Patch Notes (1 February 2016)

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These official Patch Notes are copied verbatim from this forum thread of the RuneScape forums. It is copyrighted by Jagex.
These Patch Notes were announced on 1 February 2016.

The following fixes and tweaks have now been implemented. If you believe a change has not been documented, either in the patch notes or the news posts for this week’s update, please detail the change so that it may be added.

As always, be sure to submit a bug report should you encounter a gameplay bug or graphical glitch in-game.


  • The guards near the Varrock lodestone have finally put away their Christmas decorations.
  • Max now uses the correct chathead hood.


  • Players should now be able to correctly augment Akrisae's body and legs.
  • Karil's top can now be augmented in Invention.
  • Reduced the material cost to manufacture an equipment siphon to 50 simple parts, 5 dextrous components, and 5 precious components.
  • Analyse now shows junk chance to one decimal place.
  • Abyssal wands and orbs can no longer give Zaros components when disassembled.
  • Snape grass now has a higher junk chance.
  • Zamorak mjolnirs now give Zamorakian components.
  • Players can now use a right-click option on the money pouch in legacy mode to check their Invention materials.
  • The “Trophy-takers” perk will award slayer points if it triggers on the last kill of a slayer task.
  • The Jack of Trades aura no longer mentions that Invention can be used as one of the skills for the aura.
  • Omni-talismans now have a 71.2% junk chance.
  • Mist runes can now be disassembled.
  • The Invention skill cape emote will no longer briefly turn white.
  • Players Invention levels are now taken into account when trying to enter a skill total world.
  • The following items can no longer be disassembled:
    • Imp boxes
    • Fishing bait
    • Cresbot
    • Fish in bowls
    • Corpse of woman

Skills, D&Ds & Minigames

  • Onslaught is now cancelled if the player activates a constitution crystal within the Fight Kiln.
  • Players leaving and joining a new Sinkhole in quick succession no longer prevents the rest of the party from receiving their rewards.


  • Using Fragmentation shot no longer breaks Vorago's phase-5 mechanics.
  • Unblocked a tile behind the hourglass in Death's realm to ensure that players can leave.
  • New players are now switched automatically into revolution mode after the Ashdale tutorial.

Ninja Fixes

  • Tool leprachauns are after your gold! They will now agree to automatically fertilise your Farming patches, using the compost or supercompost you have stored with them, when you either harvest, clear or weed a patch. They are charging 500gp for compost and 1,500gp for supercompost - no refunds!.
  • Graphically updated fruit trees grown with the Farming skill.
  • Updated Banana trees in Sophanem, Nardah, Marim and on Musa Point.
  • Castle Wars barricades can no longer be shot over by magic/ranged attacks.
  • Graphically updated the Clan invite and Clan founder interfaces.
  • Added the clan motto, home world, clan size and relevant page links to the Clan invite interface.