Patch Notes (18 April 2016)

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These official Patch Notes are copied verbatim from this forum thread of the RuneScape forums. It is copyrighted by Jagex.
These Patch Notes were announced on 18 April 2016 by Mod Robbie.

The following fixes and tweaks have now been implemented. If you believe a change has not been documented, either in the patch notes or the news posts for this week’s update, please detail the change so that it may be added.

As always, be sure to submit a bug report should you encounter a gameplay bug or graphical glitch in-game.


  • Players with the 15 year emote unlocked can now perform the 2007 variant.
  • Kay Thanxby now wields her Gorgonite 2h sword correctly when in combat.
  • The extreme heat of the lava hood was causing players' eyes to reject reality on their chat heads, this has now been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue with the Mask of the Yellow Wyrm incorrectly showing skin colour on the player’s chat head.
  • Players no longer stretch while using the revenant walk override with exquisite crossbows equipped.
  • Players can no longer walk through a section of the gate between the Mort Myre Swamp & Canifis.
  • Players no longer float in the air near the Morytania energy rift.
  • Fixed a blocking issue with a chair in the Myreque base in Burgh de Rott.
  • The jagged or raised up cliff faces to the east of the Digsite have now been bulldozed.
  • Removed the extra blood pool from the Burgh de Rott underground crypt.
  • Players can no longer remove the stairs into the Canifis bank.
  • The Ghoul Champion now has knees.
  • Tables in the Canifis pub no longer float.
  • Veliaf has made his memorial a little sturdier, so players should find they sink a little less into the hard concrete.
  • Fixed a graphical issue with bloodletters during the quest, The Lord of Vampyrium.
  • There is no more 'sunshine' on the Canifis building roofs with dynamic lighting turned on.
  • Stopped players from sinking into the ground on Red Dragon Isle.
  • Players no longer reappear at the end of the Ariane's teleport override.
  • Player-owned house banners no longer clip when wielded in Legacy combat mode.
  • Fixed a Clan wars height mapping issue which made players sink into the floor.
  • Fixed a graphical issue in the Varrock archery shop.
  • Fixed some height mapping in Brimhaven dungeon.
  • The dragon forge was running a little cool recently, causing some slight shrinkage issues with dragon armour. Worry not, dragon armour no longer has a small gap between the player's waist, and now correctly lines up!
  • Fixed a hole in the wall in the tunnel leading to the Blood Altar.
  • Fixed some discoloration on the dark cavalier.
  • The dilapidated dragon perch in clan citadels has had some stretching fixed.
  • Prevented Grimgnash's lower beak from getting stuck inside his own head.
  • The strange power of Daemonheim-made dromoleather coifs acts a little funny. This power has subsided, and the stretching has gone along with it!
  • Kamfreena in the Warriors Guild now sports a defender.
  • Zombie tops no longer clip with the player’s body.
  • Fixed an issue with a section of the short, full beard becoming invisible in certain circumstances.
  • The museum curators have received complaints and, as such, have updated their display of the Giant Mole.
  • Fixed some clipping issues with a water tank in the Elemental Workshop.
  • The gilded kiteshield will no longer cause stretching if sheathed.
  • The capoeira top now correctly shows the player's skin tone.
  • Corrected an issue with the Outpost’s (near Ardougne) display cases blinding visitors who have bloom enabled.
  • Corrected a very bright glow around the McGrubor's Wood fairy ring.
  • Stopped the player's camera from jumping around when entering the Al Kharid mine via the agility shortcut.
  • Warlord boots now change correctly to match skin tone.
  • Removed some floating shadows that were hanging around the roof of Burthorpe Castle.
  • Aviansie claw overrides no longer stretch with certain emotes.
  • TzRek-Jad's chat head has been fixed.
  • The Blazehound legendary pet now correctly performs its resting animation.
  • Elen Anerth has had a word with the people who run the Max Guild, who have now updated the Invention banner's colours to reflect the skillcape more accurately
  • The revenant walk animation no longer breaks augmented salamanders.
  • Players no longer sink into part of the walkway in the Hefin district of Prifddinas.

Skills, D&Ds & Minigames

  • As falling rocks can be a hassle when looting chests, the Barrows chest now has a right-click, quick-loot option once opened.
  • Players can now view their Treasure Hunter options while having the promotion info interface open.
  • Updated the description for disruption shield on the Livid Farm reward interface and spell tooltip to mention that it also works against NPCs.
  • The Strange Old Man has now remembered how to dig at the Barrows mounds.
  • Ironmen can now purchase void charms with thaler.

Quests, Challenges and Achievements

  • Fixed a spelling error with Vanescula's chat during the quest, The Lord of Vampyrium.
  • Drakan's medallion will no longer use up a charge when teleporting from the daeyalt mine (Meiyerditch mine) or the ravenous ghoul cellar.
  • Arboretum guards can no longer sneak into the nearby bank in Darkmeyer.
  • Aeonisig will now correctly offer the free teleport during Darkness of Hallowvale.
  • Corrected some grammar used when filling the crate with snails during In Aid of the Myreque.
  • Updated the title and cosmetic override unlock messages in The Death of Chivalry to refer to the Customisations interface.
  • Updated the interface used for the letter in Branches of Darkmeyer.
  • Fixed a typo in the Call of the Ancestors quest journal.

