Patch Notes (1 July 2019)

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These official Patch Notes are copied verbatim from this forum thread of the RuneScape forums. It is copyrighted by Jagex.
These Patch Notes were announced on 1 July 2019.

Hey everyone, here are this week's patches!

As a note anything with this Patch notes ninja header icon.png next to it = Ninja Fix!

Patch notes mobile header icon.png Mobile

  • Removed some PC terminology on mobile when interacting with the help screen for the Customisations / Wardrobe interface.
  • Android users can now dismiss the mobile controls interface using the back button on their device.
  • Fixed an issue with the new 2D cutscene system (used in Desperate Times) so it scales correctly on mobile devices.
  • Updated the Soul Wars reward interface to modernize and standardize it compared to other rewards interfaces.

Patch notes achievements header icon.png Patches

  • There was a small case where players who had not purchased the Max cape but were Comped/Trimmed were not able to benefit from the Max Cape perks passive benefit. A check has now been added to the Comp and Trim capes to fix this issue.
  • Adjusted the name of the Varrock Agent Gloves to ease confusion
  • We've re-added the missing 100 life bonus if you've unlocked the Max and/or Completionist Cape.
  • Memory of Nomad cape rewards can once again be earned on no-loot runs.
  • Prevented every Solak encounter triggering a message saying you've unlocked a new music track.
  • Boss kills prestiged to zero now counter towards the Reaper Crew achievement.
  • Fixed some typos in the Breaking the Storm Event
  • Unachieved meta-achievement links now work from the Grace filter.
  • The Profound title can no longer be set without having first unlocked it.
  • You can no longer remove items from your toolbelt whilst in the duel arena.
  • Crystal capsules - Resetting prize gems now correctly costs 100 Hearts of Ice.
  • Repositioned the Araxxor darkness path dodge buttons back to their old location for the desktop client.
  • The Tokkul-Zo now opens a teleport selection interface when used from the action bar.
  • You can no longer sell Gatestones to the trader inside a Daemonheim Floor
  • Remaining charges for unfocused enhancers are now displayed in Wythien's toggle menu.
  • Toggling maw enhancers now uses the entire option bar instead of just a checkbox on both desktop and mobile.
  • The following equipment may now be keepsaked:
    • Spiked masterwork armour
    • Augmented spiked masterwork
    • Augmented limitless staves of air, water, fire, earth, lava & steam
    • Augmented Second Age weapons
    • Augmented abyssal bane 2h, longswords & shields
    • Augmented dragon bane 2h, longsword & shields
    • Augmented revenant bane 2h, longswords & shields
    • Augmented blightbound crossbows
  • Eastertime Fete music has been removed from the lumbridge crater.
  • Fixed two typos on the Dungeoneering overlay.
  • Handing in more then four gnome platebodies to Commander Montai during Dorics Task V will no longer tell you you've handed in -1 platebodies.
  • Players can once again receive metal drops from the familarisation supplies reward box.
  • Damage from squishing Menaphos Corrupted scarabs now shows correct hitsplat.
  • You can now once again use the clan info buttons if your clan chat interface is too small
  • You can now look at your Clan Log from outside of the Citadel
  • Fixed toolbelt scrollbar slider so it now visually appears properly.
  • The Mining skillcape perk will no longer affect Arc crablets.
  • Changed dragonbone platebody from tank to power armour, to match the set of this armour set.
  • It is no longer possible to add duplicate pets to PoH.
  • Boss instance improvements:
    • Everyone in a boss instance is now messaged when there's 30/15/5 minutes to go before the instance ends.
    • There is now a Protection option on the Boss Instance interface that'll allow you to lock your Instance to 'Friends Chat Only'
      • This means players who join your instance will be prompted to join the Friends Chat you've specified, upon joining they will be forced into turning Lootshare on.
      • During this time, players who join your instance will not be able to turn Lootshare off or leave your friends chat and must leave your instance if they wish to change those.
      • If the player joining your instance is unable to join your Friends Chat they will be removed from the instance when they enter
  • Practice Mode improvements:
    • If you are in practice mode when you go to climb down and fight Telos it will prompt you with a dialogue box to enter any enrage you like, have fun trying out the 4k enrage!
    • The chat message which highlights the % Enrage Telos will start with now appears in red.