Patch Notes (14 April 2020)

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These official Patch Notes are copied verbatim from this forum thread of the RuneScape forums. It is copyrighted by Jagex.
These Patch Notes were announced on 14 April 2020.

Welcome back fellow patchmeisters! Did you dig up anything interesting this week? We certainly did!

Embedded deep within the twisted landscape of the Shattered Worlds we discovered a collection of shiny shurikens. You know what that means? That's right, the Ninja Team has struck again!

There's been lots of changes to the Shattered Worlds this week, alongside a batch of freshly excavated Archaeology improvements. You can read more about both over in this weeks newspost. Shall we get to it?

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Patch notes achievements header icon.png Ninja Strike #3 - Shattered Worlds

Those shurikens must have had some force behind them! As mentioned above and in this week's newspost, the Shattered Worlds have become the site of lots of Ninja activity this week. From new objectives to new bosses and rewards, this minigame has been completely reworked. Let's hop through the portal and take a look.


  • Three new objectives have been added and the original objectives now have more variety.
  • The original 'Kill x% of enemies' objective now varies between 65-80% instead of remaining at 75%.
  • A 'Deal X Damage' objective has been added. Deal a certain amount of damage in a single world to proceed.
  • A 'Repair the Portal' objective has been added. Enemies have a chance to drop a portal repair kit. Find 3 pieces and repair the portal.
  • A 'Summon and Kill the Boss' objective has been added. Kill enough enemies to summon a boss, then defeat it to proceed.
  • Bosses will appear once every 5th world, and the bosses that have been added are:
    • God Wars Dungeon 1 Generals (not including Nex)
    • Chaos Elemental
    • Dagannoth Kings
    • Barrows Brothers
  • Some weekly challenges have been rebalanced to better represent their difficulty and reward. Previously, Silver challenges would complete around world 25 but will ask you to complete worlds up to 50; Gold challenges took place around worlds 40-50 but will now require you to beat worlds 80-100+.
  • More descriptive examine texts have been added to the altars for the 'Ancient Relic' side objective.
  • The examine text for Ancient Relic itself has been updated to give hints as to its function.
  • 'Minion' enemies that spawn from normal enemies due to the Hydra mutator will now count towards the main world objective.
  • As such, the Hydra mutator has been redesignated as 'neutral', as it can now be used to the player's advantage. Its icon has also changed to reflect this.


  • Players can now buy Spirits of Battle from the Slayer Mask tab of the Shattered Worlds Reward Shop. These cost 100million anima and can be used to reset the kill count on Slayer masks.
  • Slayer masks have been collected into one tab and are sorted by Slayer level. Greater demons and dagannoths do not have Slayer requirements but are placed in an appropriate slot on the list.
  • 3 new titles have been added to the Shattered Worlds Reward store. Each one costs 150million anima:
    • The Abyssal Knight
    • Animaniac
    • Abyss Diver
  • Teleport scrolls have been added to the Reward Shop. These scrolls will teleport you directly to Shattered Worlds and cost 250,000 anima.
  • Some information will now appear when trying to purchase a locked anima pet.
  • Additionally, a bug has been fixed where this error message would show even if a player could buy the item
  • Additional info-boxes have been added to the reward shop.
  • Info-boxes will now show correctly on mobile.
  • Fixed an issue where some cosmetic rewards, such as the Abyssal Knight override, could not be purchased with a full Inventory.


  • Players can now use Weekly D&D tokens to reset their weekly Shattered Worlds challenges. This will reset all of your currently completed challenges, and as such can be used even when only one or two challenges are complete.
  • You can no longer repeat Shattered Worlds challenges in the same week without using a weekly D&D token.
  • Shattered Worlds has been added to the Minigames and D&D tracking interface. Here you'll be able to find information on the minigame, which weekly challenges you're currently able to complete, and a teleport to the nearest lodestone.
  • A 'Do not ask me again' option has been added to the chest on checkpoint worlds for players who no longer want to hear how they can save their chest for later.
  • The auto-pickup functionality for anima has been optimised to leave less anima on the ground.
  • The audio for Zones of Suffering and Zones of Restoration have been improved to be more noticeable and will now only trigger when inside the zone.
  • Kenton Decarte will now give players who are new to Shattered Worlds a tutorial on how to play the minigame.
  • The ability to skip worlds based on your performance is now calculated when completing an objective as opposed to when you reach and use the portal. A chat message will appear to remind you how many worlds you've skipped.
  • Being in combat will no longer interrupt and close the Mutator Selection interface.
  • The 'Static' mutator buff bar icon previously displayed stacks from 1-20, where your damage taken was the stack number multiplied by 10. This has now been changed to display a percentage from 10-200 instead. The description of this buff has also been improved.
  • A 'Skip' button has been added to the end of game summary to allow players to skip the animation that shows the calculations for anima gained during the session.

