Patch Notes (11 April 2012)

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These official Patch Notes are copied verbatim from this forum thread of the RuneScape forums. It is copyrighted by Jagex.
These Patch Notes were announced on 11 April 2012.

The following small fixes and adjustments have now been made to the game. If you spot any further bugs in-game, please use the Bug Report feature.


  • A new animation has been added for crafting elemental and Armadyl battlestaves.
  • An animation is now played when crafting tiaras.
  • Safalaan is now using the graphically updated model during Legacy of Seergaze.
  • Some graphical bugs during the battle with Vanstrom in Branches of Darkmeyer have been fixed.
  • The cook in Lumbridge castle is now using an up-to-date animation set.
  • Several graphical bugs with shadows on water or lava have been fixed.
  • The Fishing Guild gates no longer reverse when opening.
  • The combat circle outside the Warriors' Guild no longer makes players sink into it when walking across it.
  • Steadfast boots no longer clip with the ground.
  • The Chaos Tunnels no longer appear bright white with bloom enabled.
  • An area used in the Grim Tales quest no longer appears bright white with bloom enabled.
  • An area used during Recipe for Disaster (Lumbridge Sage) is no longer bright white with bloom enabled.
  • Summoning familiars no longer play a broken animation when hit by a projectile in a fight with Tarn in Dominion Tower.
  • Death in the Living on Borrowed Time emote no longer appears to be stuck in the ground when played in an area with varying heights.
  • Playing the Werewolf emote alongside Excalibur's special attack no longer turns the player invisible.
  • Mining essence with an Inferno Adze now plays the animation correctly.
  • The sweeping puzzle in Swept Away no longer has flickering issues.
  • Several graphical bugs in Varrock Museum have been fixed.
  • The rug merchant near Uzer is no longer rocking back and forth.
  • The ravenous vampyre during Mazchna's Slayer Challenge is now using an updated vampyre model.

Quests & Tasks:

  • The Morytania legs reward will now teleport players to the base of the stairs in the basement of the Ectofuntus.
  • In Search of the Myreque has had a few improvements made:
    • Players are now given a list of materials needed to fix the bridge in both the boatman's chat and the quest journal.
    • The 10gp fare on the boat has been removed.
    • The number of nails to fix the bridge has been reduced from 225 to 75.
    • Some ghasts have been removed near the guard who questions the player about the Myreque.
    • The stalagmite in front of the Myreque base now has "Squeeze past" as the first option instead of "Look".
    • Some dialogue now points the player towards where Vanstrom is near the end of the quest.
    • The "Swamp boaty" is now simply called "Swamp boat".
  • Monkey guards will no longer follow players across the entire island of Ape Atoll.
  • The "Hammer the Anvil" task in Troll Warzone no longer automatically starts for players not in Tutorial mode.
  • The Elemental Workshop book now has a Slash option for use with a knife in a toolbelt.
  • The text displayed in the chatbox during the Blisterwood tree section of Branches of Darkmeyer has been fixed.
  • Olaf's Quest reward now checks for the correct amount of inventory space.
  • It is no longer possible to use a dwarf multi-cannon in the "Map" fight in Death Plateau.
  • Claiming a cithara with boosted lifepoints will no longer kill the player if their lifepoints decrease as they try to take it.
  • The Rag and Bone wishlist completion reward stated on the quest journal has been corrected.
  • The Ardougne elite task rewards interface now correctly states 4x 50k XP lamps are given rather than one 150k lamp.
  • It is now possible to reclaim the shortcut key used the Myreque quests from Vertida when Safalaan is unavailable post-Branches of Darkmeyer.
  • It is no longer possible to see other areas whilst inside the Nature Spirit grotto.
  • The Fireplace chore during A Tail of Two Cats now works correctly.
  • It is no longer possible to craft the robes during Spirits of the Elid without thread.

