Patch Notes (11 January 2012)

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These official Patch Notes are copied verbatim from this forum thread of the RuneScape forums. It is copyrighted by Jagex.
These Patch Notes were announced on 11 January 2012.

The following small fixes and adjustments have now been made to the game. If you spot any further bugs in-game, please use the Bug Report feature.


  • A broken fence is now reachable near the Barrows area.
  • A clearer font is now being used in the minimenu and the mouseover popups.
  • The necromancer robe bottom no longer stretches on female characters.
  • Ozan no longer flicks an arrow through the guard observing him in Varrock.
  • A floating tree in the Wilderness has been removed.
  • The Cheongsam skirt no longer stretches when performing certain emotes.
  • The money pouch icon no longer flickers in fixed screen mode in safe mode.
  • Some pots at the camp in the Lumbridge Swamp no longer clip with the ground.
  • A tile where players could hide in Clan Wars has been fixed.
  • The Loyalty shop icon has been added to the World map's legend.
  • Portions of the bridges in the Lava Flow Mine can no longer be temporarily deleted by planting flowers.
  • Players' feet no longer clip through the floor in the upper level of the Ancient Cavern.
  • Certain capes no longer clip through the photo booth.
  • A broken fire in the outlaw camp near Edgeville is now animated correctly.

Quests & Tasks:

  • Duradel will no longer attempt to talk to the player after While Guthix Sleeps via an enchanted gem.
  • A small typo in the Branches of Darkmeyer quest journal has been fixed.
  • Checking charges on Drakan's medallion now uses the correct grammar when the medallion has one charge left.
  • It is now possible to use the pickaxe in the player's toolbelt during Enakhra's Lament.
  • The tinderbox in a toolbelt can now be used to light K'Chunk's fire on the island south of Mos Le'Harmless.

Skills & Minigames:

  • Obtaining a sceptre of the gods now works correctly with a full inventory.
  • Attempting to recharge a shield from Stealing Creation now works correctly.
  • The skill advance guide for level 50 Herblore now states that the player has the required Herblore level for Flash Powder Factory, instead of Agility.


  • The "Chaotic Cookery" music track is now unlocked for all players on login.
  • The "You have already used your low alchemy charges" message will no longer appear when quickly switching between the Explorer's ring and another ring.
  • Pineapples no longer have "slice" as the top option.
  • Bananas now have a "slice" option.
  • The Dervish costume's headgear now correctly protects players from desert dehydration.
  • The icon in the skill guide for the Warriors' Guild has been updated to no longer use the defunct Warriors' Guild tokens.
  • Reclaiming the Jack of Trades aura no longer gives a message about failing to obtain enough XP for the reward.
  • The Flash Powder Factory and Polypore Dungeon entries of the skill advance guide have been switched around.
  • Examining an object in a bank no longer brings up a popup over the inventory.
  • The magic shortbow's special attack will no longer work if the player only has one arrow.
  • Vampyres in the God Wars dungeon are no longer referred to as Vampires.
  • The Clan skilling ring now works correctly for Summoning if the player's Summoning level has been drained.
  • Damage taken from killing a carnivorous chinchompa now counts as normal combat damage.
  • The message given when adding a single coin to a player's money pouch now uses the correct grammar.
  • A typo has been fixed when using the sawmill without the correct amount of money.
  • The money pouch now shows the correct increase in wealth when receiving multiple coins through pickpocketing.
  • The "Deposit all from money pouch" button has been moved to the right-hand side of the "Deposit all from Beast of burden" button in the bank interface.