Patch Notes (18 November 2019)

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These official Patch Notes are copied verbatim from this forum thread of the RuneScape forums. It is copyrighted by Jagex.
These Patch Notes were announced on 18 November 2019.

Hey everyone, here are the patch notes for this week!

Patch notes combat header icon.png Combat

  • Resolved the issues affecting the buff bar. (Last Tuesday)
  • Fixed an issue stopping action bars from being accessible.
  • Fixed an issue stopping crushed gemstones from being dropped by the action bar.
  • Weapon poison buff is now removed once dead.
  • Reaper buff icon is now removed when unequipping the reaper necklace.
  • Both superior dragons claws are now equipped when selected from inventory.

Patch notes achievements header icon.png General

  • Player is now stopped from harvesting from a crystal tree based on how many inventory spaces are required.
  • Fixed an issue stopping players from adding logs to the pot boiler in Silvarea.
  • You will now receive a clearer message on how to summon Penny once the pet is unlocked.
  • Fixed an issue that stopped hotkeys from working if players had not finished editing their settings.
  • Black Knight captain armour will now count as a fortress disguise if partially keepsaked and activated alongside equipped armour from the set.
  • Fixed legacy combat auto retaliate in the fight caves after killing Tz-kih.
  • Fixed an issue causing the First Age Tiara to not teleport players to their player-owned houses.
  • Fixed an issue causing geode chances in the Mining level benefits section of the skillguide to be incorrectly described.
  • Anagram and Riddle clue scrolls now provide a message when the players inventory is full and will not drop the puzzle box on the floor.
  • Mining Guild hidden mine is now listed as f2p.
  • Fixed an issue in the conquest minigame where Command Points would always display as 1000.
  • TH button gets updated when receiving a key.
  • Players can now join their friends at Ooglog via the social menu.
  • The Black Pearl maximum bonus experience will now visually appear correctly to calculate from non-elite skills.
  • Bronze pickaxes no longer get added to tool-belt whilst already having one.
  • Fixed an issue allowing you to collect additional engrams without first prestiging.
  • Ring of Kinship will no longer dupe while item is in the bank.
  • Switching worn objects whilst on agility bikes will now correctly dismount the player from the bike.
  • Added sound effect to the deep sea fishing notes when redeeming XP.
  • The x/y tracker for an achievement path in the activity tracker heading now displays the selected achievement in the path, not the completed achievements in the path.
  • To keep the systems in sync, selecting a locked or completed achievement in the path window now also selects this achievement in the activity tracker.
  • Content icons in the activity tracker now display a padlock over locked achievements and a tick over completed achievements, in a similar fashion to the achievement path window.
  • Players will now see that, when taking the form of a Vyre or camel during the minigame, Heist and using the unsheathe option, the Vyre or camel model that they have taken the form of will no longer distort.
  • Placeholders for golden rocks are no longer removed when building the statue of Rhiannon.
  • Animate Rock Scroll can no longer be equipped via bank.
  • Blood amulet of fury (empty) can now be saved in a bank preset.
  • Displayed requirement to make Relicym's balm has been changed.
  • Diamond in the rough's quest journal no longer skips ahead of the actual quest.
  • Clicking on the rift will no longer trigger the achievement before starting the quest.
  • Fixed quest journal location for Oziach during Dragon Slayer quest.
  • Fixed an issue allowing hidey-holes to be used during Evil Dave's Big Day Out.

Patch notes mobile header icon.png Mobile

  • Fixed an issue with the on-screen dialogue window where a user was unable to tap on the right side to continue if the dialogue window featured an item on mobile.
  • Fixed an issue with the mobile founders pack interface loading to soon in certain situations which was causing a blank screen.
  • To prevent unresponsive behaviour on mobile. The emotes tab has been removed from the Social window on mobile only.
  • Mobile players can still access all their emotes and transmogs from the right hand side ribbon or by dragging a favourite to an action bar slot.
  • Added a "Toggle Minimap" option to the minimenu of the toggle button on mobile.
  • Fixed an issue with Treasure Hunter prize collect screen on mobile that caused part of the background texture to be out of position.
  • When entering a Player Owned Port in mobile the Visitors section of the Ports HUD is no longer on by default.
  • Resolved a problem with the Visitors section which caused it to become unresponsive and unable to be reopened if it was open when you began viewing a cutscene.
  • Resolved an issue which was preventing users from comparing two crew members when editing the crew in the Edit Ship interface. You can now drag units to the compare section.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing users from selecting and auto-cast spell if selecting selecting from the Spells tab of the Powers interface on mobile.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the right hand ribbon on mobile to be forcibly cleared other than the "Minigames" panel in certain gameplay situations on mobile.
  • Resolved issue with keyboard not being prompted on clan naming interface (mobile).

Patch notes graphics header icon.png Graphical

  • Removed map icons for the old lodestone on Tuska.
  • Added some chat dialogue to clarify why players can't cross the bridge in Temple of Ikov.
  • Blocking added to Stalagmite in the shadow dungeon.
  • Fixed an issue allowing pets in the Artisans Workshop.
  • The flames of the flaming sword effect will now look better on wilderness swords.
  • Deposit box menus now all refer to as the "bank of Gielinor".

Patch notes keyboard header icon.png Textual

  • Hyphen has been removed from the item Third age vambraces.
  • Grammatical error has been corrected when examining Manual Auto-cycle in the empty throne room.
  • Full-stop has now been added to the text when examining Emir Shah.
  • Tooltip for Sickle mould now says "Bought from a Crafting shop".
  • Royal Crossbow examine text is now updated.
  • A typo in the examine text for empty Ogre Flasks has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue in Curse of Arrav where decoder hint text was incorrect.
  • Fixed a grammatical issue with jade & opal jewellery at different charge levels.
  • Fixed a typo when constructing the Maul of Omens.
  • Fixed a typo in head mourner's dialogue in Mourning's End 1.
  • Fixed a typo in dialogue with Orry.
  • A typo for enhancers in the Menaphos "The Ominous Sarcophagus Metropolis" has been fixed.
  • Fixed player title reward in the rewards section for the quest log for "The World Wakes".