Patch Notes (11 February 2019)

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These official Patch Notes are copied verbatim from this forum thread of the RuneScape forums. It is copyrighted by Jagex.
These Patch Notes were announced on 11 February 2019.


  • Made some improvements to the interaction for the Archipelago Map in the Player-Owned Port.
  • We have updated the interfaces in Player-Owned Ports to use the modern interface style.
  • Updated the Flash Powder Factory reward shop interface to use the modern reward shop style.
  • Updated the Duel Arena interfaces to use the modern interface frame style.
  • Further updates to older dungeoneering interfaces have been completed. This includes the Floor Select, Complexity Select, Floor Setting, Boss Select and Ring Customization interfaces.


  • Switching weapons quickly will now auto-switch to the correct action bar.
  • Increased the damage threshold that spawns Manifestations on Solak phase 4, so that they don't spawn so frequently.
  • Worn Tetsu can no longer be traded.
  • The Amare Pumps (Purple) should now appropriately be visible on the wardrobe
  • Twitch prime loot will no longer get delivered whilst inside the broken home quest
  • If you have a full inventory when claiming Twitch Prime it will now also show an info box to to better display the info needed
  • The slider puzzle in a clue scroll will now update reliably
  • Gorajo team cards now work properly for Dungeoneering.
  • Caviar can again be used to make barbarian mixed potions.
  • Smithing a bronze dagger on Tutorial Island has been updated to account for bronze bars now requiring 2 tin and 2 copper ore, and a bronze dagger requiring 2 bronze bars.
  • The quest journal now has next and previous buttons to cycle through previously viewed quests.
  • The hitpoints of gem rocks have been reduced.
  • Depositing full superior death lotus to the PoH Armour case via the bank will will no longer delete the boots & gloves when reclaiming.
  • Attempting to load a Crystal tool seed from a preset slot will no longer disconnect the player
  • Loading a bank preset with a noted object in the beast of burden inventory will no longer attempt to drop the item to the floor.
  • Fixed an issue where you could not mine living rock remains another player has killed after the one minute timer.
  • If destroyed after retrieving it from Zemouregal's pedestal in New Varrock, heart in a canopic jar can now be reclaimed from Ernie.
  • Trading Rune Bull Rush scrolls will not reward a more appropriate amount of Spirit Shards
  • Using a farm animal on the paddock entrance will no longer cause a disconnection.
  • Trapper farmhands will no longer occasionally be unresponsive when interacted with.
  • Dwarven miners in the Empty Throne Room have now heard about the rework to the Mining & Smithing rework, and should no longer flail madly at the place where dark animica rocks used to be.
  • Changed PoF trapper's animal gathering timer from 30s to 6 hours.
  • Removing animals from the storm barn can no longer cause a disconnection.
  • Corrected values of (kp) spears in relation to their base variant.
  • Custom fit masterwork armour checks for being on reaper or slayer task have been tightened and should no longer degrade whilst on these tasks.
  • Fixed an issue with Solak's kill timer not tracking and settings records correctly.


With this update, the quest system has had a script cleanup which has made things much nicer, additionally you're now able to do the following!

Note: Big shout-out to the Localisation team, who over the last few months steadily worked through the *quarter of a million* word count this project added to the translation system due to all the migrated data.

Quest List

  • The quest list can now be sorted by:
    • the area where you start the quest. (eg Lumbridge, Draynor, etc.)
    • release date. Within a year they are listed in the order they were released.
    • fifth/sixth/ambiguous age. Within an age they are listed in the order they were released.
    • combat difficulty. (Into bands of highest NPC combat level.)
    • quest series. (Myreque, Pirate, etc.) They're in approximate chronological order.
    • timeline. (For those that want to complete the quests in roughly chronological order (5th age before 6th age, banded by difficulty).
  • The quest list now displays names in proper alphabetical order to match their position in the list. eg "Lost Tribe, The" instead of "The Lost Tribe".
  • Missing quest list entries for the Recipe for Disaster subquests have been added. These are hidden in the quest list anyway, but it allows them to be referenced by other systems eg achievements.

Quest Overview/Accept/Complete Screen

  • The following information has been added to quest overviews: quest series and episode (where applicable), age, release year, recommended, voice-acted, members, length.
  • Rewards are now listed on the quest accept screen and quest complete screen in a consistent manner.
  • Quest rewards that the player will not be given (such as combat lamps and Treasure Hunter keys on a repeat playthrough after a quest skill/pure reset) are no longer displayed on the quest accept/complete screen.

Quest Start Icons

  • Fixed a persistent bug where the most recent quest start icon couldn't be removed from the world map if you toggle off quest icons.

Quest Guidance

  • The Latest Content lozenge on the Featured tab in Adventures now has a consistent automated breadcrumb strategy when the latest content is a quest.
  • The Set Active feature of the quest journal can now consistently breadcrumb to the start point of almost all unstarted quests. The button now also has a distinctive look when toggled between active and inactive states.
  • The quest point shop portal previously just teleported you to the start of the latest quest without warning. It now checks the requirements for the latest quest and notifies you of where you'll be teleported.


