Patch Notes (15 April 2019)

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These official Patch Notes are copied verbatim from this forum thread of the RuneScape forums. It is copyrighted by Jagex.
These Patch Notes were announced on 15 April 2019.

Hey everyone, here are these weeks patches!

As a note anything with this Patch notes ninja header icon.png next to it = Ninja Fix!

Patch notes orb header icon.png Camera

  • Patch notes ninja header icon.pngThere is now a setting to adjust zoom sensitivity in Game Interaction options.
  • Patch notes ninja header icon.pngThere is a new camera mode - "Freedom Classic" which combines the zoom and angle range of Freedom with the movement of Classic.

Patch notes ambi header icon.png Elite Dungeons

  • Added duo loot tables across all three elite dungeons.
  • Buffed the base loot of Temple of Aminishi on trio mode.
  • Buffed the based loot value of all bosses inside the Shadow Reef, most noticeably the Ambassador.
  • Added several rare high value drops to the non boss creatures and lucky charm in the Shadow Reef.
  • Buffed the loot slightly of the elite chest and added a 1/15 chance to receive an 'ultra' elite chest that contains addition loot.

Patch notes graphics header icon.png Graphics

  • Prevented transmogs being used in Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza to prevent problems when playing as the gorilla enemies.

Patch notes quests header icon.png Quests

  • Fix player not being to teleport to ritual site when speaking to Kharshai during Children of Mah quest.
  • Players can once again reclaim XP lamps from Sir Tiffy Cashien for the Ritual of Mahjarrat quest if they originally lost or destroyed them.
  • Doric's Task V is now listed as a members quest as it requires entry into the members section of the game world.
  • Boni will no longer ask for 0 Driftwood during the Flag Fall miniquest.
  • Kharshai will now return an empty engrammeter if it has been lost during the Children of Mah quest.

Patch notes ring of death header icon.png Ring of Death

  • Overcharged rings of death can now be worn via the action bar.

Patch notes skilling header icon.png Skilling

  • The Pyromaniac perk will now once again correctly give XP for all logs burned when it triggers.
  • Prevented bushy magic beans attempting and failing to grow wishing well bushes.

Patch notes teleport header icon.png Teleports

  • Fixed Hoardstalker ring not teleporting to multiple locations, despite having the required level.
  • The Arc journal can once again be used to teleport to Port Sarim before unlocking the Arc teletabs.
  • Updated examine text for globetrotter arm guards.