Interfaces & Messaging

  • Info-boxes have been added to the following actions:
    • Upon reaching a checkpoint world to inform players that their mutators have been reset and their stats replenished
    • Upon getting a new max hit
    • Upon progressing or completing a challenge
  • The info-box displayed to players when they complete an objective has been made green, so you can see at a glance whether the objective is finished.
  • Comma separators have been added to a number of places where bigger numbers are displayed in an info-box and/or chat message. This includes:
    • When gaining anima from a side objective or the checkpoint chest
    • When a weekly challenge is completed
    • When reaching a new highest world
  • Minimap icons have been added to various items of interest within Shattered Worlds. This includes:
    • Side objectives
    • Bosses
    • Entrance and exit portals
    • Bank chests on checkpoint worlds
  • The start and end interfaces are now more consistent with each other.
  • Tooltips have been added to most interface elements.
  • Tooltips can now be viewed on mobile devices.
  • The 'Equip Me' and 'Feed Me' buttons now use the appropriate builders to show correctly and consistently on the default, legacy, and mobile interface.
  • You can no longer maximise the minigame HUD on mobile, but the interface has been improved so that all information is clearly shown without the need to maximise.
  • The 'anima gained' icon has been changed to use the same icon as the Inventory model for anima.
  • Mutator dropdowns have been removed from the HUD. They now appear in a horizontal list.
  • A tooltip will now appear if you are attempting to start a challenge when none are selected, or when one isn't started from the Challenge Portal.
  • The HUD tooltip for anima has had 'Lifetime' anima removed, and 'Available' anima changed to 'Total' anima.
  • The minigame HUD will now remain on screen when on the checkpoint world.
  • The 'Damage' stat shown on the end screen summary has had its cap increased from 1million to 30million.
  • The Weekly Challenge interface has been improved and will now better display the tier of the challenge in the colour of the title, the mutators that will be in effect, and the reward for completing them.
  • And we've changed the descriptions and titles of some of these challenges to be more thematic
  • The message received when you die during a Shattered World and attempt to open the chest has been adjusted to better describe why you're unable to open it.
  • The 'anima gained' messages that appear when an enemy is defeated have been made to float up more slowly for readability.


  • The mage of Zamorak who teleports you to the Abyss from the Wilderness now has a 'Configure' option which can be used to set the mage's left-click or tap option to either 'Teleport' or 'Talk'.
  • When 'Talk' is selected, the mage will now still offer to teleport you to the Abyss with a yes/no option after the initial dialogue.

Patch notes achievements header icon.png Archaeology

From warnings when you excavate with full pockets to more accurate descriptions and messages, this week's update brings yet more amazing Archaeological finds! Read on to discover more!


  • The Site Map at the Archaeology Guild now informs the players about the site keyboard shortcuts.
  • Dueling a player that is using a Blood Reaver familiar will no longer continuously loop the duel setup and heal the user's lifepoints.
  • A chest inside the Exam Centre can once again be used to advance a medium clue scroll.
  • Artefact collector info will now close when inspecting a new artefact.
  • The chance of receiving an Imcando Mattock piece now increases in line with your Archaeology level.
  • Changed 'restoration station' to 'archaeologist's workbench; in the Restoration make-x menu to be more accurate to the game world.
  • The 'Seed of the Charyou Tree' and 'Hand of Glory (Luck of the Dwarves)' relics have had their levels in the skill guide corrected from 89 to 83.
  • Guildmaster Tony's Mattock has had it's precision stat reduced from 90 to 85 because the precision increase was providing too many additional projects over a period of time.
  • If you have the Berserker's Fury relic power active while wearing a full Dharok's set, the Dharok's set effect will be applied instead of the relic power.
  • The message that displays once you reach 100% sprite focus has been updated slightly.
  • Some luck messaging has been adjusted in cases where a ring has been swapped as you're getting a lucky drop.
  • It is now possible to siphon the crystal mattock using a crystal tool siphon.
  • A popup box will now appear if you attempt to excavate with a full inventory.
  • The 'Nosorog!' sculpture artefact has been changed to require 30 warforged bronze rather than 30 soapstone.
  • Players are no longer stopped from excavating after using Space Bar to advance the chatbox that appears upon finding an artefact.
  • Fixed a graphical issue where material caches of animal furs would appear to float.
  • The Stormguard site manager will no longer endlessly loop dialog if only one mystery has been started.
  • Players are now properly informed when they add a researcher to their research team.
  • Players are now better informed about the rewards from rolling the Infernal Dice.
  • The Archaeology Guild Shop descriptions for the Material Manual and the Archaeology teleports have been updated to give more information on their uses.
  • The 'Destroy' option on Archaeology lore pages has been changed to 'Transcribe' to better indicate its function.
  • The Adventurer's Log will no longer state that the Statue of Dahmaroc has been completed when handing in an Archaeology collection.
  • A warforged bronze material cache has been moved slightly so that it doesn't appear to stick out the top of a tower.
  • The Archaeology Master Skillcape can now be placed on the skillcape stand in the Anachronia Base Camp.


  • Fixed an issue with General Bentnoze's 'Red Rum Relics II' collection not appearing in level order.
  • Fixed the images for historic and classic components in the skillguide and discovery workbench.
  • Fixed a gap in a wall inside the Exam Centre.

Patch notes achievements header icon.png Grand Theft Cocao

  • Removed the duplicate messaging seen when collecting eggs during the currently active Easter Event.
  • Reduced the number of small egg spawns from 5 to 2.
  • Increased the currency that players receive during the current Easter event.
  • Decreased the time it takes for the imps and the egg piles to despawn.
  • Made changes to how many imps and egg piles can be in any one area.

Patch notes achievements header icon.png Other

  • Players that had the Santa Paws outfit equipped to Felix will no longer see a different outfit equipped when they log in.
  • Increased the options available for 'Draw Distance' on mobile to now include 'Low', 'Medium', 'High' and 'Ultra'.
  • Fixed some issues with the games graphics settings
  • The 'Draw Distance' options should now show correctly.
  • The new 'Field of View' option is only available on 'High' or 'Ultra' draw distances. If set to 'Medium' or 'Low' the option is disabled, however the checkbox remained checked, this error has been corrected.
  • Flickering Effects can now be toggled again.

So, what do you think of the Ninja Team's work? We're very excited to see some new life being breathed into the terrifying terrains of the Shattered Worlds and we hope you enjoy the other changes, too. If you do, be sure to let us know on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Discord or our Forums. Got somewhere - or something - you want the Ninjas to target next? Let them know by submitting a challenge to their Dojo!

Stay safe!

The RuneScape Team