Patch Notes (20 August 2018)

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These official Patch Notes are copied verbatim from this forum thread of the RuneScape forums. It is copyrighted by Jagex.
These Patch Notes were announced on 20 August 2018.

The following fixes and tweaks have now been implemented. If you believe a change has not been documented, either in the patch notes or the news posts for this week’s update, please detail the change so that it may be added.

As always, be sure to submit a bug report should you encounter a gameplay bug or graphical glitch in-game.

Skillcape Perks

  • The Thieving Skill Cape Perk now correctly notes triangle sandwiches.


  • The Ancient elven ritual shard can now be dropped by Solak at a rate of 1/1,000 per player
  • A news broadcast has been added to the Ancient elven ritual shard drop when received from the Grove creatures or Solak.
  • A news broadcast has been added to Cinderbane gloves when received from Solak.
  • We've changed the following items and how they broadcast in-game:
    • Dormant anima armour will no longer broadcast in-game at all when dropped
    • Dragon Claws will now broadcast to friends only
    • Abomination cape will now broadcast to the world you're on


  • Resolved an issue with the Zombie head in Pieces of Hate where they player could restart the interrogation after agreeing to help.

Elite Dungeons

  • It is no longer possible to pull the Black Stone Dragon outside of his arena.
  • Channeled abilities will no longer cancel when standing under an immobilised target.
  • Teleporting with chests and through doors in elite dungeons no longer requires you to be out of combat.
  • Added blocking in Astellarns boss room to prevent the player accessing certain tiles.
  • Prevented a crash that occurred when the Black Stone Dragon was defeated in group mode, but the group wasn't aligned to the Dragonkin Laboratory.
  • Prevented Verak Lith and players from damaging each other when the player is not in the arena.
  • Verak Lith's barriers now go up earlier to prevent players escaping back across the bridges after aggroing him.
  • Damage stored for soaking Verak Lith's richochet'd breaths is now cancelled when the player is removed from the arena (such as via death)
  • Acolyte of Seiryu headdress can now be saved correctly in a preset.


  • Players once again can teleport to another clan's citadel using Relationships signpost.
  • Fixed an issue with the Grand Exchange search bar experiencing random spacing between characters
  • Minor spelling change on Sandy Clue 7.
  • Karate-Chop fletching is now correctly showing the animation.
  • Dungeoneers will no longer have to wait for skeletons to finish dying before progressing when facing the Divine Skinweaver boss in the abandoned floors.
  • Ironman accounts can now buy clue scrolls with Thaler.
  • Using magic notepaper on a rune spear will now correctly note it.
  • Filtered game messages will no longer cause the Guest Clan Chat tab to flash incorrectly.
  • Luthas will now advance the sandy clue scroll when outside his house.
  • Players can no longer use Deathtouched darts on the Mega Duck. - Why would you want to do this in the first place? You Monster.
  • The Sakadagami headdress will now properly save as part of a preset.
  • Drinking Guthix restores no longer overwrites any longer active antipoison duration
  • Players can once again enter the Oo'glog pools with a familiar summoned. Now you can go about and have a nice spa day, while bringing along a pet.
  • Crossing down the walkway from the wilderness agility course as another player enters the gate will no longer cause you to be placed on a tile which allows you to run back through the gate onto the walkway incorrectly.
  • On a F2P world, the members' only dungeon prompt has been removed when walking down stairs in a Player-owned house.
  • Dragging and dropping Granite blocks now correctly drops them instead of opening the make-x interface.
  • Players are no longer given an incorrect message when harvesting harmony moss pillars.
  • The skill-guide no longer lists agile armour as having level requirements.
  • The 'Food' text in the Pets interface is now positioned correctly.
  • Players can now use all logs to repair the spinning wheel during The Giant Dwarf quest.
  • Curator Haig Halen has commissioned a group of builders, and now the windows in the Varrock museum are now all aligned.
  • The broken version of the Noxious Staff will now display the correct attack speed consistent with its used and new variants
  • The Phoenix Necklace will no longer remove the buff icon for the ultimate ability Immortality if it's effect activates whilst Immortality is still active.
  • Item charge will no longer display on the tooltip for new tradeable ports gear.
  • Players can now keepsake pieces of the Infected zombie outfit from Walk like a Zombie.
  • Typo corrected in Tales of Nomad mini-quest.
  • Quick-traversing on the barrier to the Twin Furies encounter now checks for Zamorak kill count rather than Zaros.
  • Receiving an Elite clue from the shades gold chest now displays the correct chat model.
  • Players can now only plant bloodweed seeds in the wilderness herb patch.
  • Uncut Emeralds now work correctly with magic notepaper.
  • Off-Hand Mithril Scimitars are no longer smuggle-able from The Rock during the Rocking Out quest. - I mean, if you were doing this, you probably should have been in the Rock jail anyway...
  • Players who have already unlocked the Samurai outfit will no longer have the option to unlock it again with the Premier Club reward tokens.
  • A typo on the Divine Herb Patch 1 info box in the Skills interface has been corrected.
  • Fixed a grammatical error when the charge pack runs out of charge.
  • Fixed a typo in artisan's workshop chat message.
  • KC and other interfaces in Barrows have received a slight graphical improvement.

