Patch Notes (15 September 2010)

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These official Patch Notes are copied verbatim from this forum thread of the RuneScape forums. It is copyrighted by Jagex.
These Patch Notes were announced on 15 September 2010.

The following small fixes and adjustments have now been made to the game. If you spot any further bugs in-game, please use the Bug Report feature ('Submit a Bug Report' under the 'Help' drop-down menu of the website).


  • Re-carpeted the Poison Arrow Pub as it'd got a bit scruffy after RuneFest.
  • Ensured a starfish is present in all graphics modes on Mudskipper Point.
  • Adjusted the investigator’s coat so it doesn't clip with various other cloaks.
  • Adjusted the shield reward from Conquest (Void deflector) so it's clearly visible in lower detail graphics settings.
  • Wizard Grayzag's hat should no longer occasionally interfere with chat.
  • Prevented clipping with various items and obsidian capes.
  • Removed a stretching issue with the Void outfit when ranging.
  • Adjusted the naval top so it doesn't render over amulets.
  • Play the correct animation when cage fishing.
  • The mudskipper hat should no longer add hair to bald men.
  • Adjusted the papaya sapling inventory icon.
  • Corrected a problem with the some of the base player kit when fishing.
  • Re-enforced some of the walls between the Mining Guild and Falador’s east bank to better combat subsidence.
  • Fixed some of the Cryptic Clue Fest II reward gear to work better with aprons.
  • Remodelled the hats from Mobilising Armies to work better with haircuts.
  • Retextured the frozen fortress area used in the Mysteries of the Mahjarrat quest series.
  • Scoped versions of the maple and magic longbow now have strings in their pullback animation.
  • A rug in Brimhaven no longer disappears in lower detail modes.
  • Adjusted Third Age clothing during fishing animations to prevent clipping issues.
  • Adjusted some of the textures used around the Fight Arena.
  • Prevented Verac’s plateskirt disappearing while you’re resting.
  • Fixed the inventory icon for small nets.
  • The H.A.M. badge now correctly renders over the cloak.
  • Adjusted the various level bound versions of vambraces as their colours were slightly wrong.


  • Adjusted the music unlock hints for a few tracks.
  • Ensured two music tracks are played near Daemonheim.

Quests/Achievement Diaries

  • Removed the shadows from the trail you need to follow in A Void Dance.
  • Prevent the spawning of two Dagannoth mothers.
  • Adjusted the Watchtower quest’s logic so that players who've completed it can always enter Gu'Tanoth.
  • Changed some chat in In Search of the Myreque to make a bit more sense when chatting to Curpile Fyod.
  • Fixed an issue where free players who'd completed Love Story couldn't progress with one of the Lumbridge Achievement Diary tasks.
  • Adjusted the script for the various spells found on the Lumbridge Achievement Diary reward (explorer’s ring), so that it continues to work and the interface doesn't close after the first couple of casts.
  • Fixed a typo in the Seers’ Village Achievement Diary chat.
  • Sir Kay now gives the correct information about the elite version of the Seer’s headband.
  • The skavid cave will now properly recognise the elite Seer’s headband as a light source.
  • The Karamja Achievement diary correctly checks for members when travelling by boat to the island.


  • Better handling when players take-x bandages from the tables in Soul Wars.
  • Explosive potions can now be used on Castle Wars barricades to help destroy them.
  • Prevented both Castle Wars flags being dropped on the same square.
  • Corrected an issue with one of the Castle Wars shield reward costs, as it was too expensive.
  • Added members information for the faithful shield skill guide entry.
  • Added extra checks in case you disconnect while entering the Conquest challenge room.
  • Added checks in the Conquest lobby area to double-check player combat levels.
  • The Void Knights will now correctly display the new reward options and interface.
  • Corrected the requirements on the various Barbarian Assault reward items in the skill guides.
  • Corrected an issue when talking to Professor Oddenstein about Court Cases.
  • Corrected a few typos in Court Cases.
  • Fixed an issue in PvP Worlds near the Monastery.


  • Corrected several typos in the Adventurer's Log.
  • The various coloured dragon leathers can now be found more easily on the Grand Exchange (“d-leather” expanded to “dragon leather”).
  • Allowed some types of meat to be sold for a slightly higher price on the Grand Exchange, including spit-roasted meats.
  • The chef's hat has been added to Varrock’s costume store.
  • Adjusted the checks when luring and knocking out NPCs in the Thieves’ Guild.
  • Stopped a zombie monkey from walking up a wall. (Bad zombie monkey, bad!)
  • Adjusted the code teleporting players between the Wilderness portals.
  • You should now be able to interact with your adult tooth creature in your POH.
  • Explained why you can't make flat packs with Chef's Delight from your POH kitchen in more detail.
  • Added further checks when planting mithril seeds.
  • Fixed the mouseover info for the Clan Chat leader from the Lobby.
  • Ensured a fairly even distribution of cut-able cacti in the desert, for all your water needs.
  • Correctly handle using frost dragon bones in the Ectofuntus grinder. The message didn't previously make much sense.
  • Blocked more of the water off around the Void Knights’ Outpost.
  • You can now rest after using a skillcape emote.
  • Adjusted some of the op text on the Report Abuse interface.
  • Added the Advisor system while in the Lumbridge Catacombs.
  • Fixed an engine problem where the player is apparently following someone when they clearly aren't.
  • Iron and steel dragons now take advantage of the hill skew feature.


  • Capped one of the level checks in a new challenge room as you can't boost your base prayer level.
  • The smuggler no longer confuses Yk’Lagor the Thunderous and the runebound behemoth.
  • Clarified the Augury reward description regarding the bonuses it provides.
  • Some of the new challenge rooms within the occult theme didn't get randomly assigned to free-players in the previous three themes.
  • Corrected a problem with some of the combat code used by Lexicus Runewright and his book barrage.
  • Primal swords will no longer lose their tier information when bound.