Patch Notes (17 October 2016)

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These official Patch Notes are copied verbatim from this forum thread of the RuneScape forums. It is copyrighted by Jagex.
These Patch Notes were announced on 17 October 2016.

The following fixes and tweaks have now been implemented. If you believe a change has not been documented, either in the patch notes or the news posts for this week’s update, please detail the change so that it may be added.

As always, be sure to submit a bug report should you encounter a gameplay bug or graphical glitch in-game.


  • The font size of map labels has been changed to minimise overlapping.
  • Tradeable parasols are now hidden while performing skill animations.
  • Improved Divination animations to no longer stop and start playing erroneously when gathering energy from wisps for an extended period of time.
  • The small jewellery icons from the Deadliest Catch quest have been fixed.
  • The ransacked room ring is now more visible on the floor.
  • Slayer rings have been mirrored so they're more easily distinguishable from rings of wealth.
  • The graphics used on the balloon network puzzle during Enlightened Journey have been reworked, to help users with poor performance complete the puzzle.
  • The wall kit sinking in the Hollows cave has been fixed.
  • Blocking has been added to a rock on White Wolf Mountain.

Skills, D&Ds & Minigames

  • The wording on the Hunter skill training dummy has been changed to refer to catching instead of pruning.
  • Uri will not longer take more than one costume-skipping ticket.
  • Any TokKul rewards from Rush of Blood are now added directly to the currency pouch when claimed.
  • Logging out with unclaimed loot from Rush of Blood now correctly prioritises the bank, followed by the backpack.
  • Pizazz points are no longer lost when reclaiming a lost progress hat.
  • Added the ability to reset the Memory of Nomad with weekly reset tokens.
  • Eniola will no longer let players use bank services for free.
  • It is no longer possible to place combat dummies on top of portable skilling locations.
  • Slayer XP rewarded from completing Reaper tasks as an Ironman is no longer halved.
  • Lucky challenges have been disabled as part of ongoing initiatives to streamline the early game experience.


  • Intercept can no longer be cast on an enemy player in the Castle Wars or Soul Wars minigames.
  • Halberds no longer require a Strength level to wield - only and Attack level.
  • Ability damage for level 1 ranged weapons has been increased.
  • An extraneous full stop has been removed from the Concentrated Blast ability tooltip.
  • Partly-used inferior Ports armour can now be alchemised. The amount of coins received will scale down at 50% charge and below.
  • The inferior leviathan ring and reefwalker's cape now degrade by 10% when looted from gravestones, in line with other degrade-to-dust gear.

Quests, Challenges and Achievements

  • Vanstorm's maximum life points have been boosted in both Branches of Darkmeyer and Dominion Tower. His bloodvelds' life points have been boosted in Dominion Tower only.
  • The interface and borders from the mausoleum statue interfaces used in Priest in Peril have been updated.
  • A typo in Nomad's Requiem has been fixed.

The Arc

  • Choppable bamboo can now be found on Tuai Leit.
  • A typo in the Awah Guan examine text has been fixed.
  • A bakami will no longer spawn within an unreachable spot on Waiko.
  • (Ba)kami no longer glitch when under the effect of a holding (bind, snare, entangle) spell.
  • A typo in the Ghosts from the Past miniquest has been corrected.
  • The Arc contract 'Cook sliced mushrooms' has been corrected to 'Slice mushrooms'.
  • Receiving 'Slice mushroom' contracts now requires 90 Farming as well as 86 Cooking.
  • It is no longer possible to click on an already depleted rumberry bush.
  • The number of bakami spawns has been reduced.
  • Crablets now have all of their feet on the ground when walking on hills.
  • Crablets' glow will now appear even with textures turned off.
  • The chickens on Waiko have been replaced with pekin that drop appropriately poultry-esque Arc resources.
  • Undead chicken on Goshima now lay pickled eggs.
  • The Tuai Leit moai has been renamed to match other moai.
  • Jacob's note from the Damage Control miniquest is now readable, and can be reviewed from a player-owned house bookcase after completing Damage Control.
  • By player request, A sense of closure has been removed from the Final Destination miniquest reward list.
  • A heal area has been added to the Cyclosis banker.
  • During the Ghosts from the Past miniquest, Gully's critical-path dialogue option 'Nothing' has been changed to 'Enough questions. Let's move on.'
  • The snufftruffle icon in the Arc journal now matches the inventory icon.
  • Some additional rocks formerly on Waiko have been removed.
  • The symbol for 'Uncharted isle supplies' in the currency pouch has been corrected.
  • Wobbegong oil and shiny tortle shell bowl transmutation now transmutes ten items at a time.
  • Transmuting driftwood into sliced mushrooms now consumes 2 driftwood instead of 5 driftwood.
  • The click radius of chimes and sea shells found on uncharted isles has been increased, making them easier to interact with.
  • Tortles on uncharted isles now have a reduced wander range, preventing overlapping and collision issues.
  • Augmented pickaxes no longer show both on the player's back and in their hand when mining crablets.


  • Barrows bobbleheads now belong in the Pets interface. Access them from the Boss Pets filter on the Customisations interface.
  • The lootbeam minimum value is now based upon the players total level:
    • 1,000gp at below 100 total level.
    • 10,000gp between 100 and 499 total level.
    • 20,000gp between 500 and 999 total level.
    • 50,000gp above 1000 total level.
  • The demonic skull is now always lost on death when dying in PvP situations.
  • The Items Kept on Death interface will now correctly display the right items being kept with large amounts of stackable items.
  • The Wilderness Sword can now consistently locate the Wildywyrm.
  • The audio around Port Sarim once again plays correctly.
  • The Skilling backpack buff no longer disappears when logging out.
  • Several force-walk tiles in the Wilderness Agility Dungeon have been removed, as they were annoying adventurers trying to head straight for the ladder to leave.
  • A 'do not translate' item has been removed from the Grand Exchange.
  • The Wise Old Man can now remove books obtained from the River of Blood quest.
  • Players will no longer get stuck in the water when taking the broken pier shortcut.
  • Remaining beach ice creams and sunscreen have been removed.

