Patch Notes (20 January 2020)

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These official Patch Notes are copied verbatim from this forum thread of the RuneScape forums. It is copyrighted by Jagex.
These Patch Notes were announced on 20 January 2020.

Patch notes combat header icon.png Combat

  • Intercept can now be refreshed on a target already affected by the spell.

Patch notes clues header icon.png Clue Scrolls

  • Clues will now automatically go into the Charos Clue Carrier if the players inventory is full.
  • Clue Scroll NPC's will now remind you that you also need the original clue when handing in a puzzle.

Patch notes graphics header icon.png Graphics

  • Content creators, rejoice! You can now get up close and personal to those absolute units in Anachronia before they get camera shy and disappear.
  • You can now get closer to an object before it will fade out when in free camera mode and cutscenes.

Patch notes achievements header icon.png Interface

  • Fixed the issue greying out gather buttons in player owned farms.
  • Modernized the look of the banking perk interface on legendary pets.
  • Clan event notice board information dropdowns now populate upon first selection.
  • Fixed bug where the "Monster Examine" spell gave the wrong life points total when dealing with certain modified versions of Monsters.
  • The freecam option has been moved to the Compass menu.

We’ve added descriptive text to the following items to better explain their new teleport functions:

  • The Arc Journal
  • The Menaphos Journal
  • Globetrotter Arm Guards

Patch notes mobile header icon.png Mobile

  • Fixed Stronghold of Security interface/dialogue window overlap on mobile.
  • Resolved a problem with the ordering of options when long-pressing on the Summoning Globe from the mobile HUD.

We have moved extra options from the world map top-level interface into some others:

  • Open World Select - Moved onto Home Teleport menu.
  • Freecam - Removed (as unavailable on mobile).
  • Skybox/Filters - Moved onto Mini-Map toggle menu.

Patch notes skilling header icon.png Skilling

  • "Demons" cluster slayer assignment now counts imps as demons.
  • Fixed an issue stopping Death from allowing players to reroll Reaper tasks.
  • Can now continue to pick Phoenix Feathers with the skillcape perk active whilst having a noted feather and no remaining free inventory slots.

Patch notes keyboard header icon.png Textual

  • Text no longer overflows into the next dialogue box when investigating QBD entrance.
  • Almas’ examine text typo has been corrected.
  • Examine text has been changed on Tier 1 Spa in Anachronia.

Patch notes achievements header icon.png Other

  • Can no longer equip broken Cinderbane gloves from the bank.
  • Used Cinderbane gloves will now drop in PvP.
  • The mushroom patch in Tirannwn/Isafdar now takes players to the correct skill guide location.