Patch Notes (10 April 2017)

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These official Patch Notes are copied verbatim from this forum thread of the RuneScape forums. It is copyrighted by Jagex.
These Patch Notes were announced on 10 April 2017.

The following fixes and tweaks have now been implemented. If you believe a change has not been documented, either in the patch notes or the news posts for this week’s update, please detail the change so that it may be added.

As always, be sure to submit a bug report should you encounter a gameplay bug or graphical glitch in-game.


  • The Tuska teleport has been tweaked so that it no longer flashes as much.
  • An issue with shadows on scorch marks in Edgeville when using the NXT client has been fixed.
  • Three height map issues around the Lumbridge Swamp have been fixed.

Skills, D&Ds & Minigames

  • Logging out will no longer remove the effects of a wilder pie.
  • Members' items can no longer be purchased from the Runespan store on a free world.
  • The hint arrow for Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza is now accurate.
  • The skill guide tooltips for Sacrifice, Transfigure and Devotion have been updated.
  • A members-only icon has been added to the "stop burning fish using cooking gauntlets" skill guide entries.
  • Empty pots will no longer be destroyed without the 'Destroy empty containers when cooking' option enabled.
  • Possessed pickaxes no longer drop loot when fighting Treus Dayth in Dominion Tower.

Gemstone Dragon changes

  • The Gemstone Armour set effect now works with three items equipped, and improve as you equip up to five pieces of armour.
  • Gemstone dragons have had their combat experience increased.
  • Gemstone dragons will no longer repeatedly use their special attack back to back.
  • Players now pay for gemstone dragon kills and charge the gemstone armour with incomplete hydrix, instead of uncut hydrix.
  • Gemstone dragon special attacks now hit a 3x3 area, down from a 5x5 area.
  • Dreadnips can now be deployed and deal damage against hydrix dragons.
  • Dragon slayer gloves now function correctly when killing gemstone dragons while on the relevant slayer assignment.

Buff bar changes

  • Buffs and debuffs have been separated into two interface components. The buffs interface can display 18 icons, and the debuff interface can display 12 icons.
  • The NPC target interface is now slightly wider.
  • Players can now filter which icons are displayed using 12 different filters, located in the "Gameplay settings" interface.
  • The following buff/debuff icons have been added:
    • Enhanced Excalibur cooldown
    • Stun Immune cooldown
    • Blood Essence cooldown
    • Dreadnip timer
    • Beastmaster's four stackable debuffs: Rage, Combust, Bitten, and Fatigued
    • Yakamaru's drench stack counter
    • Aftershock percentage tracker
    • Devoted perk timer
    • Enhanced Devoted perk timer
    • Crackling perk cooldown
    • Achto Armour cooldown
    • Wise Perk tracker
    • Sign/Portent of life & Defence skillcape perk cooldown
    • Gorajian Mushroom active
    • Gorajian Mushroom cooldown
    • Clan Avatar player XP boost
    • Clan Avatar world XP boost
    • Portent of restoration cooldown
    • Nex: AoD Rage stacks
    • All Priffdinas thieving clan cooldowns
    • All Arc islanders thieving cooldowns
  • The following buff icons have been tweaked:
    • The Revenge icon now has a duration on top of the stacks gained.
    • Transfigure now displays the percentage of health you'll regain once it has finished charging.
    • Added buff/debuff stack counters for combat skill boosts.
    • Tweaked all buff icon text from orange to white for better readability.
    • All of Yakamaru's current boss buff icons have been visually updated.
    • Added a percentage tracker when charging up Detonate.
  • Added an icon to the NPC targeting interface which triggers when using a special attack with the following weapons:
    • Statius Warhammer
    • Guthix Staff
    • Dragon Hatchet
    • Barrelchest Anchor
    • Bone Dagger
    • Bandos' Book of War
    • Quake ability


  • Adamant and rune dragon bones have had their names and examines changed to Hardened dragon bones and Reinforced dragon bones respectively.
  • A 'hide-all' shortcut has been added to the wardrobe, along with the ability to hide slots individually from the right-click menu.
  • A whispering voices ambient sound used in a few eerie places has been edited.
  • The lucky dragon claws' destroy message has been updated.
  • A quick chat response has been added for the Raids Puzzle when another player mentions the same quick chat phrase.
  • A warning message will now display when players have fewer than 500 runes remaining in their rune pouch.
  • Players will now remain attackable after unequipping the demonic skull in the Wilderness.
  • The autopinning tasks feature has been disabled for new account holders who have played RuneScape before.
  • Ice cream and anti-sun potions are no longer tradeable.
  • Various items from the beach event will now correctly remove themselves when being claimed from the Grand Exchange.

Last week's hotfixes

  • 03/04, 11:05 UTC: The Bake Pie lunar spell now functions correctly with wilder pies.
  • 03/04, 15:15 UTC: The gemstone dragons' drop table is now more generous.

Ninja fixes

  • The broadcast text for achieving virtual level 120 in a skill has been updated to mention level 120.
  • A global broadcast for achieving virtual level 120 in all skills has been added.
  • A warning when attempting to disassemble an attuned crystal teleport seed has been added.
  • Attuned crystal seeds can now be equipped in the pocket slot.
  • The Attuned crystal teleport seed now matches other attuned crystal graphics.
  • The size of the main action bar has been decreased to allow players to create a 'block' of action bars with no gaps.
  • The agility shortcut fail rates for the Ardougne log balance, Sinclair mansion log balance, Cosmic temple shortcuts, and the Lumbridge fence shortcut have been adjusted to be less harsh.
  • A small amount of experience has been added for the Lumbridge fence shortcut and the elven overpass shortcuts.
  • World 48 now requires 2,600 total skill levels, up from 2,400.

NXT Release Notes

  • A crash that sometimes happened when a mass amount of players and locations overlapped has been fixed
  • Launcher frame has been removed
  • The client has been changed to deal with its own window, including save, restore of position, scrolling, access to launcher options
  • The OSX and Linux clients have been changed to binary executables
  • Fixes have been made to OSX and Linux crash reporting
  • The ability to turn off terrain blending has been added
  • The ability to turn off ground décor has been added
  • RAM and video memory usage has been reduced
  • Script functions have been optimised
  • An audio-related crash has been fixed
  • Compression has been added to the disk cache, reducing its size from 12GB to 3-4GB. As a one-off, you are recommended to leave your client at the login screen for 30 mins to apply the compression without slowing down your gameplay.
  • Performance of disk cache validation has been optimised (up to 7x faster)
  • Performance of loading for non-SSD users has been optimised (up to 2x faster if fully defragged, more if not)
  • A crash that would primarily occur during disk cache download at high speed or on a bad connection to the server during gameplay has been fixed.
  • A minimum width and height has been added to the NXT client
  • A freeze some players experienced after re-logging from the lobby has been fixed
  • Particles should no longer look washed out. Red particles will no longer look pink!
  • An issue where hint markers would sometimes cause freezing and crashing - such as in Fist of Guthix or Castle Wars - has been fixed.
  • An issue with low-spec machines crashing before start up has been fixed
  • Inconsistent normals have been fixed
  • A race condition with audio has been fixed
  • Linux keyboard input issues have been fixed
  • An issue which caused dragging on Mac to be inconsistent has been fixed
  • Copyright info has been updated
  • The Jagex logo has been updated