Patch Notes (19 May 2009)

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These official Patch Notes are copied verbatim from this forum thread of the RuneScape forums. It is copyrighted by Jagex.
These Patch Notes were announced on 19 May 2009.

The following small fixes and adjustments have now been made to the game. If you spot any further bugs in-game, please use the Bug Report feature ('Submit a Bug Report' under the 'Help' drop-down menu of the website).


  • Updated a few chat interfaces so they look better.
  • Slightly adjusted the layout of the Stealing Creation tutorial interface.
  • Fixed an issue with the Around the World... emote and fishing.
  • Tweaked the text layout very slightly on the login screen.
  • Scarabs' defend animation should no longer stretch.
  • The female and male version of the dragon med helm now more closely match.
  • The wine rack in the Games Room should no longer render through the wall.
  • Players should now properly hold the fixed device from Mourning's Ends Part I.
  • Karamja Volcano should no longer be see-through from certain camera angles.
  • Wearing a scarf and wielding a crossbow shouldn't cause any stretching issues.
  • You can now turn off flickering effects in the graphics options without leaving and re-entering the area, like the killerwatt plane, for example.
  • A flower growing in an oak tree has been relocated.
  • Aprons should better fit male and female characters.
  • Fixed a graphical issue with the Dagon'hai robes and an item from Animal Magnetism.
  • Wearing a feather headdress and having a ponytail should look a bit better.
  • Improved female animations when wearing the crab claw and hook.
  • Fixed the graphic for the noted version of the studded body.
  • Fixed an issue with the spiked helmet when worn.
  • Resolved a problem with a wall and a bookcase near the Exam Centre.
  • Azzanadra's chathead was broken, this has been sorted.
  • Yet more flames going through the roof or floor above have been updated in the Slayer Tower.
  • Improved the look of the grapple rock on a hilltop.
  • Flaygian Screwte was missing a few animations and Kael Forshaw had his mysteriously shaven chathead restored to beardy magnificence.
  • Improved the looks of the log balance in the Gnome Agility Course.
  • Smoothed out some height mapping to the west of Edgeville.
  • Removed an invisible character who didn't do anything.
  • Improved the lighting effects around Silverlight in its case during Demon Slayer.
  • Removed an odd polygon from the beach on Crandor Isle.
  • Added a few doors to buildings on Tutorial Island.


  • Improved the sound effects for dropping the Ring of Charos down the well and later retrieving it.
  • Added sounds to the higher areas in Ape Atoll.
  • Added sound effects to scenery near Varrock church.
  • Added sounds for the Ice Queen when defending herself.
  • Added various sound effects to the Meeting History quest.
  • Added sounds to the Entrana firebird when burning and flapping.
  • Updated the Stronghold of Security music tracks to fit into the theme system and are now classed as dungeon tracks.
  • Flooding sounds in the Cabin Fever quest are now a bit more audible.
  • The song Deep Down has changed category from Dungeon to Morytania.
  • Various improvements to the audio in the Underground Pass quest.


  • You can no longer take weapons into the tomb in the Waterfall quest.
  • Improved consistency in the examine message for items in Horror from the Deep.
  • Improved part of the Garden of Tranquillity so that the Fishing animation continues to play while you whistle along until you catch the Ring of Charos.
  • Improved a Rat Catcher interface that was leading to some confusion.


  • You should now be returned to your last position near Pyramid Plunder after a Random Event.
  • Clarified the log-in message for Bounty Worlds.
  • The necklace of minigames now matches the changes made to the 'Wilderness Volcano'.
  • Corrected the message given in the Fist of Guthix when wearing an afro.
  • Run energy should now be restored when dying in the Tzhaar Fight Cave.


  • Fixed a tooltip on the player creation interface.
  • Removed Bounty Locate from the magic skill guide.
  • Fixed a few typos and issues with the report abuse interface.
  • Zaff should no longer hang around for a while if you've wandered off or teleported away.
  • Stealing Creation pickaxes have been clarified as members-only in the skill guide.
  • Corrected a typo with the level requirements for red dragonhide items.
  • The website links in skill guides have been updated to be more future-proof.
  • Verac’s body references have been changed to Verac’s brassards.
  • A few minor Herblore items have been removed from the Assist System as they were specialised items and not particularly suitable candidates in the overall scheme of things.
  • Improved some grammar in some fishing text.
  • The rock shell armour set now matches the naming convention of components.
  • Sped up the picking of calquat fruit.
  • Keyboard support has been added to the account create menus to speed up the whole process.
  • Fixed a few issues with banking items when full or nearly full depending on how and which items you were trying to bank.
  • Fixed some chat that was failing if it couldn't find the character you were talking to.
  • Woodcutting and Mining now try to use the axe/pickaxe you're currently wielding. If you don't have one in your hands, it'll try to select the best one in your inventory.
  • Fixed an issue with the Home Teleport and the Varrock Achievement Diary.