Patch Notes (21 October 2019)

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These official Patch Notes are copied verbatim from this forum thread of the RuneScape forums. It is copyrighted by Jagex.
These Patch Notes were announced on 21 October 2019.

Hey everyone, here's the patches for this week!

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Patch notes runescore header icon.png Achievements

  • Ali the trader achievement no longer gets triggered every time player closes the "selection of cloths" interface.

Patch notes combat header icon.png Combat

  • Kayle's Chargebow will no longer reference a sling when you use the weapon past level 10.
  • Fixed an issue where players in Legacy combat mode were switched into Revolution when gaining a level in a combat skill.
  • Signature heroes in the Burthorpe troll cave now have a confirmation prompt if choosing the option to set up your action bars if you are in Legacy combat mode.

Patch notes graphics header icon.png Graphics

  • Rare Bug where Elena could not be found in her house during Mourning's end has been fixed.
  • The chickens outside Daemonheim have been graphically updated.
  • Fixed an issue with Barrows: Rise of the six bobble-heads not dancing when all 6 of them meet together.
  • Fixed an issue with the festive aura not displaying the wings when activated.
  • Yaktwee storage will now display stored items in full colour and no items as transparent, as well as always display 0 if there are no items in either your Backpack or Storage.
  • Players can now select the same colour shades as the shades they are wearing and it will no longer be removed.
  • Plague doctor contagion walk now works correctly with two crossbows equipped.

Patch notes achievements header icon.png Other

  • Swapping between the different enchantments for the gauntlets awarded from the "Family crest" quest, can no longer cause the game to crash.
  • Hunting God Jadinkos will no longer disconnect players upon checking a trap
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when repairing banked Runecrafting pouches.
  • Crashes no longer occur when using a Celtic Knot skip ticket.
  • Fixed an issue where you could not access and use the bank under certain conditions.
  • Celtic Knots will now close when skipped with a Celtic Knot Ticket.
  • Ensured that players who completed Unstable Foundations prior to the Ashdale tutorial are treated as completing the new Tutorial Island, so that they are not trapped in a timey-wimey ball of weirdness where RuneScape thinks they're still on Tutorial Island. Simply logging in should now free the suffering few from this terrible purgatory.
  • A set of Rings that transformed the player into the barrows brothers now correctly transfer ownership when traded.
  • The Elder Divination outfit's 'Chronicle Teleport' will now teleport you slightly closer to the Chronicle hand-in locations (May Stormbrewer and the Guthix Monument)
  • The chat system will now suggest taking a break from the screen after 4 hours of continuous play.
  • Deactivating an aura, and then clicking on it, will no longer trigger a new aura to replace it.
  • The Portable Crafter will now tan Dinosaur hides.
  • Examining the items that create the Terrasaur Maul now say that "dino scales are needed"
  • The Talent Scout will recognise the Master Agility Skillcape when spoken to.
  • When completing a quest in a quest series achievement path, the next quest in the series is no longer automatically selected.
  • The Temple at Senntisten Quest will now correctly state that you need Telekenetic Grab runes under 'Required Items'
  • Fixed Karamja gloves 4 not giving double tickets during the agility arena, if the user hasn't claimed the medium award.
  • Shadow Gem Virtus death reclaim costs now matches the normal Virtus death reclaim costs.
  • The collector's insignia now works with Anachronia agility training, with XP bonuses triggered at the end of each of the seven segments.
  • Previously if a user was to destroy the Sous chef outfit and was to also have the cooking gauntlets in their backpack, the cooking gauntlets would be destroyed as well. This has now been fixed.
  • Corrected an issue where achievement path window could draw before stats were transmitted to the client, resulting in some achievements that required skills drawing as if all skills are level 1.
  • Fixed an issue when checking resources you have gathered for a clan displaying overlaying text.
  • When the interface is set to legacy mode, if the player has the second action bar active, the original action bar will no longer break the extra action bar if you switch the number. The extra action bar's arrows will also now change the bar being shown.
  • Updated the examine text of expensive spices to reflect the item effect.
  • Fixed an issue causing areas of Burthorpe to not play music.
  • Fixed in an issue with unrelated audio tracks playing when in Turael's house.
  • Normal Tanners across all of Runescape that make soft leather will no longer tell you it costs 1gp even though they made it for free.
  • Fixed an issue with the chat where ironman players weren't being informed that they can't pick up certain items.
  • The tasks in the MQC list are now in the correct alphabetical order.
  • Fixed an issue with Robin getting stuck thinking during a game of Runedraw.
  • Fixed the Mahogany pet feeder description, to let players know it can feed 30 pets.
  • Players who haven't obtained a Fire Cape should no longer be assigned Ice Strykewyrm tasks by slayer masters.
  • Elite clue scrolls from Treasure Chest in the Aquarium will now be added to clue scroll stack if user has a full inventory, or into the Charos' clue carrier if in inventory or pocket slot.
  • Cheesecake now works as a food for the "Feed the adventurers" temple trek event.
  • Runecrafting pouches can now only be destroyed, not dropped, and will now inform the player that, if they contain essence, the contents will also be destroyed along with the pouch before asking for confirmation.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed legendary pets to unlock a players inventory.
  • The Gloves of Passage effect, Enduring Ruin, is now applied after using the Smash ability as well as Havoc.
  • Fixed an issue where the user wasn't being asked for a bank pin while trying to add/remove pickaxe from the tool belt.
  • The Festive aura now shows the amount of experience left that it will attribute its bonus to when selected in the aura management interface, as well as when the buff icon is hovered over whilst the aura is active.
  • Achievement favorites can now be added and removed correctly.

Patch notes mobile header icon.png Mobile

  • Based on player beta feedback we have made it more easier to cycle between hidden, minimised and maximised chat box sizes on mobile by tapping the envelope icon.
  • On mobile the interaction menu will now appear to the left/right of where you tap so you can see what you tapped
  • Added tooltip information onto the three icons (total level, combat level, quest points) on mobile.
  • When Dungeoneering the map is now fixed to the centre of the screen, you're still able to interact with game world with it open.