets correctly.
  • "Nothing interesting happens" now appears when using random items on runes.
  • Dungeoneering toolkits have been removed from the Grand Exchange.
  • The Dungeoneering photo booth no longer claims to need a novite bar in the skill advance guide.
  • "textgender" no longer appears when fixing cannons in the Artisans workshop.
  • Steel titans will now use their melee attack in PvP situations more often.
  • A tile in the Corporeal Beast's lair no longer causes players to go invisible.
  • Banana and pineapple picking has had the "You pick a banana" style messages removed.
  • The Void Knight armour requirements have been clarified on the skill advance guide.
  • Familiars now correctly trigger Stomp's lodestone crystal phase.
  • It is no longer possible to interact with a familiar during cutscenes.
  • A typo on ‘Wasteless Herblore’ in the skill advance guide has been fixed.