Patch Notes (15 March 2011)

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These official Patch Notes are copied verbatim from this forum thread of the RuneScape forums. It is copyrighted by Jagex.
These Patch Notes were announced on 15 March 2011.

The following small fixes and adjustments have now been made to the game. If you spot any further bugs in-game, please use the Bug Report feature ('Submit a Bug Report' under the 'Help' drop-down menu of the website).


  • The ready animation when wielding Verac's flail has been fixed.
  • The Miscellanian castle no longer has a broken rug.
  • Two floating lamps in the water room in the Elemental Workshop have been removed.
  • Items dropped in the Brimhaven pub will no longer clip with the rug.
  • The mime random event no longer has flickering issues.
  • A torch in Catherby no longer clips with the roof.
  • Water around the Fremennik Province has had flickering issues fixed.
  • Teleporting using a mounted amulet of glory will now use the correct animation.


  • Player-owned house servants will no longer display a blank chatbox when not typing a number when collecting from bank.
  • A typo in the Werewolf Agility course has been fixed.
  • Placing an object on a table will now consistently give a despawn time of 7.5 minutes, instead of relying on which corner you placed it on.
  • You will now continue to autocast combat spells if your Magic stat drops below the required level for a spell. This is consistent with how Ranged and melee work.
  • Levelling up multiple times in one skill will now tell you how many levels you gained, and the skill advance guide will display new actions available for each level gained since you last clicked on the advance guide in that session.
  • The steel titan’s special attack will work more consistently in PvP combat situations.
  • A warning message has been added to the lava titan familiar’s ability to teleport players to the Wilderness.

Dungeoneering – General

  • As mentioned in the news, Dungeoneering prestige has been rewritten, so that when completing an already completed floor, a different floor from the same theme will be crossed off instead.
  • The Kal'Ger cutscene will no longer be skipped in certain circumstances.
  • Trying to quick-switch a non-customised ring of kinship will no longer complain about teleporting.
  • Entering a dungeon will now give information about the dungeon floor entered in the chat window.
  • The lower-levelled Dungeoneering floors have had their XP rates increased.
  • Resources in Dungeoneering will appear more frequently on lower complexity settings.
  • Access to Daemonheim has been made easier from Lumbridge. (As this effectively makes the nearby crossbow shortcut obsolete, anyone who had built a hidey-hole here before today’s update should check the hidey-hole to have some teak planks reimbursed. Anyone who chooses to build a hidey-hole here from now on, say for the Construction XP, does so knowing about this bridge, so will not receive such compensation.)
  • The end of dungeon interface (the ‘Winterface’) will now display the time that was taken to complete the floor.
  • Low-levelled enemies in the frozen theme have had their stats lowered.
  • Dungeoneering coins are now easier to pick up.
  • Several objects, such as the toolkit, have been made tradeable, to allow them to appear to all players when dropped.

Dungeoneering – Skills

  • Dungeoneering altars will now bury all bones.
  • Dungeoneering Runecrafting now uses Make-10/50/100 (instead of Make-1/5/10).
  • Several Dungeoneering skills, such as cooking in a dungeon, have had their speeds increased.
  • It is now possible to downgrade Summoning charms to lower-levelled versions by using them on a Summoning obelisk.
  • Lit cooking ranges will now last three times as long.

Dungeoneering – Bosses

  • The smuggler will now explain boss tactics better.
  • The divine skinweaver in the skeletal horde boss room has been updated to also display what she is saying in the chat window.
  • Astea Frostweb’s magic attack has been lowered on low-tiered versions.
  • Plane-freezer Lakhrahnaz’s shove attack now has a cooldown to prevent him using it too often.
  • Lexicus Runewright will spawn fewer books on low-levelled versions of the boss.
  • Night-gazer Khighorahk’s torches will stay alight for longer in solo dungeons.
  • Sagittare will now teleport closer to the player to prevent excessive running.
  • Stomp will now drop fewer rocks, and more will be removed each time rocks disappear.
  • The gluttonous behemoth now has less health, and will only eat to full health once per dungeon.

Dungeoneering – Challenge Rooms

  • Dungeoneering challenge room failure rates have been lowered for low-levelled players.
  • Failing in challenge rooms will no longer drain stats.
  • ’Mercenary Leader’ has been rewritten to more accurately reflect the level of the Dungeoneering party, as the calculation was setting it to be a bit too harsh.
  • The ‘Sliding Statues’ challenge room has been rewritten to fix occurrences of the room being impossible to complete. It is also possible to pull statues now.
  • The ‘Monolith’ challenge room has been changed to stop the shades from taking too much energy from the monolith, and the monolith will reach fully charged faster.
  • The ‘Flower Roots’ challenge room will now not fail if you have the correct skill requirements, if you pull the plant at the right time.
  • The ‘Ten Statue Weapon’ challenge room (five with weapons, five without) will now have fewer statues in smaller parties.
  • It is no longer possible to fail to repair the walls in the ‘Collapsing Room’ challenge room.
  • The ‘Toxin Maze’ challenge room will now remove the obstacles on completing the room.