Patch Notes (17 June 2013)

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These official Patch Notes are copied verbatim from this forum thread of the RuneScape forums. It is copyrighted by Jagex.
These Patch Notes were announced on 17 June 2013.

The following fixes and tweaks have now been implemented. If you believe a change has not been documented, either in the patch notes or the news posts for this week’s update, please detail the change so that it may be added.

As always, be sure to submit a bug report should you encounter a gameplay bug or graphical glitch in-game.


  • Weapons that were sheathed whilst mining and woodcutting are now sheathed again afterwards.
  • The roundhouse woodcutting cosmetic animation override now plays correctly again.
  • A graphical issue with sheathed god banners has been fixed.
  • Players in the photo booth should now have their hands properly aligned.
  • The lightning staff should now align with the players’ hands when in combat.
  • The samba top on male players no longer clips through capes.
  • The ram skull helmet no longer differs from the chat head version.
  • The inventory icon for broken torag's hammers has been adjusted.
  • The animation on the citadel loom has been fixed.
  • Several graphical issues in Dominion Tower have been fixed.
  • The locker guard chathead now fits into the chat window.
  • A graphical bug with Moldark's robe has been fixed.
  • Bandits in the Bandit camp no longer have uneven skin tone on face and hands.
  • Several stretching issues on NPCs during the Wise Old Man's bank robbery have been fixed.
  • When sewing cloth in Dungeoneering, the cloth will now be the correct colour.
  • The Fletching animations on female characters has been fixed.
  • Animations for aviansies no longer show them hitting the floor.
  • Killerwatts no longer turn invisible if they are close to a storm cloud.
  • The run icon now functions correctly with the action bar.
  • All areas of the assassin outfit cosmetic override can now be recoloured correctly.
  • Sacred clay hatchets no longer appears below the ground when they are dropped.
  • Cresbot no longer has a giant face when looking at the follower details interface.

Quests, Challenges & Achievements:

  • Vanstrom in The Branches of Darkmeyer is now a lot tougher.
  • Several citizens of Burgh de Rott will now talk during In Aid of the Myreque.

Skills & Minigames:

  • The Mage Training Arena maze guardian in the Telekinetic Grab room now has a quick "Next-maze" option.
  • Sigmund no longer starts his fight in Dominion Tower on 10% health.
  • The chant from the Delrith fight in Dominion Tower has been removed.
  • The demons that Eruni spawns in Dominion Tower are now aggressive.
  • Zenevivia now deals more appropriate damage in Dominion Tower.
  • A confirmation box when using an imbued ring on Mobilising Armies NPC to remove the enchantment has been added.


  • The ascension signets are now all protected on death.
  • The Legiones in the Ascension Monastery can now drop crystal triskelion fragments
  • All beer barrels in the Ascension Monastery have been removed.
  • Players can now store book of the gods in a Player Owned House bookcase.
  • Off-hand blisterwood stakes have been added to the game.
  • The enhanced Excalibur has been restatted to be a level 72 off-hand weapon.
  • Dragonfire now uses the player's armour, regardless of style, to calculate whether or not it hits the player.
  • The Make-x interface now defaults to making 1 piece of Player-Owned Ports armour, and defaults to the superior versions.
  • Players stood at the Burthorpe, Castle Wars, Player-Owned Ports, or Soul Wars bank chests, or stood near the bankers at Dungeoneering *or Nex's prison, will now be healed when switching armours.
  • Players logging into a different world than they logged out from will no longer have their Player-Owned Ports voyages delayed by an extra minute if their ship was due back before the player logged in.
  • Players picking up vyre corpses will now pick up a single type of corpse, instead of up to 17 different variants of the same object.
  • An Adventurer's Log entry has been added for when players receive either the rare gloves drops or the Cresbot drop from automatons.
  • A warning message is now given when attempting to reset an XP counter.
  • The click area for the Sophanem gate has been increased.
  • The altar in the Falador Castle, once switched to be aligned with Zaros, will now boost the players' prayer points by 20 instead of 2.
  • The amount of snape grass harvested from a Farming patch without any boosting equipment has been corrected.
  • The chance of getting reed seeds from Thieving has been increased.
  • Players now get 3 butterflies from the butterfly flower plant, and the chance of spawning a Guthix butterfly has been increased.
  • Players using the tree-shaking scrimshaw can now catch imps barehanded.
  • Mercenary's gloves now have the correct stats listed in the Dungeoneering Rewards interface.
  • Fresh crab shells now give the correct message when crafted into helmets.
  • The debuff icon for the stun effect of Binding Shot will now disappear when the effect does.
  • An issue with the inconsistent spelling of power box in the Dorgesh-Kaan Agility Course has been fixed.
  • The amulet of zealots now shows the correct prayer bonus in the shop.
  • Players can now only check combat levels in the equip screen up to level 198.
  • Players can now use the Surge ability after using the Impact ability.
  • An icefiend that was pretending to be a pillar in Ghorrock fortress has been moved.
  • Rats behind Lumbridge Castle now drop items as intended.
  • God Emissary reward stat boosts can no longer be stalled.
  • Using bear fur on a marrentill potion (unf) no longer opens the Make-x interface with a ranging potion selected.
  • Various bows won of the Squeal of Fortune now fire the appropriate levelled arrows and bolts.
  • The following items are now allowed in a dragon keepsake key: Dungeoneering reward weapons, hexhunter bows, Squeal of Fortune super-rare weapons, starfire/starfury weapons, the christmas wand, magic butterfly nets, ankhs, sacred clay reward weapons, the giant hand, Runefest banners, and undead chickens.
  • Dungeoneering orbs no longer override books in a dragon keepsake key.
  • The Cupid Bow now fires hearts when placed in a dragon keepsake key.