Patch Notes (22 November 2012)

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These official Patch Notes are copied verbatim from this forum thread of the RuneScape forums. It is copyrighted by Jagex.
These Patch Notes were announced on 22 November 2012.

The following fixes and tweaks have now been implemented. As always, be sure to submit a bug report should you encounter a gameplay bug or graphical glitch in-game.

Quests, Challenges & Achievements:

  • Goblin Transformation potions can once again be created.
  • The Elemental Workshop quests can once again be completed.
  • Elvarg no longer drains all of a player's Prayer in one hit.
  • It is once again possible to put Karambwan poison on spears for the Tai Bwo Wannai quest.
  • Family Crest can once again be completed.
  • It is once again possible to attack Jubbly birds.
  • Giant Bats once again drop the Giant bat wing for Rag and Bone Man.
  • Players can once again enter the Inadequecy part of Recipe for Disaster.

Skills & Minigames:

  • NPCs in the Fight Cave have been made tougher.
  • The Catapult room in the Warrior's Guild no longer hits the player 4 times per hit.
  • The Pest Control Void Knight is now tough enough to survive a game.
  • Dungeoneering non-boss monsters have been made tougher.
  • Bosses in Dungeoneering on Abandoned, Occult and Warped floors have been made tougher.
  • Smithing tracks in the Artisans' Workshop now requires the correct items.
  • Watering cans can now be filled.
  • Magic watering cans can now be used.
  • Warped Dungeoneering floors now use the correct altar.
  • It is once again possible to craft any version of the Titan's Constitution Summoning scroll.
  • Crafting uncut Topaz now opens a window about crafting Topaz instead of Jade.
  • Meat pies can once again be created.
  • Pickaxes now cost two bars to smith instead of one.


  • The Boogie Bow now works as expected.
  • Deathtouched Darts now work as intended. Players can also no longer fire one at an NPC that has been "tagged" by another player.
  • Off-hand white claws have been added to Sir Vyvin's store.
  • Summoning skillcapes are no longer more powerful than other skillcapes.
  • Adamant and Rune claws now show the correct information in the Smithing interface.
  • Spined / Skeletal / Rockshell boots and gloves now have wield requirements.
  • The Greater Runic staff now works as intended.
  • The Illuminated book of law now works as intended.
  • Switching Dragonfire shields between the Melee, Ranged and Mage versions at the Dragonkin Forge (near Kuradal) now uses up a blast hammer per shield.


  • Weight has been re-added to the equip interface.
  • Prayer potions and Prayer flasks now restore the same amount of Prayer points per sip.
  • Ganodermic beasts have been given significantly more health. As such, the trash cabbage drops have been removed.
  • The difficulty of combat with Glacors has been modified.
  • A side stone has been added to point players towards the Combat Academy.
  • Several changes have been made to streamline the new opening sequence to the game.
  • An infobox warning is shown to players on entering the Wilderness about the PK skulling mechanic being removed, to ensure everyone realises that you will lose everything on death.
  • Mobilising Armies teleport now requires an air rune rather than an earth rune.
  • Fungal Magi now work correctly as Slayer Creatures, including giving the buffs from the Slayer Helm when on task.
  • Prayer tooltips now work on the actionbar when the actionbar is locked.
  • Chat options are now the correct way around when asking about Training sessions and Training dummies in the Combat Academy.
  • Swordchicks can once again be attacked.
  • The "Smite" ability has been renamed to "Decimate" to avoid confusion with the "Smite" prayer.
  • Attacking Shades now gives the correct amount of XP and hit harder.
  • Blue dragonhide sets are now free-to-play.
  • Combat daily challenges can now be blocked at combat level 200.
  • Grotworms are now non-aggressive.
  • The Gaze auras are no longer deactivated upon equipping weapons or shields.
  • The "F" keys can once again be used to switch interfaces regardless of whether the player is attempting to chat.