Patch Notes (23 October 2017)

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These official Patch Notes are copied verbatim from this forum thread of the RuneScape forums. It is copyrighted by Jagex.
These Patch Notes were announced on 23 October 2017.

The following fixes and tweaks have now been implemented. If you believe a change has not been documented, either in the patch notes or the news posts for this week’s update, please detail the change so that it may be added.

As always, be sure to submit a bug report should you encounter a gameplay bug or graphical glitch in-game.


  • The Spooky Spider and Nautilus outfits now work correctly with recoloured skintones.
  • An option has been added to toggle the Nautilus necklace with the neck slot in the wardrobe.
  • The animation for female characters wearing the Nautilus outfit has been corrected.
  • Using the nightstone effect directly after the bloodstone effect will no longer cause a black and white effect.
  • The animation for equipping Elemental shields has been updated.
  • The walk animations for sea snake hatchlings and sea snake young have been updated and smoothed out.

Skills, D&Ds & Minigames

  • The RuneMetrics interface is now visible during Kegger, Racing, Table dancing and Zapper minigames at the NovtumberFest event.
  • The Constitution and Defence level requirements to wear the Agile top and legs (not to be confused with the Nimble outfit) have been removed.
  • Cutting Menaphos sandstone or granite now generates 1 Crafting XP.
  • Bamboo can now be used with a portable fletcher for convenience, but without generating additional resources. This is to ensure that the Waiko grill and portable range saving chances are not affected due to wobbegongs' comparative rarity.
  • Players can now use Constitution abilities in Champions Guild fights that have specific melee, magic or ranged only requirements.
  • The Trapper from player-owned ports now correctly shows as unlocked in the skillguide at 90+ Hunter.
  • Players now have a higher chance to receive the lifeboat reward from the Player-owned Port Seasinger Umi and Black Marketeer events.
  • Players can no longer use firecrackers to increase their mining speed.
  • Evil trees will no longer give clue scrolls on free worlds.
  • The tooltip for the Hefin Voice of Seren has been tweaked to give a better explanation of the Agility/Prayer buff.
  • The Luminous energy skill guide entry no longer mentions dealing with the desert heat.
  • The last mural for the Sunken Pyramid will now unlock at 110 souls captured instead of 90.
  • The rewards chest inside the Sophanem Slayer Dungeon is no longer called 'Menaphos Dungeon Chest'.

Quests, Challenges and Achievements

  • The quest marker for the Lost City quest giver has been updated to reflect his current location in Lumbridge Swamp.
  • Bluebox highlighting for the phlegmatic imp during the Imp Catcher quest has been updated to reflect his current location in the Lumbridge Swamp.
  • The world map names for the Underground Pig Pen used in Bringing Back the Bacon have been updated.
  • Rerolling a daily challenge will now only consume vis wax after confirming the reroll.
  • Member skill challenges up to level 5 can now be progressed by free players.
  • The chat for Icthlarin's Little Helper on a pet cat can no longer be triggered on a free world.
  • Players can once again teleport from the top of the Citharede tower.


  • The spider minions in the Araxxi fight will now die at the end of her death animation.
  • The right-click options on Barrows brothers spawned by other players have been removed.
  • The click radius on the Gravity Field in the Vorago boss fight has been increased.
  • The Max Guild boss portal has been updated to show all options on one page.
  • A 'Set arrival' option has been added to various bosses for the Max Guild boss portal.
  • A 'Don't ask me again' option has been added when prompted about the 100k coin charge for re-tuning the Max Guild boss portal.
  • The following items will now always show a lootbeam: Ghost hunter equipment, Ancient emblems, Perfect chitin, Camel journals, Magister journals, Adamant dragon journals and Attuned crystal seeds.
  • Players are now prompted with a warning message when equipping a demonic skull and when crossing the Wilderness wall with one in their backpack.
  • The Book of Death now works against Runite dragons.
  • Players can now use keepsake keys and the Magic skillcape perk at the Shattered Worlds bank.
  • Players can once again switch graphical toolkits when using the Java client.
  • The customisations tab will now close itself if opened in the buffer zone of the Wilderness, up until level 3 of the Wilderness.
  • A number of issues with delayed player animation on the wardrobe interface have been fixed.
  • Players can no longer place hunter traps in the Wilderness buffer zone.
  • Several Suqah spawn locations have been moved to tiles accessible to players.
  • Players can no longer get stuck inside of the Oo'glog pools.
  • Players can now use magic notepaper on dragon boots to note them.
  • Entering the Wilderness via Daemonheim will now cancel players' walk routes so that they only walk one tile into the Wilderness.
  • Typos in the Nex: Angel of Death reward curse descriptions have been corrected.
  • A message issue where items which couldn't be noted were described as noted items has been fixed when other players harvest a Divine simulacrum.
  • Filled rune pouches now show the correct value in the wealth evaluator.
  • Fully recharged scrimshaws will now stack in the bank with brand new ones.
  • Ghouls no longer spawn within trees in the Canifis graveyard.
  • An issue that allowed players to retrieve unlimited Mad necklaces from Diango has been fixed.
  • The Wise Old Man will no longer lie about 'storing' burnt meat when, in fact, he is throwing it away.
  • The music player filter now works correctly on the audio settings parent interface.
  • Players can now reclaim the Gielinor Games rings from Diango if destroyed.
  • The boost and activate options on the action bar for equipped skill capes have been swapped around.
  • Augmented Obliteration, Annihilation and Decimation no longer leave a copy of the item after keepsaking.
  • The XP amount shown when using an Ancient effigy now uses numerical separators.
  • Ironman accounts can no longer purchase brawling gloves from Mandrith.
  • Helwyr no longer drops loot outside of the arena.

