Patch Notes (10 January 2011)

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These official Patch Notes are copied verbatim from this forum thread of the RuneScape forums. It is copyrighted by Jagex.
These Patch Notes were announced on 10 January 2011.

The following small fixes and adjustments have now been made to the game. If you spot any further bugs in-game, please use the Bug Report feature ('Submit a Bug Report' under the 'Help' drop-down menu of the website).


  • Spiritual warriors will no longer have maces in strange positions when standing still.
  • Jelly familiars will now play their attack animation more frequently when attacking.
  • Using an emerald lantern in a crate during Lunar Diplomacy no longer stretches.
  • Hellhound animations have been updated to use more than just one of their legs.
  • Magic trees in player-owned houses now have the stars running down the tree instead of up.
  • Players now wield wands in a more wand-like fashion.
  • The Constitution skillcape's animation has been updated to not show the cape’s shoulder pads.
  • The toy kite has been updated to allow female characters to hold it correctly.
  • A flickering issue with injured or dead dwarves has been resolved in King of the Dwarves.
  • Buildings no longer have gaps on Lunar Island.
  • Bubbling sulphur in the Poison Wasteland has been updated to use new particle effects.

Quests and Tasks

  • Using a dark bow now counts towards the "Get the Point" Task.
  • Strongbones in Land of the Goblins now drops the correct bones.
  • Mordred no longer ignores the player at a certain point in Merlin's Crystal.
  • The golden hammer now works for the anvil in Elemental Workshop.
  • The “Ardougne Express” Task is now showing the correct Magic requirement.
  • The Burgh key now correctly shows that it's part of the In Aid of the Myreque quest.
  • A new mining animation has been added to Legends' Quest.

Activities and Distractions

  • Hank in Temple Trekking is no longer invisible.
  • The Castle Wars viewing orbs will no longer take away a player's tinderboxes.


  • Sitting on a chair will now face the correct direction in more circumstances.
  • It is no longer possible to stand on top of a player if they are sitting down.
  • Attacking a tormented demon with the ancient mace's special attack no longer does nothing.
  • It is now possible to unlock Dorgesh-Kaan chests with lockpicks by using them on the chest.
  • Attacking with a salamander's magic attack no longer claims every hit is a max hit.
  • Miasmic Barrage no longer claims that every hit is a max hit.
  • The Ivandis flail no longer reverts to crush animations when switching stances.
  • Descriptions for the celestial surgebox and magical blastbox now state they only work when wielded.