Patch Notes (1 August 2016)

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These official Patch Notes are copied verbatim from this forum thread of the RuneScape forums. It is copyrighted by Jagex.
These Patch Notes were announced on 1 August 2016.

The following fixes and tweaks have now been implemented. If you believe a change has not been documented, either in the patch notes or the news posts for this week’s update, please detail the change so that it may be added.

As always, be sure to submit a bug report should you encounter a gameplay bug or graphical glitch in-game.


  • Fixed an issue with the textures on the crystal peacock, and its appearance in minimum detail graphics mode.
  • Fixed a minor stretching issue when the crystal peacock performs its special attack.

Skills, D&Ds & Minigames

  • Players with cooked chicken or cooked meat in the first slot of their backpack will no longer be prevented from cooking when clicking on a fire or range.
  • Rick Turpentine will once again appear in court and not skip his hearing (despite being on Jed's pirate ship).

Quests, Challenges and Achievements

  • Guard Captain Roarkwin in Port Sarim jail now has more sensible chat at various 'Tales from the Arc' miniquest states.

The Arc

  • Rosie has been feeling generous lately and so will now allow players to grab 5 supplies from her crate for free, every day.
  • The initial cost to purchase Uncharted Isle supplies has been reduced from 50 chimes to 40. This can be lowered even further by purchasing 'Supplies Cost Reduction' upgrades, to as low as 20 chimes per supply (previously 40).
  • Choosing to “Buy All” from Rosie the Chandler in Waiko now correctly buys all the supplies you can afford with the chimes in your backpack.
  • The following Arc resources had their base costs adjusted, which can be increased further with Sell Price Increase upgrades:
    • Shiny shell chippings now sell for 2 chimes.
    • Alaea salt now sells for 5 chimes.
    • Tortle bowls now sell for 9 chimes.
    • Fish oil now sells for 9 chimes.
    • Shiny tortle bowls now sell for 12 chimes.
    • Wobbegong oil now sells for 12 chimes.
    • Arc gumbo now sells for 45 chimes.
    • Shark soup now sells for 50 chimes.
  • The 'Commodity Sell Price Increase' upgrade now costs 8,000 chimes, down from 12,000. Players who have already purchased the upgrade will have their surplus chimes refunded after logging in.
  • Teletabs to Waiko market are now available from the Waiko reward shop. They are not consumed if you are already on the island of Waiko, and can be equipped in the pocket slot.
  • Tarpon, seerfish and sillago models had their colours adjusted slightly in order to differentiate between them easier.
  • Dwarven ramhammers now work with salty and alaea crablets.
  • Removed some delays when placing a Tortle trap.
  • The respawn rate for ornate tortles has been increased slightly.
  • Driftwood is now converted to damaged driftwood when lit, to prevent disrupting Firemaking and picking up the driftwood to progress collect driftwood contracts.
  • Changed Sojobo's secondary click option from "Get contract" to "Contracts" to avoid confusion.
  • The Dwarven instinct aura now works correctly with crablets and tortles.
  • All Arc raw fish and sharks can now be stored in the Fish Flingers tacklebox.
  • The Arc contract scroll can now be equipped in the pocket slot.
  • Altered the tooltips on the Uncharted Isles travel interface to reflect the number of rare resources players can hope to gain from spending those hard earned supplies: Small = 0 to 1, Medium = 1 to 2 and Large = 2 to 3.
  • Tortle and shiny tortle bowls now have a 'Mix' option to allow easier making of soup and stew.
  • The examine message on driftwood bonfires no longer references willow logs.
  • The examine text of tormented souls in the Arc has been corrected.
  • Players can now use the Waiko bank chest from any direction.
  • Removed some unnecessary blocking on the large bottom steps on the stairs near the bank chest in Waiko.
  • Kicking Milky Joel will now make him roll correctly across the sand, rather than through it.
  • Bamboo and golden bamboo are now listed under the Trees skill guide category in the skill guide rather than the tools category.
  • Items will no longer sink slightly into stairs on Aminishi.
  • The ship docked at Whale's Maw is no longer hovering above the water.
  • Reduced the clickzone on the Waiko Khan's house.
  • Corrected the fishing skillguide entry for Tarpon which listed them as Talpon.
  • Changed various references from tortoise to tortle.
  • The Dealer for the Jed miniquest now has her correct name displayed in chat.
  • Milky Joel now deals with his abandonment issues in a more appropriate manner.
  • Corrected some typos for the Arc castaways.
  • Removed the examine option from treasure chests and treasure along the Whale's Maw coast.
  • The player's own ship (not rowboat) in the Uncharted Isles now has shadows and reflections.
  • Smoothed out some underwater issues on uncharted islands where raised bumps were appearing.
  • Eastern soldiers, Gu ronin, Death Lotus rogues and Seasinger priestesses now have slightly lowered stats.
  • Hermit crabs no longer visit the waters surrounding the Uncharted Isles.
  • Players can no longer walk into the stairs of one of Waiko's huts.
  • Fixed some typos in Sojobo’s dialogue and in the Path of the Dragon scripture.
  • Players going on median expeditions (12 supplies) will now always find at least 1 rare resource node, and players going on long voyages (25 supplies) will now always find at least 2 rare resources nodes. Please note, we are aware of an issue where wobbegongs have a very small chance of not being guaranteed which is currently being investigated.
  • Aminishi NPCs now have an uncommon chance to drop a handful of chimes.
  • Chimes are now occasionally dropped by NPCs found on uncharted islands.
  • Wobbegongs no longer have the small chance of being unreachable.
  • The issue where in rare cases high-level resources on uncharted islands were depleting after just one harvest, has now been fixed.