The Heart of Gielinor

  • Challenge mode against The Heart's bosses now has a greater effect on the rare drop bonus rate.
  • Fixed an issue where certain feedback messages were being displayed in the wrong parts of The Heart when attempting to summon reinforcements from the Ingression fragments.
  • Corrected the entry for Wand of the Cywir elders in the Magic skill guide.
  • Simplified the rock fall sounds in The Twin Furies boss room.
  • Corrected a typo when handing in Seals of the Cywir.
  • It is no longer possible to safe-spot Cywir alphas during the Helwyr encounter in The Heart.
  • Anima core of Seren helms now have a chathead animation.
  • Fixed the examine text on the glimmering scale.
  • A dwarf no longer spawns on blocked tiles within The Heart.
  • Added some blocking to an area near Sliske's necropolis in The Heart to prevent players walking into scenery.


  • The Orb of Oculus' maximum range now scales with the draw distance setting when using the NXT client.
  • The Orb of Oculus can now be controlled via an Xbox controller in the NXT client.
  • Ironmen can now start standard respawn rate boss instances for free. Fast and Fastest, as well as Hard Mode God Wars Dungeon and Hard Mode Vorago will still incur a fee.
  • The mirrorback special attack now reflects up to 3000 damage to enemy targets.
  • The effect of the Natural Instinct ability is now cleared upon initiating a fight in PvP.
  • Serpentine 2h crossbows can now be used with broad-tipped bolts or royal bolts to kill Kurasks and Turoths.
  • The "missing" posters in Burgh de Rott now correctly say 'abductee'.
  • Removed the rewards chest and Ajjat from the Heart of Gielinor event area.
  • Kill and drop logs in RuneMetrics now work correctly for the God Wars 2 bosses and from looting the Barrows chest.
  • Characters will now correctly face daeyalt rocks when attempting to mine them.
  • The Meiyerditch miners are now facing in the correct direction.
  • Fixed a typo on a right-click option with daeyalt rocks.
  • Corrected a mis-spelling of 'granite' in Veliaf's Memorial to the Myreque dialogue.
  • Astromancers around Gielinor have now been removed.
  • Fixed a spelling issue when attempting to rejoin a Yakamaru fight in progress.
  • Storm shard stacks now persist between phase transitions of most bosses and NPCs, not including Vorago. The stacks are still halved between Nex transitions and now also when beginning a fight against Araxxi.
  • Fixed a double spacing issue in the name of the Paladin outfit in the wardrobe interface.
  • Attempting to trade keepsake keys in Dungeoneering no longer kicks players from the floor and party.
  • Ironmen gravestones now appear outside the instance entrances for King Black Dragon, Kalphite Queen and Corporeal Beast, should Ironmen die within.
  • Changed wording when a gold accumulator degrades to dust.
  • Removed a force walk tile north of Al-Kharid.
  • Added quest and Defence requirements to Chivalry and the Piety variants in the Prayer skill guide.
  • Level up unlocks are no longer cleared if the player clicks on the interface while still in combat.
  • The level up popup no longer displays an incorrect skill or level upon gaining a level.
  • Lady Deathknell now refers to a nearby bank chest instead of a deposit box.
  • Broadcasts for 50, 100 and 200 million XP in a skill now work correctly on non-member worlds.
  • Players can no longer place a clan vexillum inside a bank's healing area.
  • The Berserker, Reckless and Maniacal Aura now all correctly give a warning message if active when an attempted aura swap happens at a bank.
  • Added some missing blocking at the incandescent wisp bridge.
  • Imps can no longer spawn on a tile in the river at Lumbridge.
  • Resolved a game crash issue when dragging around the Adventures parent interface.
  • Players who lose membership with Zanik as a follower can now dismiss her.
  • Added blocking around Death's hourglass to prevent players being automatically walked away.
  • Changed the tooltip wording for the equilibrium perk.
  • Some of the Chronicle players were in slightly inconvenient locations. The stray Gorajo has had a word with them, and they've kindly vacated from the premises near Catherby and Karamja.

Ninja Fixes

  • Pyre log storage chests have been added near to the funeral pyres in Mort'ton. These allow players to store up to 30,000 of one type of pyre log at a time.
  • Reassessed Mort'ton shades' combat stats.
  • Loar, Phrin, Riyl, Asyn and Fiyr remains are now all stackable.
  • Added the colour of the lock as a suffix to the name of the chests in the shade catacombs.
  • Rewards are now placed directly in your inventory when cremating shade remains.
  • Razmire now sells shade luring dummies. These may only be placed around the temple at Mort'ton and shades will prefer to attack these over destroying the temple.
  • Timber beams, used in Shades of Mort'ton, are now stackable.