Last week's hotfixes

  • 17/10, 12:50 UTC: The Invention tutorial can now be consistently completed.
  • 18/10, 09:10 UTC: The Mysteria banner now appears correctly with the Hearts of Ice sub-interface open.
  • 18/10, 14:40 UTC: The correct Mysteria banner promotions are now shown when Treasure Hunter is opened without any remaining keys.

Ninja Fixes

  • Surge and Escape are now usable during the global cooldown period, similar to Bladed Dive outside of PvP areas.
  • Quest requirements on the quest information screen in the quest journal will now link to the appropriate required quest when clicked on.
  • The Holly Wreath headpiece has received a graphical update to give it more visual character.
  • Hans now has a right-click buy option for Veteran capes on free worlds.
  • Seagulls on the Port Sarim docks now drop feathers.
  • The maximise/minimise actionbar button has been returned to the original larger size.
  • A 'Check Progress' option has been added to Menaphos soul obelisks.
  • Red sandstone is now unaffected by the furnace perk when mining with an augmented pickaxe.
  • The Fishing spots inside the Menaphos VIP area have been moved closer together and will now only spawn on the west side of the pool.
  • A Fish Flingers fisherman has arrived in the Menaphos VIP area.
  • White Knight gloves have been renamed to gauntlets.
  • The skill name has been added to Strange rocks and Golden rocks.
  • Strange rocks are now sorted alphabetically in the statue collection bag to match golden rocks.
  • The Ring of stone interface in legacy mode has been updated to improve the clarity of the text.
  • Guthix Rest potions and flasks are now all a consistent colour.
  • The Wildstalker helmet now increments kills on free worlds.
  • A warning has been added to the safe area in the Wilderness to inform players about demonic skulls and luring.
  • The bonecrusher upgrade can now be bought from Boni in Waiko without owning a bonecrusher as part of the Arc achievements. Players still require the original bonecrusher from Daemonheim in order to activate the effect.
  • The Fish Flingers fisherman in Piscatoris has moved to the north-eastern shoreline.
  • Items can no longer be dragged from the Collection slot on the Grand Exchange interface.
  • All doors in Miscellania Castle except the bedroom and throne room doors are now open by default.
  • The farmer's wander range away from the bank chest in the Meilyr district of Prifddinas has been adjusted.
  • The Balloon Travel Map interface has been updated to bring it in line with other interfaces.
  • The Varrock teleport will now teleport players slightly closer to the Staff shop (depending on Varrock task completion settings).
  • The Lumbridge teleport will teleport players closer to the Combat Academy.
  • A right-click option has been added to select the destination on various fairy rings throughout the game world without having to first visit Zanaris.
  • The Toktz-ket-xil shield once more uses an older model variant.
  • The Varrock Museum display case interfaces have been updated to match the current interface style.
  • Suqah hide can now be traded in for suqah teeth by Skulgrimen in Rellekka on a 1:1 ratio after players have completed the hard Fremennik achievement set.
  • The arcane capacitor necklace is no longer a requirement for the Borrowed Power spell in the Lunar Spellbook, instead now only requiring 3 astral runes. The spell can be unset and subsequently reset within bank areas.
  • The confirmation dialogue when attempting to enter or leave the Grand library of Menaphos has been removed.