  • NPC's that flicker have been fixed to a different size.
  • Compatibility issues such as broken shadows, objects disappearing and crashes with various third party software - including AMD Gaming Evolved (aka Raptr), Plays.TV and Bandicam – have been fixed.
  • Sky flickering due to SSAO in some areas has been prevented.
  • Made re-spawned implings easier to click.


  • Fixed a bug where the client could think a player was facing the wrong way.


  • Player with the 15-year emote unlocked can now perform the 2010 variant.
  • Chronicle tables have now been moved into various pubs across Gielinor.
  • Once it has gained access to the ability, Telos can now use freedom in all phases.
  • After reaching 250 enrage, if Telos uses Freedom during its final phase, the boss will gain the same 6-second stun immunity buff that the player version of Freedom grants.
  • Free players can no longer select members’ skills above level 5 when choosing which skill to gain XP in from lamps/stars.
  • Removed Umi and Boat to the Arc's reward chest from Port Sarim.
  • The Raids and Tuska reward shop items now correctly display their currency text once again.
  • The holiday portal in Prifddinas is once again inactive.
  • Removed cannon fire audio from Port Sarim.
  • Jack of Trades will now correctly state which skills the player still needs to gain XP in.
  • Players may now auto-redeem prismatic lamps and stars into Invention XP on Treasure Hunter via the options cog in the top right corner of the interface.
  • T85, T90 and a few other augmented items will no longer create a copy when keepsaked.
  • Prices for broken versions of items acquired within The Heart of Gielinor have been corrected.

Ninja Fixes

  • Made the following adjustments to Strykewyrms:
    • Jungle Strykewyrms now have 8,500 lifepoints (up from 6,000), a max hit of 643 (up from 268) and greater accuracy.
    • Desert Strykewyrms now have 10,000 lifepoints (up from 8,000), a max hit of 710 (up from 296) and greater accuracy.
    • Ice Strykewyrms now have 25,000 lifepoints (up from 15,000), a max hit of 729 (up from 304) and greater accuracy.
    • Increased the amount of Slayer XP given by Ice strykewyrms.
    • Players can now investigate Strykewyrm mounds from a distance, allowing players to stomp a mound when using ranged and magic combat styles.
    • The delay in switching from mound to Strykewyrm has been reduced.