Patch Notes (20 October 2009)

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These official Patch Notes are copied verbatim from this forum thread of the RuneScape forums. It is copyrighted by Jagex.
These Patch Notes were announced on 20 October 2009.

The following small fixes and adjustments have now been made to the game. If you spot any further bugs in-game, please use the Bug Report feature ('Submit a Bug Report' under the 'Help' drop-down menu of the website).


  • Prevented emotes while hiding in a crate.
  • Enlarged a child's head that was smaller than other children’s heads.
  • Adjusted the labelling of the dragon full helm.
  • Removed some shadows near the Fishing Platform.
  • Removed a floating twig.
  • Fixed a variety of modelling issues with hair, chatheads and monocles on NPCs in Standard Detail.
  • A couple of trees were rendering incorrectly with Yanille’s city wall.
  • Fritz, the glassblower on Entrana, has had his animation updated to match the one used by players.
  • Improved the jump down animation for grapple shortcuts over walls.
  • Fixed some incorrect code relating to the standard Mining animations.
  • Items dropped inside the Eagles' Peak cave were appearing in the air.
  • Your equipped weapon and shield would display incorrectly while you set up net traps.
  • Rendering problems with the fires outside the phoenix’s cave.
  • Fixed rendering problem with unstrung amulets.
  • Adjusted falconry animations.
  • Some monkeys weren't triggering their death animations.
  • Rendering problem with pier on Neitiznot.
  • Players' heads kept poking through the scenery while climbing through a shortcut.
  • Ugly gap where there should have been sea during a cutscene in the Ratcatchers quest.
  • Custom mouse pointers added to more places in the game.
  • Animation issues affecting Ardal in Ardougne.
  • Adjustment to windmill sails.
  • Height map problem on the seabed near Piscatoris.
  • Jumping animation was unreliable on a broken bridge north of Neitiznot.
  • Camulet model was badly offset.
  • Cabbage teleport animation didn't always run.
  • Ghastly height map issue in unicorn cage has been fixed.
  • Chathead problem with sacred clay mage hat.
  • Unblocked a blocked tile in Yanille.
  • Incorrectly coloured monkey in menagerie.
  • Purple cats sometimes lacked chatheads in menageries.
  • Strange hole in Ape Atoll Agility course platform.
  • Unicorns and cows tilted excessively on slopes.
  • Adjustment to the positioning of Jad's attack graphics, though his timing should not have changed.


  • Sound effects for dragon claws have been adjusted.
  • Added sound effects to a couple of doors.
  • Added mining sounds to an NPC.
  • Reduced the length of some sound effects and jingles in the Eyes of Glouphrie quest.
  • Rebalanced the track called "Have an Ice Day".
  • Improved the track called "Wander".
  • Added sound effects for completing objectives.


  • Corrected the difficulty of Within the Light in the quest list.
  • The advisor system won't tell you where to start quests that you'd already completed.
  • The requirements for the Family Crest quest now correctly cross out when you meet them.
  • Corrected the quest complete scroll information for part of the Recipe for Disaster quest.
  • Improved post-quest dialogue for Glorious Memories.
  • Clearer message added for people trying to enter West Ardougne at certain quest states.
  • Clearer advice added for players who lost a critical item during Back to my Roots.
  • Your quest state was not correctly updated if you interrupted some dialogue during Hand in the Sand.


  • Players should no longer disappear when picking flowers in Trouble Brewing.
  • Players could stand in some Mobilising Armies tables.
  • Debug message displayed in Stealing Creation.


  • Improved the Mining code regarding the wielding of pickaxes (no animation changes).
  • Arhein now sells his pineapples and seaweed in noted form.
  • Gardeners were not offering to chop down willow trees that had grown branches.
  • The Falador Achievement Diary now requires the crafting of a mind tiara to go with another recent task change.
  • Ensured that gargoyle drops can't end up in a mushroom.
  • Removed an extraneous combat level for an NPC that doesn't fight.
  • Improved the code behind the Agility Pyramid.
  • Re-wrote a cutscene to meet current standards.
  • You should no longer be sent to hot zones on PVP Worlds when you fail random events.
  • When fighting mithril dragons, other dragons shouldn't be able to barge in and steal focus.
  • Fixed a treasure trail that couldn't be completed with LootShare enabled.
  • Corrected the combat levels on some cutscene NPCs.
  • Alphabetical sorting of the Clan Chat channel list wasn't handling lower case names.
  • Some boxes used for a treasure trail have been moved.
  • Quick Chat item lists included the word "null".
  • Adjustment to the ‘last Clan Chat channel’ feature.
  • Some code for dark knights has been made more efficient.
  • Timer display was missing in the maze random event if you went to it from certain places.
  • You now get a message when you try to use the special attack of the Rod/Flail of Ivandis on a vampyre that's too healthy to be affected.
  • Unfiltered some more phrases that didn't need to be filtered.
  • The new bank leaflet item didn't have any information on it.
  • Training weapons/armour showed incorrect information if you tried to drop them.
  • Adjustment to the login screen's code that automatically disables the fly-throughs on low-spec computers.
  • A ladder in Lumbridge windmill was inconveniently moving players.
  • There were bits of floor in the Lumbridge combat training building where you couldn't stand without walking off.
  • Removed unnecessary delays from the code for equipping certain items.
  • A Lumbridge farmer had a "Pickpocket" option that didn't work. He also kept standing in his scarecrow.
  • An elf lord kept dropping stuff on the floor if your inventory was full.
  • The Grand Exchange log expert listed maple logs twice.
  • Fixed lots of typos and grammatical errors.