Skills & Minigames:

  • Group vengeance/heal/boost spells now respect what team the player is on in Castle Wars, Stealing Creation, Soul Wars, Rated Clan Wars, Clan Wars, and Citadel Battlefields.
  • Spiritualise Food now works on food in Stealing Creation.
  • Players no longer have to reclaim a gorilla mask to perform in The Pit.
  • Goliath, swift and spellcaster gloves now tell players the degradation state in a percentage.
  • A penance horn's "Check charges" option now states the charge in a percentage.
  • Dying in the Shades of Mort'ton catacomb now spawns the players gravestone outside of the catacomb.
  • It is no longer possible to remove weapons from Dominion Tower via a Clan Citadel.
  • The information scroll outside the catapult room in the Warriors' Guild no longer gives a "Nothing interesting happens" message.
  • It is now possible to pick up a Castlewars flag with a full inventory and no weapon equipped.
  • Fixing a fence in Tai Bwo Wannai Clean-up no longer shows a Construction mouse cursor.


  • Statue rocks are now given for crafting battlestaves, using a spinning wheel, and from fishing in the Living Rock Caverns.
  • Dark beasts now drop big bones.
  • Barrows and Ancient armour now has a "Repair all" option when trying to repair multiple pieces of equipment.
  • It is now possible to confirm "Yes" and "No" using the "Y" and "N" keys on the "Confirm Destroy" interface.
  • Creating super prayer potions now leaves the players with the empty pots after using wyvern bonemeal.
  • The "Urn crafting" interface now shows urns the player can't make in red, and left-clicking on a pottery oven now only shows the unfired urns that the player is holding in the "Make-x" interface.
  • Mosol Rei now has a quick "Enter village" option to enter Shilo Village.
  • The text when casting the "Make Leather" Lunar spell has been removed.
  • More combat requirements have been added to the list of keywords used in Clans.
  • A feedback message is now given when the Scroll of Life effect saves a seed is now given.
  • The red bandana and eyepatch is now tradeable, in line with all other bandanas with eyepatches.
  • The gate south of the cabbage field near the Falador allotment is now defaulted to open.
  • A right-click "Fur-shop" option has been added to the Fancy Dress store in Varrock.
  • Vyrewatch cremating feedback messages are now filterable.
  • Taking honeycomb feedback messages are now filterable.
  • Tzhaar bankers now have a right click "Collect" option.
  • Brine rats now drop 9 noted raw swordfish instead of the unnoted version.
  • Players are now warned about the consequences of dropping a goldfish bowl with a goldfish in, as they can't swim on land.
  • Autocasting now works correctly with either a dragonfire shield or hailstorm/frostbite daggers.
  • The XP hitmark progress display now fills up at the correct rate at the higher-end of high-levelled skills.
  • It is no longer possible to delete items in Dungeoneering by dropping more than 129 individual stacks of items in a small area.
  • The feedback messages on using a Clan Citadel's Cooking skillplot or Summoning skillplot are now filterable.
  • The "Special attack" button no longer appears to switch off when selected and the bar recharges.
  • The Shantay Pass "Stay out" button on the warning interface now functions correctly.
  • Pikkupstix no longer tries to wipe paint off of unpainted Slayer helmets when trying to enchant them.
  • The materials required for a mahogany prize chest has been corrected in the Construction Skill Advance Guide.
  • It is once again possible to climb back down the ladder on the water obelisk island.
  • It is no longer possible to drop a Clan skilling ring on free worlds.
  • Some atmospheric sound effects around Mami Rimba have been fixed.
  • Reclaiming a baby troll which hasn't been named from a pet store now works correctly.
  • Players are no longer told they need to complete Olaf's Quest to wield a brine sabre in the Skill Advance Guide.
  • The Teleport to House spell and teleport tablet now teleport the player to the same place.
  • A ghast familiar's details interface now states that it restores 100 Prayer points instead of 10.
  • Sound effects for the dragon claws special attack have been returned.
  • The ogre boatman for use between Karamja and the Feldip Hills now explains what he means by wanting "glug glug herbies".
  • "Dummy wall" is no longer displayed when examining walls outside of the upstairs part of a Clan Citadel from inside a private meeting room.