Ninja Fixes

  • Blocking/Preferring tasks now immediately adds them to the list on the interface.
  • Creating/rejoining a Kalphite King instance no longer makes the player wait if they recently left.
  • Added climb top floor and climb bottom floor right-click options for the staircases in the Slayer Tower.
  • Batches of Dungeoneering reward tokens looted from combat and thieving are now all auto-redeemed.
  • Added a "Don't ask me again" option to adding potions to potion reservoirs.
  • Removed confirm/cancel menu for tortle portals on The Islands That Once Were Turtles.
  • While in a group players can invite others from the friends chat list right-click options.
  • The Botany bay area, and trial announcers around the world have been removed.
  • Summoning will now visibly display as 990 and the summoning stat will not be drained when using summoning pouches.
  • Worshipping the ectofuntus now accepts all available bonemeal, ashes and ectoplasm in one continuous action.
  • Packs of feathers have been added to the following shops:
    • Frawd's Gift shop
    • Ava's Odds and Ends
    • Gerrant's Fishy Business
    • Island Fishmonger (Fishmonger)
    • Etceteria Fish (Fishmonger)
    • Shantay Pass Shop (Shantay)
    • Fremennik Fishmonger (Fish monger)
    • Fishing shop in Lumbridge
    • Fishing shop in Shilo village
    • Fishing guild
    • Fishing shop in Menaphos
  • Wyson the gardender now accepts noted mole skins, claws and noses.
  • Removed a tree that blocked the view of the bank chest near the harmony pillars in the Meilyr district of Prifddinas.
  • The mole shield yelping chatbox message is now filtered.
  • Goebie bankers in Kanatah, Otot and in the Liberation of Mazcab raid now have Bank as their left click option, moving them in-line with other bankers.
  • The ladder into the hidden gem mine in Shilo Village can now be descended while the player is carrying Karamja gloves 3 or 4 in their inventory - rather than needing to be equipped.
  • Attacks' hitsplats rounded down by Legacy Mode no longer display zero damage when actually dealing very small amounts.
  • Easter carrot sound effects now only play for the player engaging in the whacking.
  • Extended delay between rescuing Ilona and the fade out to leave the Lumbridge Catacombs in The Blood Pact.
  • The weapons dropped in The Blood Pact now have tier 1 lootbeams.
  • Corrected autocast spell outline positioning.
  • Group invite options can be selected upon receiving an invite from another player;
    • Default to the Accept/Decline interface
    • Dropdown for invite permissions
  • The interface for receiving a teleport other has been updated and now includes the invitation settings.
  • Rubber chicken sound effects now only play for the player engaging in the whacking.
  • The Mizuyari now appears in the Attack skillguide.
  • The Sixth-Age circuit's teleports now appear as right-click options when worn.


  • A slight graphical tweak in the Missing, Presumed Death quest should make some areas easy to see.
  • Parts of the Grand Tree structures were missing undersides to their models, these have now been added.