  • Fixed various typos and inconsistencies in quest items, reward text, quest complete headings, and quest journals.
  • Improved dialogue of Ilona who replaces Xenia at Lumbridge catacombs after Heart of Stone (her dialogue hadn't changed to account for being a different character).
  • Removed 6th age dialogue on the dwarf king in Birthright of the Dwarves and made the quest ambiguous age.
  • Ikadia the exile's 6th age dialogue topics now only appear after you've completed Birthright of the Dwarves.
  • Removed 6th age dialogue on King Lathas in Plague's End and made the quest ambiguous age.
  • Changed 6th age dialogue (World Guardian reference) in Beneath Cursed Tides to only appear if completed the World Wakes, and made the quest ambiguous age.
  • Re-classified the age of various other quests in collaboration with players.
  • Added suggested requirements of Nomad's Requiem and Nadir (unabridged) saga to Dishonour Among Thieves.
  • Added suggested requirement of Dishonour Among Thieves to Evil Dave's Big Day Out.
  • Added suggested requirements of Rune Mechanics (because Kipple is a rune guardian and a player felt strongly about this) and Fate of the Gods (because elder gods for the same reason) to Heart of Stone.

While Guthix Sleeps

  • While Guthix Sleeps currently has several requirements intended to increase its prestige at the time, but which aren’t needed for any narrative or mechanical reason. Inflated requirements make it difficult for us to build on existing stories, and many more Grandmasters have since been created, so this project trims back the requirements to what the quest truly requires.
  • Removed the following redundant requirements from While Guthix Sleeps: 270 QP, Mourning's End II, Recipe for Disaster, Summer's End, Swan Song, Zogre Flesh Eaters.
  • Added Wanted! as a requirement to While Guthix Sleeps, as it's needed to talk to Sir Tiffy and be redirected to Akrisae.
  • Added Nature Spirit recommended quest (for druid pouch recharge to make Ancient Guthix Temple puzzle easier).
  • Added a 25 Agility req to While Guthix Sleeps, as you need it to jump onto the roof of Lucien's chaos temple. (Defender of Varrock / Legends' Quest ensure you'll have 50+ Agility anyway, but added for safety's sake.)
  • Updated a requirements check on Radimus Erkle when starting Guthix Sleep which was inconsistent with the quest's requirements. (The check for access to the Warriors' Guild now passes if you have 99 Attack or 99 Strength.)
  • The option on Ivy Sophista to continue 'While Guthix Sleeps' is now clearly marked, instead of being an 'Other' topic.
  • Improved the hinting from Reldo to find the hunting expert in the jungle north of Oo'glog.
  • You now have a knife on your toolbelt, so removed the message that says you need a knife when you need logs to set up a pitfall trap.
  • Thaerisk was charging over 20,000 for his snapdragon seed. Set the price to a fixed value of 100 coins.
  • Corrected Required Items in quest overview screen to more accurately reflect what items are needed.
  • Removed this post-quest dialogue from Idria: “You should be proud...Since our lord Armadyl has returned to Gielinor, and defended himself against the murderous intentions of Bandos, such unity is more important and more fitting than ever before!” Since Idria dies during RotM, she cannot know about the Bird and the Beast event in the Sixth Age.
  • The elite Khazard guards in Movario’s base are aggressive again, as was the case pre-EoC.
  • Graphically updated the version of Turael recruited into the ground-floor octagonal room east of Akrisae in Falador castle during While Guthix Sleeps.

Children of Mah

  • This Grandmaster Sixth Age quest is required for Sliske’s Endgame, and currently requires Koschei’s Troubles, a miniquest which requires Ritual of the Mahjarrat, a Grandmaster which requires most Fifth Age quests.
  • This effectively means that Sliske’s Endgame requires most of the Fifth Age, defeating the point of starting a new age to reduce pre-requisites. To resolve this:
  • A 6th age version of Kharshai has been added at the tip of the frozen area north of Rellekka, a reasonable distance from Koschei’s area, and a player can start Children of Mah by talking to him if they meet the quest’s requirements.
  • Due to Balmung, Kharshai is associated with bane weapons, and when the Mining & Smithing project is released, this will be the primary banite mining area. He may also be used as the tutor for tuning bane weapons.
  • Koschei’s Troubles is now a recommended instead of required quest for Children of Mah. You can still start the quest and access his dialogue from Kharshai in Rellekka as before.
  • Updated Children of Mah’s quest journal where it refers to Kharshai’s location.
  • Kharshai now offers to teleport the player into the ritual site instance (which if you haven’t completed Ritual of the Mahjarrat is the only way to access the ritual marker). Clicking the ritual marker returns you to Kharshai if you haven’t unlocked the ritual site.