Last week's hotfixes

  • 10/10, 02:30 UTC: Count Check will no longer hand out any more clue scrolls, as CS Week is over.
  • 10/10, 13:00 UTC: It's now too dark to read the World Map on Cyclosis at night.
  • 10/10, 13:00 UTC: Players no longer gain Uncharted Isle maps when skilling in Daemonheim.
  • 10/10, 14:00 UTC: The drop rate of Ports resource crates has been corrected.
  • 10/10, 16:45 UTC: An issue where transmuting large volumes of Arc resources didn't produce the intended quantity has been fixed.
  • 10/10, 16:45 UTC: The unlocking of several music tracks for players who did the new Arc miniquests with the playlist setting enabled has been fixed.
  • 10/10, 19:45 UTC: The XP gain from transmuting large volumes of Arc resources has been corrected.
  • 11/10, 10:50 UTC: An issue where Arc mushroom clusters could remain interactive but become unable to yield resources.
  • 11/10, 15:00 UTC: The upgraded bonecrusher no longer picks up ashes.
  • 13/10, 15:30 UTC: Players who are logged in at daily reset will no longer miss out on Rosie's free supplies.

Ninja fixes

  • Interfaces will no longer move slightly when logging in.
  • It is now possible to view your opponent's backpack and worn items in the Duel challenge interface.
  • Life point values for Stronghold of Security creatures have been scaled down, bringing them back to more competitive non-member training levels.
  • Non-members can now access the Giant Mole, KBD and the Games Room via the Grouping System.
  • It is now possible to destroy auras which aren't on cooldown and reclaim them from the Loyalty Store off cooldown, ready for use.
  • Having insufficient runes no longer unsets any autocasts that are active.
  • A keybind slot is now available for familiar details.
  • Familiar details are now available from the Powers dropdown menu on the Ribbon.
  • There is no longer a Magic level requirement for using quick teleports.
  • If toggled on, Doomsayer notifications (such as Warbands and Guthixian Caches) will no longer be caught by the chat spam filter.
  • The character rotating cursor will no longer cover the Ironman Mode dropdown menus in the Character Creation window.
  • The option not to confirm use of skill-specific lamps has been added to the Gameplay Settings interface.
  • Opening a skill guide within Daemonheim now jumps to the Dungeoneering filter automatically, where applicable.
  • Player-owned house bookcases now have a 'search' option.
  • A spirit gem bag has been added to the thaler shop for 360 thaler, allowing players to store up to 60 of each unused spirit gem.
  • Lootbeams are now removed upon picking up the item, and now last for as long as the associated item is on the floor.
  • Visibility of the symbols on the Dungeoneering occult floor library puzzles has been improved, for the benefit of colourblind players.
  • The Ascension Dungeon boss labs warning has been changed to a Doomsayer warning, allowing players to toggle it off.
  • Several outdated and irrelevant entries in the Doomsayer interface have been removed.
  • More travel cutscenes can be skipped with the toggle, including boats to and from Rellekka, icy hunter area canoe, Mort Myre Swamp boat and the boat to the iceberg.
  • Several functional right-click options on NPCs have been made the default left-click option, including the Tool Leprachauns's tool exchange and various ship boarders.
  • The skull image on the Wilderness kills board has been updated, making it easier to read recorded deaths.
  • Parent interfaces in Legacy interface mode have been updated to match the Legacy theme.
  • The long line beneath the tabs found in various parent interfaces has been udpated.
  • Korasi's sword and Jessika's swords can now be disassembled without first being augmented. Non-augmented Korasi's sword has a lower chance to provide pestiferous components, though.
  • The disassembly confirm window hotkey has been changed to Y instead of 1.
  • The buy limit of tectonic energy, malevolent energy and sirenic scales on the Grand Exchange has been increased to 100, from 10.
  • Cutting a single gem once again bypasses the Make-X system.
  • Dealing magic damage with the crackling perk now displays as ability damage, matching the other combat styles.
  • A notification has been added when attempting to continue pickpocketing in Prifddinas with a full inventory.
  • It is now possible to receive the Medium Wilderness Task Set Agility buff by having the Wilderness Sword in the backpack.
  • The Champions' Challenge reward experience is now paid out in lamp form.
  • Various usability fixes have been made for Temple Trekking:
    • The sick people's thanking dialogue has been changed to to overhead, and improved pathing around them smooths out the experience.
    • The exit point on the Paterdomus sign closer to the noticeboard.
    • Vyrewatch spawns have been moved further from the swamp water.
    • Timbo has taken another victim in Morytania, near the Temple Trekking Canifis-side signpost.
    • The speed that the fire spreads and that water spells can be fired in the grotto fire event have both been increased.
    • Blocking has been removed from non-burning plants during the grotto fire event.
    • A Quick-start button has been added to the noticeboard after selecting a trekker.
    • Swamp snakes now appear above their dead brethren, their clickable area has been improved.


  • A crash related to item stacks has been fixed.
  • Performance in a number of interfaces has been improved.
  • Fixed scrolling textures looping incorrectly.
  • The FPS counter has been improved.
  • Special character typing has been enabled on OSX, using Alt+E+character.
  • FBumps in the terrain on randomly generated islands have been fixed.
  • Game world loading has been optimised, which means you should see an improvement in loading times.
  • A number of issues with multi-lingual character input have been fixed.